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Expansion Region


Osarian system

Primary terrain
  • Lakes
  • Beaches
Major cities

Osa-Prime (capital)


Yuuzhan Vong

Osarian was a planet in the Expansion Region, near the Corellian Run. It was in the same system as Rhommamool, an inhospitable desert world. The two planets orbited each other that brought them within a million kilometers of each other every ten years, usually resulting in a flare-up of hostilities between the two. The worlds would remain in missile-strike range for months.

Osarian was dotted by crystal-clear lakes which were rimmed by white sandy beaches. The Osarians were wealthy and also ruled neighboring Rhommamool. Life on neighboring Rhommammol was tough compared to Osarian with even basic essentials like water lacking. Osarian had a small space fleet, but its technology was mainly limited to the ground.

It has not yet been clear if this planet was part in the Clone Wars.The planet probably was since it is rich in many resources.In 25 ABY, it was led by Shunta Osarian Dharrg. During the Osarian-Rhommamool conflict, Nom Anor ordered a missile strike against the capital city Osa-Prime when the orbits of Osarian and Rhommamool were at their closest, destroying the city and causing the political conflict to become a war. More missiles would be fired by Rhommamool, destroying more Osarian cities. Large red thermonuclear blast clouds also appeared over the planet, presumably causing harm to millions of Osarians.

Later, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, the Iron Knights repelled an attack by the Red Knights of Life on Osarian.

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