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Orran Durai
Sprite(s) Orran's portrait Orran's in-game sprite
Japanese オーラン・デュライ
Romaji Ōran Dyurai
Age 26
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Astrologist
Affiliation Order of the Southern Sky
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"You do not wish to shed blood, but it cannot always be avoided."
—Orran Durai

Orran Durai, also known as Olan Durai, is the stepson of Cidolfus Orlandeau from Final Fantasy Tactics. With the exception of his exceptionally powerful Astrology move Celestial Stasis, he is not all that strong in combat. He appears in only one battle as an ally NPC.



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Run-ins with Ramza

Ramza and Orran at Mining Town of Gollund.

The player first sees Orran (unnamed) at his stepfather Cidolfus Orlandeau's side when Delita frames Glevanne, Goltanna's chancellor, for treason. However, Orran's first meeting with Ramza occurs during his travels. As he is making his way through the Mining Town of Gollund he is cornered by several thieves. Ramza, traveling the same road, encounters the scene and is able to rescue Orran from the gang. Orran then returns to his job searching for deserters, wishing Ramza good tidings. Some time later, Ramza stumbles upon a group of Southern Sky deserters. They recognize Ramza as a wanted heretic and attack him, but are soundly defeated. Orran, who had been tracking the group from afar, makes his presence known and gives Ramza his thanks. He then asks him if he can come up with proof that the war had been engineered by the Church of Glabados. Much later, after Orlandeau's death is staged by Delita Heiral, Orran angrily confronts Delita, who reveals what he really did and tells Orran that he must help Ramza now.

The Durai Papers and Death

Orran facing Delita.

Following the destruction of Ultima at the Airship Graveyard, Orran attends Alma Beoulve's funeral with the mage Valmafra Lenande. He then notices what he believes to be Ramza and Alma riding by on a Chocobo. He subsequently writes the Durai Papers, which details the true history of the War of the Lions and Ramza's battles with the Lucavi. However, the Church of Glabados realizes what will happen if the Durai Papers is published, brands Orran Durai as a heretic and has him burned at the stake. The completed but unpublished Durai Papers is later rediscovered by Orran's descendant, Arazlam.

Other appearances

Final Fantasy VIII

He is known as Orlan, mentioned as the psychic who modified tarot cards for games, and invented the card game Triple Triad.

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