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Final Fantasy

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Orphan's true form

Orphan is the final boss and the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy XIII. He was the fal'Cie who created Cocoon and reigned over it through the Sanctum from its resting place within Orphan's Cradle. Orphan is voiced by Hiro Shimono in the Japanese version.



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Residing within a pool in a deep sleep, Orphan is the main power source to Eden, enabling the city to siphon power from other fal'Cie to keep Cocoon in air. By the end of the game, Orphan is awakened as from its rest after Galenth Dysley's defeat, assimulating him as it emerges. Using Baldanders as part of its shell, Orphan reveals its desire to use Ragnarok as a means of achieve true peace through the destruction of all life. After the first fight, Orphan turned Lightning, Snow, Hope, and Sazh into Cie Corpses with only Vanille and Fang spared with the latter summoning Ragnarok in a suicidal attempt to kill Orphan. However, Orphan survived and decided to punish Fang by repeatedly killing her then reviving her in order to force Vanille into finishing the summoning process. However, the others managed to will themselves back to their normal forms and destroy Orphan's shell, forcing the fal'Cie into its true form to destroy it for good.



Orphan is fought as the final boss of the game in two states. The first is using a blade-like shell created from Baldanders with a female angelic figure. After the shell is destroyed, Orphan appears as its true self during the final battle, assuming a near-invincible wheel-like form that if damaged enough causes him to assume a weakened angel form.

In his true form, Orphan is at level 51 and has 3,390,000 HP, as shown in this video at the 1:48 mark. This makes him the final boss with the biggest HP, followed by Safer Sephiroth with 400,000.


An Orphan is a child permanently bereaved of his or her parents. This can be seen in the infantile visage of Orphan's main form and boss themes, "Nativity" and "Nativity Requiem". In addition, Orphan's final appearance and name allude to the Ophanim (singular form: Ophan), a class of celestial beings described in the Book of Enoch (a non-canonical work excluded from Biblical scriptures). They are never-sleeping creatures guarding the throne of God, and are generally depicted as fiery, eye-covered wheels.

Orphan's name and debut game may also allude to Thirteen Orphans, a terminology in Mahjong.


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