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Orn Free Taa
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1.93 meters[1]

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Galactic Republic

"Need I remind you that it is I who leads our people in the Senate!"
―Orn Free Taa to political rival Cham Syndulla(audio)Listen (file info)

Orn Free Taa was a corpulent Rutian Twi'lek who served as the senator of Ryloth during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. As the leader of the Rim faction, he was among the most senior members of the Galactic Senate. Indeed, Taa's power within the Senate helped skyrocket both Mas Amedda and Palpatine to power.



Early Life

Orn Free Taa with his Lethan aide.

A former tax collector, Taa was a senator during Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum's time in office, succeeding the controversial Chom Frey Kaa. The Twi'lek became one of the most self-indulgent, corpulent and greedy members of the Senate, spending his time with later-Separatist and equally corrupt Senators such as Toonbuck Toora and Passel Argente, in addition to a pantheon of female Twi'lek aides.

These aides included a white Twi'lek male, a Lethan Twi'lek female, Pampy, Supi, a protocol droid, a Human male and a Human female. It is likely that the females were more for show than for administrative assistance, though the Lethan held the title of Associate Planetary Representative.

Taa was the leader of the Rim faction of senators; as such, he advocated lessening the Republic's interference in local affairs. Taa was the senator who nominated both Mas Amedda for the position of Vice Chair and Palpatine for the position of Chancellor; both of which became successful in their positions.

Taa was a member of the Allocations and Appropriations Committees and was one of the first members of the Loyalist Committee. A Militarist in the Separatist Crisis, he was one of the biggest supporters of the Military Creation Act, which was counter to the Twi'lek's cultural disdain of violence. However, he approved of an attempt by Palpatine to negotiate with Count Dooku just prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.

Clone Wars

Battle of Ryloth

"The people have my promise that the clone army will leave once Ryloth is free of those droids!"
―Orn Free Taa — (audio)Listen (file info)
Taa following the Battle of Ryloth.

When the Senator's homeworld of Ryloth became the site of Separatist invasion, he was rightly worried about the welfare of his people. After operations led by Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were successful in breaching the Separatist blockade and beginning a ground assault, Jedi Master Mace Windu briefed Taa and the Senate about what progress the clone army had made so far; namely, the securing of many villages and the entire southern hemisphere of Ryloth.[2]

Windu believed that the Separatist occupation could only be defeated by capturing the capital city of Lessu, and that this could only be achieved with the help of Taa's political rival Cham Syndulla. Though both Taa and Syndulla were dubious over the possibility of an alliance between them, Windu managed to secure both of their aid through their mutual wish to save their people. Taa promised that once the battle was over the clone army would leave the system immediately, whilst Syndulla vowed not to make an attempt to seize power from Taa.[2]

After Master Windu successfully captured the capital, as well as Separatist leader Wat Tambor, Senator Taa attended a parade that marked the victory and liberation of Ryloth.[2]

Senate Hostage Crisis

"Look at Senator Orn Free Taa! He looks so unhappy!"
―Ziro the Hutt to Orn Free Taa — (audio)Listen (file info)
Free Taa with Chancellor Palpatine during the hostage crisis.

When the notorious bounty hunter Cad Bane and his posse were able to successfully enter the Senate Building and capture a group of important Senators, it was Senator Orn Free Taa who alerted Chancellor Palpatine to the emergency. Taa remained with the Chancellor throughout the duration of the crisis and was privy to the Chancellor's refusal to bow to the bounty hunter's demand: the pardon of crime lord Ziro the Hutt.[3]

However, when it became clear that Bane was in control of the Senate, Palpatine agreed to pardon the Hutt. Orn Free Taa was placed in charge of a pardon chip, which under his authority, would ensure the release of Ziro. After freeing Ziro, Taa organized a force of clone troopers to ensure the Chancellor's safety, as well as to prevent the escape of Bane. Unfortunately, Bane had rigged the room holding the hostage Senators with detonation devices, and as such, the Republic were forced to allow him his freedom.[3]

Fortunately, when Bane detonated the devices despite the compliance of the Chancellor, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker foresaw Bane's treachery and was able to save the lives of the hostages.[3]

Personality and traits

Taa served as a very vocal, leading member of the Loyalist Committee until the dissolution of the Galactic Senate in 19 BBY. Like Chom Frey Kaa, another obese Twi'lek, he differed from the normal Twi'lek in that he had four lekku instead of the normal two. His weight allowed him to develop an anterior set of fatty lekku from the thick brows common in male Twi'leks. In Twi'lek culture this may have been seen as a sign of power or virility. In addition, he had three fingers and a thumb instead of the normal four fingers and thumb of most other Twi'leks. He also had the sharpened teeth that were apparently common for Twi'lek males.

Behind the scenes

Qui-Gon Jinn meets with Jabba while Orn Free Taa watches.

Orn Free Taa has one line of dialogue in Revenge of the Sith. He utters "Watch It" to Jar Jar Binks when the Senator seems to either be in his way, or bumps into him at the Senate Chamber. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, he is voiced by Phil LaMarr using a French accent.

Orn Free Taa was named after Original Trilogy makeup artist Stuart Freeborn, by splitting and inverting the two halves of his last name.

Orn Free Taa's appearance in The Phantom Menace video game is only a brief cameo. When the player, controlling Qui-Gon Jinn, falls into Jabba Desilijic Tiure's beast pit, Orn Free Taa is seen standing next to Jabba. Once the player begins fighting Jabba's beast, Orn Free Taa vanishes.



A behind the scenes shot of Orn Free Taa released through the Official website.

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