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For the revenant, see Revenant ork.
Orc, the ork that was removed in 2005.

Orks are stocky, green-skinned humanoids. They have small tusks protruding from their jaws, and prefer to wield large axes and/or maces.

Orks can be found in the God Wars Dungeon, in the army of Bandos. These Orks are notable as the most reliable soldiers in the army of Bandos, as they can hit up to 15 damage. Players should also beware that if they kill an Ork, all nearby Orks will become aggressive to the player. The strength of the ancient Orks is unusual, but all the recently-thawed combatants in the dungeon are stronger than their modern versions. It is unknown if they truly worship Bandos as their patron god, were forced into service like the goblins, or simply fight out of entertainment rather than loyalty or necessity.

Orks also appear at a certain point in A Fairy Tale Part 2. The Fairy Godfather is trying to replace the Fairy Queen and the fairies with Orks. Some of these Orks have no shown level, and some are level 20, but neither type can be attacked. They can be talked to, but all they say is "Grunt! Smelly, stinky human! Urgh! Leave us alone before we hurt you."

Orks were in the beta of RuneScape 2 before it was released. There existed one ork (spelled "Orc") in the Tree Gnome Village Maze, but it was removed in January 2005 with the Creature of Fenkenstrain update.

Undead versions of the Orks, known as Revenant orks, can be seen roaming around the Wilderness. They are the ghosts of Orks that were slain in the God Wars. They are much more powerful then their combat level suggests, able to hit hard and perform surprising tricks (see the article for more information).

An Ork can also be found in the Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza as a target of levitation spells. This suggests they are not yet extinct. Also, it is said that the people who count up the Poll Results on the RuneScape Website are called Poll Orks.[1]

Despite their high combat level, Orks drop level 1 clue scrolls.




100% Drop

Weapons and Armour

Other drops


  • The Ork is based on the orc, a very popular monster in RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons. The 'modern fantasy orc' takes its inspiration from the creatures called orcs in J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy writings (The Lord of the Rings, etc), although they may differ greatly from Tolkien's orcs and among various franchises.
  • The Ork used to drop Level 3 clue scrolls, but this was changed for some reason. Currently they drop level 1 clues.

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