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Planet of origin: Rigel VIII (Botchok)
Affiliation: Orion Congeries
Warp capable: 1508 BCE
Classification: Humanoid
Environmental requirements: Class M conditions
Sexes: Male and Female
Blood Coloration: Green
Distinctive Features:
Bright Skin Colors
An Orion male

The Orions are a race from the Beta Quadrant famous for their colorful skin: prominently green, but also blue (TAS episode: "The Pirates of Orion"), orange, yellow, and others (ST roleplay module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge). They are also famous for their involvement in many criminal endeavors: piracy, the slave trade, and the Orion Syndicate.

In their own language, they are referred to as Ur'eon. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)



Orions are humanoids that possess the same size and build of an average Human, though their features tend toward aquiline noses and sharp chins. In addition to this, Orion gourmands often run to satisfied fat with no member of the species enjoying the concept of being underweight. Orion copper-based blood chemistry is similar to Vulcans, with skin tones ranging from pale or ruddy yellows to emerald and dark olive greens. However, its know that certain Orions paint their lips as well as eyelids and other conspicuous body parts with hair dyes remain subtle in order to highlight the glossiness of black or chestnut coiffures. The race typically enjoy jewelry as well as small daggers and other ornaments as they prefer items that combine elegance, flash, incredible value along with tiny compartments in order to hide poisons or black mail tapes. Almost no Orion would dress badly if they can help it.

The Orions evolve under a blue-white sun with a similar spectrography of Rigel with that system possibly being their home system. This meant that their green-tinted skin keeps them relatively immune to ultraviolet radiation and generally resistant to radiation. (ST reference: Aliens)

Orion women were known for their extreme appetites and very few men were known to be able to resist their approaches. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

Though it appears that, through the slavery they employ in, that Orion females are slaves to their males, the opposite is in fact true with the males being subservient to the females. This was done so as a means of deception to other species where the males would maintain the facade that their females were simple slaves that would be sold on the market to other races. (ENT episode: "Borderland")

Orion females possessed a unique aspect of their biology that provides them an advantage over male members of any species. They produce a highly potent pheromone that accelerates the metabolism of males as well as raise their adrenaline to dangerous levels causing aggression and, ultimately, a form of delusion. These abilities allow them to easily dominate the crews of entire starships by subverting the males and enthralling them under their command. By selling themselves on the slave market to unknowing males, Orion women are capable of influencing their "owners" who slowly become susceptible to the suggestions of their "female slaves" with the effects being cumulative resulting in the exposure to the pheromones being more pronounced as time goes on. This can mean male captains and crew begin to follow the commands of the Orion females that they have purchased.

While the males suffer from the effects of exposure to the pheromones, females suffer a different more negative effect as they experience headaches from the encounter. Denobulan males also find that their sleep cycles tend to be interrupted while Vulcans are immune to the process entirely. Certain males that are telepathically linked to a female Vulcan can also become immune to the pheromones exposure. Doctor Phlox of the Enterprise postulated in 2154 that the pheromones were a natural part of Orion females physiology which acted as a defensive mechanism against competition. (ENT episode: "Bound")


See main article: Orion history

The Orions have an ancient history, having had their first contact with alien life around sixteen thousand years ago. They have outlasted almost all other interstellar civilizations from that time. (ST roleplay module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)



The Orions typically swear on the Thousand Gods but do not worship them.(ST reference: Aliens) The Orions believe in nine hells. (ST novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

Family Life

"Ruddy" (yellow- and orange-skinned) Orions.


Members of the Orions typically present either world-weary cynicism and rakish good humor, being sunnily exuberant at best or brash and arrogant at their worst. They enjoy taunting helpless enemies while charming powerful friends, attempting to convince both sides to fight against each other. As such, they are known to enjoy games of skill as well as intellect - this is especially the case when they play games that their enemies do not know of, allowing them to easily turn out the victors. This means that Orions tend to delight in partaking in the more civilized vices and eagerly seek shady business ventures. They are always glad to risk others for a lucrative cause and are quite willing to run from a fight that they cannot win. They watch others and plot ways to stab the back of a victor when they are not looking.

The Orions possess a decadent and old culture which they are overshadowed as well as liberated by in their life. This is because they feel that life is too short to waste on rules or morality, though some are known to hold grudges; most members of the race, however, treat such vendettas as games rather then a matter of life or death.

The long history of their species means that Orion merchants, criminals, mercenaries, pirates, and settlers have carried their kind across worlds through the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. On these many worlds, they work to corrupt and co-opt market traders and other underworld figures for their own ends. This makes them run into the Ferengi on some occassions; the Orions consider them to be nothing more then ridiculous stereotypes with no sense of class, as well as a species in possession of ludicrous habits. Unlike the Ferengi, the Orions possess no "rules of acquisition" and would not be caught dead following any form of law.

Those Orions that become soldiers tend to drift into a career of piracy or mercenary work, as they possess little patience for a regimented life; nor do they enjoy taking orders or wear dull uniforms. Telling a pirate from a merchant can be a difficult task and entirely depends on whether an individual is armed or not - if one is armed, then the Orion is a merchant.

Orion slave girls.

The diplomats of the species play a game of double- or even triple-cross in order to increase their own profits. They do not see a conflict of interest in such negotiations between opposing parties, or in working for as well as against a single body; they see it as understandable compensation for their efforts. In fact, many such diplomats serve dual roles as spies where they fish out important secrets from other representatives. This, combined with Orion women within the bedchambers of important officials on frontier worlds, gives the Orion species a further edge in terms of information and influence.

Mystics among the race are known to make use of elaborate con operations that make use of powers through the use of advanced technology or trickery in order to achieve their goals. Some of the more ancient Orion civilizations were known to produce amazing scientific wonders, but few Orions now practice in the fields of science, though there are a great number of archaeologists that scour the ruins of other worlds. However, most Federation archaeologists would call them tomb raiders, though these Orion relic hunters often have otherwise unobtainable information or artifacts from Tkon, Debrune or Iconian ruins. (ST reference: Aliens)

The Orions were noted for their sect-based society. (TOS novel: First Frontier) Their culture is cheerfully decadent and only loosly organized by great families. They are in fact divided into numerous merchant families known as Caj that serve as the guiding force within Orion society. (ST reference: Aliens) This means that the Orions are not a single, unified population, but are instead spread out into several large factions and a great many smaller ones, separated by space, allegiances and cultural differences. (DS9 novel: Wrath of the Prophets)

Throughout their history, the Orions developed several different languages which include Yrevish and Kolari. (ST reference: Aliens)

According to both the FASA and Decipher RPGs, the Orions hail from the Rigel system, though they may have been transplanted there by the Preservers.

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Guild Wars

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Orion Elek

Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist Image:Elementalist-icon.png

Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist Image:Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 3..20



Orion Elek is the brother of Sandre Elek. He can be found pre-Searing in the western woods of Wizard's Folly. After being expelled from the Ascalon Academy by Sir Tydus, he became embittered towards the Ascalon Army and considered joining the Royalist opposition.

He is, according to the Spanish translation of the game, the same Orion who is the pyromancer henchman post-Searing.

Quests Involved In


Skills used


"How dare you come here and threaten me! Don't think I'm afraid of you, but I see no reason to kill you now. Perhaps you have something of value to say. State your business quickly!"

Orion, Mage Henchman

Nation: Ascalon
Profession: Elementalist
Armament: Wand

Orion is available for hire from the start in Ascalon City until he is replaced by Cynn in Thunderhead Keep.


Skills used


Orion is a fire elementalist, wielding fire related spells in combat. He is by far the easiest to kill in combat, due to his weak armor and negligible ability to heal himself. The fact that he often quickly gets surrounded and attacked by multiple enemies only makes keeping him alive harder, though said enemies will often take a solid pounding before taking him down. In short, Orion is purely about offense and needs to be defended vigorously to retain his usefulness.


  • Has 4 AoE spells: Fireball, Incendiary Bonds, Fire Storm and Meteor.
  • One of the best damage dealing henchmen. Very useful in the Shiverpeaks and Maguuma Jungle, where several monsters are weak to Fire damage.
  • Lethal when partnered with another Fire Elementalist, especially if they carry Mark of Rodgort. Together, there should be enough AoE to keep enemies burning at all times.


  • Poor AI casting. Orion's area spells can be very helpful, but they often go off only after the enemies are defeated. Micromanagement on targeting is necessary to time his spells.
  • Gets targeted by most enemies and dies easily (weak armor and self-healing).
  • Less effective after the AI update which causes mobs to run from AoE. Not only will his nukes not do their full damage, but they will cause enemies to break aggro after it was properly lined up. If you will be in tight aggro situations where your party does not have a lot of room to maneuver, leave Orion behind.
  • Fire Attunement becomes a liability in areas with enchantment removal, especially when the removal would cause damage (Shatter Enchantment for example).


  • Try to keep Orion in the back of the fray. Have warriors charge in first and get the enemies' attention. This is because Orion is a favored target of foes. Most monsters will target Alesia first, but those who don't target Alesia will usually go for Orion.
  • Target a lot of enemies that are bunched together. This way when his fire storm actually goes off, it will affect something living rather than the corpse of an already-slain enemy.
  • Utilizing snaring skills (such as Deep Freeze) makes Orion much more effective.


"Maybe you've heard of me. I'm famous in these parts for my dazzling smile and my penchant for spectacular displays of fire magic. Women adore me. Other Elementalists want to be me. I'll tell you, it's tough sometimes being so well loved. Now, don't be shy. Just because I'm famous doesn't mean I'm not willing to help a fellow fortune seeker."


Idle quotes in Ascalon:

  • "Does my hair look good?"
  • "Hard work pays off in the future, but laziness pays off now."

Idle quotes in Kryta:

  • "If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried."
  • "Are we on vacation, or are we going to do what we came here to do?"
  • "Are you working on your tan?"

Idle quotes in Maguuma Jungle:

  • "Nothing here burns very well. Too damp."
  • "The less time we spend here the better."
  • "Nothing good ever comes out of this place. Why are we here again?"
  • "Oh, look at that. I have a hangnail."

Idle quotes in the Shiverpeak Mountains:

  • "What's the hold up?"
  • "Last time I cast Lava Font, My hair caught on fire!"
  • "Are we going to camp here? I'd rather not sleep on the snow."
  • "All this snow is making me cranky."

Idle quotes in the Crystal Desert:

  • "The wind is fire on my mane."
  • "I have enough sand in my boots to start my own desert."

Battle quotes:

  • "Anyone got a match?"
  • "Burn you beast, burn!"
  • "Come meet your doom, beasts."
  • "Earth, air, water, and fire. Destroy the attentions of my ire."
  • "I'm going to knock you back into yesterday."
  • "May the skies rain fire and brimstone upon my enemies."
  • "Mmm. Seared flesh, my favorite smell."
  • "Take this!"
  • "This is my favorite part."
  • "This isn't my idea of fun."
  • "Time to light a fire."
  • "You've made me angry."


  • According to the game in Spanish, Orion is the same character as Orion Elek; this is further backed up by one of his quotes when you face him in The Norn Fighting Tournament in Eye of the North.
  • During several of the beta weekend events before Guild Wars was officially released, all of the henchmen had last names, and Orion's was Elek. The last names were dropped when descriptions were added in brackets after the names, to prevent them from getting too long.


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Orion, born as James (Jimmy) Bagley, on March 14th, 1979 in Boston, MA, is an American professional wrestler most notable for his stint in the World Wrestling Alliance ran by Matt Chamois. He is currently working for Fearless Championship Wrestling, and is a member of The Coalition

Early Life

He was born to a poor, lower class family in South Boston on March 14th, 1979. He was often abused, mostly by his father. Once reaching junior high, he began to use the school's gym to bodybuild, and soon was able to fight against his father's abuse by fighting back. One day, in the spring of 1992, he ran away from his home for fear that he would unintentionally hurt or kill his aging father. From 1992-1995 he lived on the streets of Boston, usually fighting to get money or shelter. In 1995, at the age of 16, he was able to get enough money to enter himself into a wrestling tournament in Danvers, Massachusetts. He had lied about his age in order to get in, but still won with tremendous ease and had won a full scholarship to Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in Malden, MA. He waited until he was 18 to join up however, as he did not wish to continue faking his age. He continued to live on the streets up to joining up with the wrestling school. He graduated at the age of 19, and then immediately changed his name to Jimmy Orione.

Start of Wrestling Career

He started wrestling, mostly for small, independent promotions, at the age of 21. He would wow the small audiences with his quickness and athleticism despite being classified as a heavyweight. He was constantly trying to get noticed and trying to be signed by a larger promotion. Finally, in 2004, when he was 26 years old, he was signed to the now defunct World Wrestling Alliance promotion, formerly run by Matt Chamois.

The WWA Years


Jimmy, competing under the name of Orion, the name he'd been using since graduating from wrestling school, signed his contract with the World Wrestling Alliance on July 25th, 2004, and was kept off of its main show, Demolition. He was being prepped for a big match which would affect his career greatly, at WWA's first Pay-Per-View, Road to Gold, Orion won a triple threat match against Kash and Five to become the first ever WWA Hardcore Champion. At WWA's next PPV, Rise to Fame, one of Orion's most famous moments came. It was in a 10 man Hell in a Cell match, but in the back, Orion took out half the competitors with an ambulance and drove them out of the arena, and then drove back into the arena to compete in the match. He continued to dominate before being eliminated by Matt Garrad. Orion would be involved in feuds with Matt Chamois, John Wolfe, among others. He would eventually lose his Hardcore Title to Lee "Blaze" Bass on November 13th, 2004 on an episode of Demolition. But in the same night, would inherit 1/2 of the WWA Tag Team Titles by joining up with Nice Guy Nick to reform Straight Hate, and they would hold the championships throughout the rest of 2004.

2005-Temporary Closing

Orion kicked off 2005 as 1/2 of the Tag Champions. They would hold the Tag Titles until March 19th, 2005, when they lost to Mogul and Max Whitman. Orion would rebound quickly though, and on the April 9th, 2005 edition of Demolition, Orion was crowned the new WWA Pacific Champion. He would only hold it for 1 week though, and lost it to LBB on April 16th. He would quickly regain it from LBB on May 3rd, and would hold the title until the 22nd, where he'd lose it to Coma. He would participate in a number 1 contenders match for the WWA Title at WWA Battlegrounds, but was eliminated by former partner Nice Guy Nick. On June 11th on Demolition, Orion would team with former nemisis LBB to win his 3rd Tag Team Championship. He would hold the titles until the WWA temporarily closed on June 17th.

Reopening-end of 2005

The WWA reopened in September of 2005. Orion main evented that episode of Demoliton in a match against a returning Flame. At WWA Road to Gold 2 in October, Orion got his first opportunity at the then vacant WWA Title against Shane Ralston and Flame, but was beaten after Ralston hit him with the Play of the Day. Orion would get another opportunity at Rise to Fame in December in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match against Shane Ralston and Saint. He was defeated again after Shane Ralston russian leg sweeped Orion through the cell and through the ring and landed on top of him. Orion would end 2005 without a championship and having 2 missed opportunities.


2006 would bring much turmoil, not only for Orion, but for the WWA itself. The WWA would exchange management three times in this period. In this time of turmoil for the WWA, Orion would experience his first World Title Victory at Ground Zero against Kano. He would only hold that title for a month however as he lost it to Saint one month later at WWA Full Throttle.

Last Show

Orion would participate in WWA Last Stand, the final WWA show, in the main event. He was involved in a triple threat match between himself, Saint, and Max Whitman. He had said that it would be his last match. He lost after being low blowed by Whitman. He then slipped away into retirement.

Tournament of Champions

Orion would participate in the Tournament of Champions in late 2006, 6 months after WWA closed its doors. He fared pretty well making it through two rounds of the tournament, but was eventually eliminated in the Quarterfinals. He then slipped back into retirement, vowing that he would not return again.


Orion is currently wrestling for Fearless Championship Wrestling. He was immediately made a member of The Coalition upon his arrival. In his very first match, he temporarily won the FcW Extreme Championship, a nod to his former hardcore style. However, he has not had much success, and has missed several opportunities at higher championships.

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Orion was the Orion system's primary star.

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Behind the scenes

Orion is a real constellation named after a famous hunter in Greek myth.


  • Star Wars: X-Wing

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The Orion was a ship was a ship from the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Orion was an Autobot starship.

Its crew consisted of:

It contains a lab, ammunition storage room, cockpit, and what appears to be a briefing room.


Dreamwave continuity

It was piloted by Bumblebee to Earth when the Ark was under attack by Starscream and the Combaticons. Night of the Combaticons. Later on, Cliffjumper used the Orion to shoot Bruticus in the head, then Sunstorm shorted out the Orion's engines causing the Orion to fall; it was later repaired. Black Sunshine Later on after battling Sunstorm; Jetfire, Brawn, Bumblebee, and Cliffjumper returned to find almost everyone on the Orion had been deactivated, then Ratchet came out and told them that that Starscream had done it. The Omega Effect.

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