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The Original Sith are the species and not the belief. They are from the planet Korriban.

After the defeat of the Sith Lords Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh, they, along with the Korribanites, and Massassi, fled to the underground caverns of Korriban. They did this because of a prophecy that had been made by the Original Sith sage, Oig Lrack. It stated that the races would be destroyed by the Sith followers, unless they joined together and fled. It also said that three Humans, a Ryn, a Kel Dor, a Hapan, and a Devaronian Jedi would appear and help them overcome the Sith, yet again.

They lived in peace with the other two races and former slaves, such as Humans, Ryn, and Kaleesh. They hoped and prayed that the "Prophesied Ones" would come and rescue them from their torment.

After the invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong to Korriban, they feared the worst, since the Vong had allied with a Sith Lord, Darth Mutatos.

Their salvation came at the hands of Nathaniel Kenobi Solo, Kyle Katarn, Jaden Korr, Tenel Ka, Valin Horn, Orroz, and Hivrekh'wao'cheklev. They had journeyed to the caverns, so as to avoid several Yuuzhan Vong patrols. They had met the Original Sith, San-Props and the Korribanite, Cornelius and the two had shown them the way to the species' home.

There, they met the descendants of former slaves and Orroz went to talk to his fellow Ryn about them possibly joining the fledgling Ryn Network.

The Head Councilman, Zaius, informed the Jedi of the prophecy and told them that they would help them in any way.

After Nathan had gone to the Court of Yun-Coria for his "crimes", the combined races formulated a battleplan and waited for the proper moment.

When Mutatos invaded the Court, they joined into the fray and killed all resistance.

After the short battle, they were promised that their existence would not be compromised.

Unfortunately, it is theorized that during the Sith Crusade. Darth Abeonis had them killed after the Battle of Korriban. Hopefully, most escaped and prevented their species' extinction.


  • The Redemption of Korriban: A Tale of the New Jedi Order

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