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The Orichalcum Dirk as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Orichalcum (オリハルコン Oriharukon), also known as Orichalcon or Orichalcum Dirk, is a recurring dagger in the Final Fantasy series. In its appearances, it varies between a mid-rank and one of the most powerful daggers in the game.




Final Fantasy

The Orichalcum appears in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of this game. It can be found in the Lifespring Grotto and Whisperwind Cove and it is the second-most powerful dagger in the game.

Final Fantasy II

The Orichalcum first appeared in the series in Final Fantasy II, as the third-best knife in the game.

Final Fantasy V

The Orichalcum Dirk is a mid-level shortsword. It can be bought in Regole, Castle of Bal, and Quelb.

Final Fantasy IX

Orichalcon as seen in Final Fantasy IX.

The Orichalcon is the strongest dagger in the game, but not Zidane's most powerful weapon, since it is outstanded by some Swallow blades. It teaches the Detect skill, and can be bought in Bran Bal or Daguerreo, or can be stolen from Taharka in Ipsen's Castle.

In this game, Orichalcum is an entirely different weapon, and is the dagger Zidane uses in his left hand whenever he dual-wields daggers.

Final Fantasy XI

Orichalcum (ores, ingots, sheets, chains, etc.) is a relatively expensive ingredient used most commonly by Goldsmithers in the production of a number of powerful weapons and armors (and furnishings). For some time it was notably one of the rarer minerals to mine in the field, making it a rather expensive commodity. The ingots have a number of secondary applications as well, specifically with questlines involving the upgrading of the Mandau Relic Dagger, Gungnir Relic Polearm, the five Salvage Headgears, and the ninth inventory expansion Quest.

Final Fantasy XII

Orichalchum Dirk in Final Fantasy XII.

The Orichalcum Dirk is a powerful dagger that may cause Slow on hit. It can be bought at Phon Coast. Additionally, the Elite Mark, Gilgamesh, notably wields the Orichalcum of Zidane from Final Fantasy IX as a "trophy" of sorts.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Orichalcum Dirk is a strong dagger that can be bought in the later part of Chapter 2 and on in most stores.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Orichalcum is the strongest knife in the game in terms of Strength. It teaches Steal JP to Thieves and Smile to Jugglers.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Orichalcum Dirk is now a mid-rank knife in this sequel. It still teaches Smile to Jugglers, but now teaches Steal Limelight to Thieves.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Orichalcum Dirk is a level 71 dagger that adds 47 to Attack and fills the EX Gauge by 20% at the start of the battle.

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