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Station Purpose

  • The Orchid is another station to use electromagnetism, as shown by the mention of the Casamir Effect [1] in the Orchid orientation film, which is the theory of electromagnetism manifesting itself as a force between conducting metals and dielectrics. This may be the source of the black smoke/Cerberus system.
  • Research into the Casimir effect [2] as mentioned in the film has led to theories that it could be used to "stabilize a wormhole to allow faster than light travel". The Island has unique electromagnetical properties that can be harnessed in this way and the purpose of the station is to explore this.
  • It is has also said that through the use of a perfect lens the "effect could be reversed causing small objects to be repelled rather than attracted". This is somehow related to how the Island cannot be found.


  • The two rabbits can not interact because it is the same rabbit. Time travel stories always include the caveat that you cannot interact with yourself. In this case, the rabbit disappears along with the part of Marvin Candle's arm as he tries to replace it in the box.
  • The number 15 rabbit was supposed to be in the film, and he was going to demonstrate or talk about its relevance, but it was cut out of the film. Perhaps the rabit was going to be a demonstration of what they actually do at the Orchid and how it can be acheived, they may have sent it through time, making it appear half way through the film.
    • Sort of like in Back to The Future where Doc Brown puts his dog Einstein a minute in to the future just to explain the basic theory of time travel.


  • The shot of the man riding the bicycle is a reference to The Third Policeman, in which the scientist/philosopher DeSelby holds strange theories about the transfer of atoms between people and bicycles.
  • The technician seen at 1:44 standing at the control console is Benjamin Linus. This means that Ben was assigned to the Orchid, which explains his familiarity with the station.
  • The orientation video Locke witnesses has been altered by the FDW magnet. The tape inside videos such as this are magnetic. When the vault began to operate, not only did it begin to send rabbit 15 back through time but caused the same effect to occur on the tape strip. The tape does not self-destruct because it's its own constant as an inanimate object.
  • The "negatively charged exotic matter" referred to is anti-matter.
    • Anti-matter is not exotic matter.
  • When VHS tapes get damaged, it often causes it to get pulled taut as the machine turns it. This pressure, as it is similar to the pressure 'felt' by the player when the tape reaches the end, causes the player to think that the tape is at the end. Many players automatically rewind the tape when they reach the end. This has personally happened to me.
  • Chang is wearing a Swan logo as, although at the time of the Incident, the Orchid was further ahead with construction than the Swan, the actual incident caused them to rethink priorities and finish the Swan first in order to contain the electromagnetism

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