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Orc Peninsula
Image:Orc Rider.gif
Near City: Thais
Location: North of Thais and east of Greenshore, here.
Vocation(s): All vocations.
Level & Skills' Requirements
Level Skills Defense
Knights: 30 Attk: 60 60 :Shield
Paladins: 25 Dist: 60 :Shield/Arm
Mages: 27 ML: :Arm/Set
Profit Hourly
Exp Loot



See also: Hunting Places.


The small peninsula east of Greenshore and north of Thais containing an Orc Berserker, a few Orc Riders and some other Orcs. This place is perfect to mages because at level 27 or more they can summon a monk, the best monster to use there because of his constant healing. Also there are no monsters that can see invisible. Before the Spring patch 2009 it was possible to hunt here at level 20 by luring the orc berserker and orc riders and stairhopping them.



Name Image:Trans.gif Exp HP sum/con Loot
Orc Image:Orc.gif 25 70 300/300 0-8 gp, Meat, Studded Armor, Studded Helmet, Studded Shield, Sabre, Axe, Old and Used Backpack (only in Ulderek's Rock), Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Spearman Image:Orc Spearman.gif 38 105 310/310 0-11 gp, Studded Legs, Spear, Machete, Meat, Studded Helmet, Dirty Fur, Orc Tooth (very rare).
Orc Warrior Image:Orc Warrior.gif 50 125 360/360 0-15 gp, Wooden Shield, Sabre, Meat, Chain Armor, Bottle, Copper Shield (rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Studded Club (rare), Poison Dagger (very rare).
War Wolf Image:War Wolf.gif 55 140 --/420 0-4 Meat, 0-2 Ham, Wolf Paw (rare), Wolf Trophy (very rare), Warwolf Fur.
Orc Rider Image:Orc Rider.gif 110 180 --/490 0-90 gp, 0-3 Meat, Torch, Backpack, Wolf Tooth Chain, Orcish Axe, Studded Helmet, Battle Shield, Scale Armor (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (rare), Obsidian Lance (rare), Warwolf Fur (rare).
Orc Berserker Image:Orc Berserker.gif 195 210 590/590 0-15 gp, Bag, Ham, Lamp, Chain Armor, Chain Helmet, Halberd, Battle Axe (semi-rare), 0-2 Hunting Spears (semi-rare), Orc Tooth (semi-rare).

Newbies should be careful here, people tend to often lure Orc Berserkers and orc riders to the staircase, and then block the newbies so the lurers can kill them and loot their bodies. With the large amount of bodies and loot lying around, the lurers may also put them under themselves to prevent being pushed by the newbies.

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