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The Orb of Prophecy and Change was a Bajoran Orb, the only one they managed to retain throughout the Cardassian occupation, preventing the Cardassians from taking it by hiding it in a secret chamber under the monastery at Ashalla. (DS9 short story Ha'mara)

Sometimes referred to singularly as either the Orb of Prophecy or the Orb of Change, the Orb of Prophecy and Change was the third of nine Orbs to appear near Bajor from the Celestial Temple some 10,000 years prior to the 24th century. In its long history since its discovery, like all the Orbs, it has had a profound effect on many, including the spiritual writer Trakor, who encountered the orb around 3,000 years before the 24th century, and later wrote a series of prophecies concerning the Emissary of the Prophets. Interestingly the Orb was later studied by the Emissary when it was loaned to Benjamin Sisko by Kai Opaka shortly after the Cardassian withdrawal and Sisko's arrival at Deep Space 9. (DS9 episodes: "Emissary", "Destiny")

The Orb was later kept in a monastery led by Vedek Bareil Antos. (DS9 episode: "The Circle")

By 2374 the orb was in the temple on Deep Space 9 Bareil Antos from the mirror universe arrived to steal it. However, following an orb experience he opted not to take it. (DS9 episode: "Resurrection")

The orb remained on DS9 until at least April 2376 where it drew many Bajorans to visit the station. (DS9 novel: Avatar)

By September 2376 it, along with all eight of the rest of the Bajoran Orbs, was taken to Ashalla where thanks to the efforts of Kira Nerys it played a vital role in defeating a Parasite invasion of Bajor, and in the process returned Benjamin Sisko from a period in the company of the Prophets. (DS9 novel: Unity)


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