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Final Fantasy

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See also: Beastmaster.
Male and Female Orators

The Orator, also known as Mediator, is a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. A magical based job, they use their voices as their main form of attack, along with guns. It is through the Orator that the player can recruit monsters into their party, but they can also be used to recruit human characters. It costs 3600 JP to master this job. Despite the Orators' illustration, they cannot equip any rod, staff nor stick in-game.



A warrior who participates in battle using Speechcraft. Words, rather than swords, are the orator's weapons.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
Level 3 Mystic Guns, Knives Hats Clothes, Robes No

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 8 5% Low Average Low Low


Innate Abilities

  • Beast Tongue


PS1 Name PSP Name Description Range Effect Speed JP Needed
Invitation Entice A speechcraft skill that persuades a foe to become an ally. 3 1 Now 100
Persuade Stall A speechcraft skill that persuades a foe to wait before acting. Resets the target's CT count. 3 1 Now 100
Praise A speechcraft skill that praises the target's feats and strengths, increasing his or her Bravery. 3 1 Now 200
Threaten Intimidate A speechcraft skill that plays upon the doubts and fears of the target, decreasing his or her Bravery. 3 1 Now 200
Preach A speechcraft skill that explains the nature of divine miracles, deepening belief and increasing Faith. 3 1 Now 200
Solution Enlighten A speechcraft skill that decreases Faith by using cold logic and secular doctrine. 3 1 Now 200
Death Sentence Condemn A speechcraft skill that convinces the target that his or her demise is soon at hand. 3 1 Now 500
Negotiate Beg A speechcraft skill that spins tales in return for gil. 3 1 Now 100
Insult A speechcraft skill that infuriates with foul invective. 3 1 Now 300
Mimic Darlavon A speechcraft skill that uses dull tales to induce slumber. 3 1 Now 300

Reaction Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Finger Guard Earplug Avoid the effects of Speechcraft. Speechcraft 300

Support Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Equip Guns Equip guns, regardless of job. 750 (800 in WotL)
Train Tame Force a critically wounded enemy monster to become an ally. 500
Monster Talk Beast Tongue Gain the ability to use Speechcraft against monsters, even if not an orator. 100

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Real Name
Victor Ludwig
Current Alias





Base Of Operations


5' 6"

135 lbs (61 kg)



Unusual Features
Green Skin; large, pupil-less eyes

Marital Status



First appearance

Magneto #1
(November, 1996)



Victor Ludwig was a mutant who was recruited into the Acolytes by Exodus. He first appeared when the Acolytes were searching for their missing leader Magneto, who was also presumed dead at the time. Instead, they found Joseph, his clone, and attempted but failed to turn him into their new leader.

Powers and Abilities


Empathy, Ability to enhance emotional impressions


Average Human


Orator hasn't been seen since the the Magneto mini-series, and never on Genosha before or after the Sentinels' attack, so he might be still alive, though that is uncertain at this point. He also hasn't been seen after M-Day and the House of M, so he might have lost his powers, but that is unclear at the moment.


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