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The Oralian Way is a Cardassian religion dating back to the early Hebitian people of Cardassia.

Followers of the Way worship the deity Oralius and have a holy scripture called the Hebitian Records, "where everything is written".



The worshipping of Oralius dates back to the first civilization on Cardassia, the Hebitians. In the days of the later Cardassian Union worship was forbidden and followers of the Way were forced into underground movements meeting at night in out of the way locations. Following the end of the Dominion War and the subsequent rise of the democratic Alon Ghemor government restrictions on religious freedom were lifted and the Oralian Way saw a growth in popularity but a stigma still remained with many Cardassians finding it difficult to accept the new freedom of speech, words and beliefs.

Worship Rituals and Practices

Worship generally begins with leaders adorning recitation masks which symbolically transform the wearer into Oralius, one will chant:

The power that moves through me, Animates my life, Animates the mask of Oralius, To speak her words with my voice, To think her thoughts with my mind, To feel her love with my heart, It is the song of morning, Opening up to life, Bringing truth of her wisdom, To those who live in the shadow of the night.

To which the second will reply:

It is this selfsame power, Turned against creation, Turned against my friend, That can destroy his body with my hand, Reduce his spirit with my hate, Separate his presence from my home: To live without Oralius, Lighting our way to the source, Connecting us to the mystery, Is to live without the tendrils of love.

Following the opening the meetings are filled with humming, chanting, recitations and readings from the Hebitian Records and finally meditation.

Known Followers


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You may be looking for the adherents of the Cardassian religion, the Oralian Way.
Planet: Oral (myth)
Location: Oralian sector
Affiliation: First Ones, Kai Rue (myth)

The Oralians are the mythical/legendary species who once inhabited the part of space now known as the Oralian sector. (Star Trek: Pioneer (STP))


Many years ago the Oralian sector and the space now controlled by the Kai Imperium, used to be the domain of a species many believed were called the Oralians. Supposedly they lived on a planet called Oral. It was said that the Oralians, themselves, were some sort of super being, with "magical" and telepathic powers. The legend goes that something terrible happened on Oral that devastated the planet. It was a massive tragedy of some natural occurrence, and the planet was completely destroyed. Some believe that the Great Barrier Rift is made up of the remaining pieces of the planet Oral. Some also believe that the Kai Rue, or pure blood Kai, are descendants of the Oralians, though most consider this to be apocryphal. ("The Bonding")


The only real evidence of the Oralians comes from the Oppressors. Their technology and science appeared to have been developed from the technology left behind by a powerful species, whom many call the First Ones. There are those who believe that the First Ones and the Oralians are one and the same.

This article uses material from the "Oralian" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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