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Or Die Trying

Sean Williams, Shane Dix

Publication information


Release date

May 2004

Published in

Star Wars Insider 75, Star Wars Magazine UK 59


New Jedi Order era


28 ABY


The New Jedi Order

Or Die Trying is a short story written by Sean Williams and Shane Dix for Star Wars Insider 75, and later Star Wars Magazine UK 59. It takes place in 28 ABY.


Plot summary

Following the events of Force Heretic II: Refugee, Jedi Knight Jaina Solo investigates the origins of the Human Replica Droid that Bakuran Prime Minister Cundertol infused his essence into. Her investigation leads her to the droid manufacturer Onadax Droid Technologies's headquarters on Onadax, in the Minos Cluster.

There, she confronts Stanton Rendar (head of the factory and the brother of the infamous smuggler Dash Rendar) concerning the morality of granting immortality to sentients through droids and attempts to persuade him to surrender himself to the Galactic Alliance. However, Stanton and his associates unleash their droids on Jaina, creating a diversion which allows them to escape. The story ends with Jaina feeling bitter over the failure of the mission.


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Behind the scenes

The acronym ODT can stand for both Onadax Droid Technologies or the story in which it appears, Or Die Trying. This is most likely an intentional reference.


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