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The Operations center is the command center of a starbase or space station. Deep Space Nine's Operations center was simply referred to as Ops.

Deep Space 9 sections, facilities and establishments
Sections Central core (Upper core • Mid-core • Lower core - Fusion core) • Habitat ringDocking ringDocking pylon • Crossover bridge • Defense sail
Facilities Assay officeBajoran templeInfirmaryMedical DMineral assay officeOperations centerPromenade • Runabout pad • SchoolSecurity officeStation commander's officeWardroom
Establishments Bal CabarinGarak's Clothiers • Greengrocers • Klingon restaurantQuark'sReplimat • Spican Jewelers • Starlight Lounge • Tourism Office • T'Pril's

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The operations division of Starfleet is made up of members who specialize in services and military functions aboard starships and starbases. Their specialties may include engineering, security or communications.

Starfleet uniform operations division colors:
22nd century 2230s AR 2250s Mid 23rd
2265-2270s[1] Early 2270s[2] Late 2270s-2350s[3]
Image:Earth Starfleet - Blank (Operations).png Image:2230s - ENS (Operations).png Image:Alternate 2250s - ENS (Operations).png Image:2250s - Enlisted (Operations).png Image:2265 - ENS (Operations).png Image:2270 - Blank (Engineering).png Image:2278 - Blank (Operations).png
Image:2270 - Blank (Helm, Communications, Navigation).png Image:2278 - Blank (Sciences).png
Image:2270 - Blank (Security).png Image:2278 - Blank (Security).png
Image:2278 - Blank (Services).png
2350s-2360s 2360s-2370s 2373- 2390s 29th century
Image:2350 - Blank (Operations).png Image:2366 - Blank (Operations).png Image:2373 - Blank (Operations).png Image:2390s - Blank (Operations).png Image:2800 - Blank (Operations).png
Image:2366 - Blank Alternate (Operations).png

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  1. Operations division personnel could also wear beige uniforms.
  2. Engineering and maintenance personnel wore red, communications personnel wore yellow and security and services personnel wore gray.
  3. Helm and engineering personnel wore orange, communications and navigation personnel wore gray, security personnel wore dark green and services personnel wore light blue.

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This article uses material from the "Operations division" article on the ST Expanded wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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