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Third Mission to Halmad[1]


Third Battle of Kuat[1]

Operation Groundquake

Galactic Civil War (Zsinj campaign)[1]


Destroy the two starfighter bases on Halmad.[1]


7 ABY[1]




Wraith Squadron escapes despite ambush by numerically superior foe.[1]

  • New Republic[1]
  • A few stormtroopers[1]
  • A few Raptors[1]
  • Many TIE Fighters and Interceptors[1]
  • Iron Fist damaged[1]
  • [1]
"All right. Let's keep the pressure up on them. I want those two starfighter bases eliminated —a clear message to the Imperial forces on Halmad that anything they can construct, the Hawk-bats can knock down. And I think, to demonstrate our superiority and their helplessness, we ought to stage those two eliminations simultaneously. So let's settle in and do some planning."
Wedge Antilles to Wraith Squadron.

Operation Groundquake was the informal name given by Wraith Squadron pilot Tyria Sarkin, to the mission undertaken by the Wraiths against the Imperial-aligned planet Halmad. The operation called for the Wraiths, pretending to be the pirate group Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, eliminating the two newly constructed starfighter bases on Halmad at the same time. The operation failed however, as Halmad joined Warlord Zsinj's empire and received aid in driving the Wraiths back.



"But we all feel that we would have a greater chance of discovering Zsinj by disguising ourselves as a pirate band and trying to impress Zsinj enough for him to employ us. This would keep us in close association with starfighters and play to the strengths that I think we demonstrated in the pursuit of Admiral Trigit and the Implacable."
Voort saBinring

In 8 ABY, Wraith Squadron disguised themselves as the pirate group Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, preying on the Imperial-aligned planet Halmad. Their goals were to make a name for themselves as a pirate group in order to attract Warlord Zsinj's attention; and to pressure Halmad's government to seek aid and protection from Zsinj. After a series of successful raids on the planet, Halmad's government began construction on two starfighter bases—Fellon base and another east of the city of Hullis—which Wraith pilot Kell Tainer surmised as a way to counter their ground raids. Commander Wedge Antilles then decided that the Wraith's next operation was to eliminate both bases. To further show their superiority over the locals, Antilles announced that both missions were to be executed at the same time. Sometime during their planning session for the operation, it was nicknamed Operation Groundquake by Tyria Sarkin.[1]

Seizure of the Bastion

"There's bad news and good news. The bad news is that we're the Hawk-bats, and we're going to take your starfighters and blow up some ground facilities with them. But the good, news is that we really do have fresh caf for you in the mess."
Myn Donos to TIE Fighter escort pilot Milzin Veyn

The first part of the operation was spearheaded by the group led by Tainer, and was composed of Sarkin, Hohass Ekwesh, Myn Donos, Voort saBinring and Castin Donn. They captured the refueling tanker Bastion—which Tainer had rigged to blow— as well as its two TIE Fighter escorts. The plan was to fly Bastion into the base near Hullis while Sarkin and saBinring would fly cover in the seized TIE's. Once the tanker was close enough, Tainer would send a message to the base's personnel to evacuate before the tanker explodes.[1]

Simultaneously, the second group in the operation flew their TIE Interceptors and Fighters towards Fellon base to eliminate it. Led by Garik Loran, in his disguise as General Kargin of the Hawk-bats, the group was comprised of Antilles, Dia Passik, Wes Janson, Ton Phanan, Lara Notsil and Shalla Nelprin.[1]

The Ambush

"We are so dead."
Shalla Nelprin after three squadrons of TIE Fighters appeared.

Unbeknownst to the Wraiths, the planetary government of Halmad had already accepted the protection of Zsinj and both assault groups found themselves ambushed by superior forces. The tanker Bastion was tractored by Zsinj's flagship, the Executor-class Star Dreadnaught Iron Fist, before it could complete its mission; while Loran's group found themselves engaging three squadrons of TIE Fighters and Interceptors—led by the famed 181st Imperial Fighter Wing—that suddenly flew out in defense of Fellon base. To further complicate matters for the Wraiths, Tainer realized that their comm systems were being jammed by Zsinj's forces.[1]

Not willing to give up, Tainer's group came up with a plan for escape. Tainer reoriented Bastion using its repulsorlifts so that the tanker's upper surface was facing Halmad instead of the Iron Fist. They then flew out of the Narra, which was stowed inside Bastion. Another tractor beam was then used on the fleeing Narra and Donos, using a modified sniper rifle, fired a stream of data into Bastion's communications array. Due to a hasty program sliced in by Donn, it caused the tanker to detonate and the Narra managed to break free of the tractor lock.[1]

Loran's group on the other hand, downed several enemy fighters despite the lopsided odds. When Phanan's fighter was shot down, Antilles issued the code phrase "Stormies", which was the Hawk-bat's version of the retreat order Omega Signal. Loran however, was pursued by two TIE Fighters and was not able to join the others in retreating. He managed to destroy both fighters and despite having the opportunity to escape, he landed on the planet and went off to find and rescue Phanan.[1]


"We're all concerned about Face and Phanan, and we have to face the possibilities that they didn't make it. But I want you all to understand this. It's very important. Today, tactically, was a victory, a tremendous one. We cost them far more than they cost us. We also led them into this situation, and if the Hawk-bat identities remain uncompromised, we can continue with our plan. If we're going to have any perspective on what this has cost us, we have to remember that."
Wedge Antilles to the Wraiths after the operation.

Loran was able to find Phanan but the latter succumbed to his injuries and soon died on the planet, making him the only casualty the Wraiths suffered in the operation. After destroying Phanan's body to deny the opposition any evidence, Loran then made his way back to Hawk-bat Base. There, the Wraiths learned that Halmad has joined Zsinj's protectorate and through a holomessage recovered by Donn, Zsinj himself wanted to meet with the Hawk-bats to discuss terms of a possible partnership.[1]


  • X-wing: Iron Fist

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