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Nishr Campaign


Operation Ram's Head

Operation Grain Snatch

Galactic Civil War




Rebel Alliance victory


Galactic Empire

Rebel Alliance


Imperial Overlord Ghorin

Keyan Farlander

  • Many cargo ships in the campaign
  • Unknown number of poisoned Imperial personnel


Operation Grain Snatch was the nickname of the Rebel Alliance's revenge on Imperial Overlord Ghorin.



After the Battle of Yavin, Ghorin presented himself as a defector to the Rebel Alliance and was offering to supply them with Imperial resources at his disposal. Unfortunately, this was only a mask, and Ghorin intended for the Rebels to receive an amount of poisoned grain.


The Alliance soon discovered the plot and managed to steal Ghorin's BTL Y-wing starfighters in order to direct them later against Imperial supplies: Ghorin's corvette, Halifax, was disabled above Plooriod IV, where she was boarded by the Rebel transport Storm. Rebel operatives transferred her cargo to Storm, while Halifax´s escorts were captured by shuttle groups Typhoon, Thunder and Lightning.

All ships returned to the Star Cruiser Maria, while Halifax was left behind to be destroyed by Keyan Farlander.

The captured Y-wings were then used to assault Imperial depots in the Hollan D1 Sector and Geedon V, among others, in order to discredit Ghorin.

Additionally, the Rebels sent a hit and fade strike force consisting of Y-wings, two groups of Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transports, Khivan and Kaffir and two BFF-1 bulk freighters, Talli and Rand to attack and disable Ghorin's convoy consisting of two BFF-1 bulk freighters, Grotius and Hugo, two Lambda-class T-4a shuttles and two Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transports escorted by Y-wings, intending to replace the grain intended for the Imperials, with the poisoned cargo sold to the rebels by Ghorin.

The operation was a success and the Rebels got away with the usable cargo, while the Empire fell into the trap; The Frigate Elite received the tainted grain. Ghorin was assumed a traitor and Darth Vader executed him personally in his mansion on Plooriod III.


  • Star Wars: X-wing


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