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Opera House

The Opera House is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is at the end of a long penninsula and features the opera Maria and Draco, starring the famous opera singer Maria. The Opera House is directed by an Impresario.


World of Balance

The Opera House on the WOB map

After getting a tip in Jidoor that Setzer, the owner of the world's only airship, would be attempting to kidnap Maria from a performance of the opera, Locke comes up with the idea of disguising Celes, who looks just like Maria, as the star of the opera so Setzer would abduct her instead of the real Maria. Celes is initially hesitant, but agrees eventually, with the Impressario's approval. Ultros overhears the plan, and sends a warning letter to Locke claiming to be Setzer that he will ruin the opera. He then goes up onto the rafters and gets ready to drop a weight onto the stage. Locke, who is in the dressing room cheering Celes on, finds the letter, warns the Impressario, and takes the party to meet Ultros. Ultros falls onto the stage, and Locke and his friends have to fight him. Afterwards, Setzer shows up and kidnaps Celes, who brings the others onboard the Blackjack.

World of Ruin

Opera House on the WoR Map

A large dragon has set itself onto the stage and will not move. The party has to defeat it.

Monster Formations


Rafters in the WOB

On stage in the WOR


"Spinach Rag" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - Spinach Rag.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Spinach Rag" is the background theme that plays at the Opera House.


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