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Species: Asura
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20

Oola is a brilliant and reclusive Asura researcher who specialises in the creation of constructs, such as golems.



From the manual:

Oola is a brilliant Asura who specializes in creating constructs--humanoid magical creations, of which golems are one. She is aware of her own abilities and, like many Asura, gets frustrated when others disturb her research. To that end Oola has squirreled herself away where she can work in peace. She has few assistants and welcomes no visitors, treating them all as inferiors and interlopers. Her security measures are said to be among the finest, and her fierce ability to keep her haven safe has gained the respect of many of her peers (and more than a few attempted infiltrations--all of which ended poorly).



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Quests Involved



  • Oola is a character from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.
  • According to a room in her lab, she is responsible for making the Iron Forgeman.

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  • PlayFeed: Eye of the North Friends & Allies
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4 ABY (39:3), Tatooine

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1.6 meters[1]

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Chronological and political information

Jabba Desilijic Tiure

"Learn quickly! You cost me a fortune. Two fortunes. You will please him—even if his only enjoyment is watching you die."
Bib Fortuna

Oola was a Twi'lek dancer in Jabba the Hutt's court. She was the daughter of a clan chieftain on Ryloth and tricked to becoming a dancer by Bib Fortuna and Jerris Rudd as a gift to Jabba. She was also the half sister of Nolaa Tarkona, the leader of the Diversity Alliance.



"Oola keeps Jabba happy. Jabba keeps Oola alive."
―Bib Fortuna
Oola in her dancing outfit.

She and Sienn'rha (another Twi'lek) were trained together as dancers at one of the greatest dance schools on Ryloth. As they were in Mos Eisley on their way to Jabba's Palace, Luke Skywalker ran into them and attempted to set them free. He killed Rudd and rescued Sienn, but Oola wanted to see what Palace life was like, naively thinking she would be able to leave at any time. Little did she know that it wouldn't be what she expected. Fortuna took Oola, and succeeded in giving her to Jabba.

Rather than the customary dancing veils, Oola was given only a flimsy net costume to wear, loosely held together by narrow leather strips. Jabba was immediately enamored with her, and chained her by the neck to his throne as his personal property and slave girl. Oola was forced to dance for him, as well as give pleasure when the depraved crimelord beckoned, but she was determined to escape from her horrible existence, one way or another.

Defiled and miserable, fed only on scraps, she could not decide if it was better to keep enduring the Hutt's carnal embrace until escape was possible, or to die cleanly and well, and escape that way. Oola chose to refuse Jabba's advances at least once before her final dance, and was thoroughly beaten by his Gamorrean guards for this act of defiance. This beating was conducted "scientifically", so as not to leave her with any disfiguring bruises.

Oola defies Jabba.

Later that day, Oola was able to speak briefly with C-3PO, who told her that Luke was indeed going to return to rescue them, and her hope was renewed. Her spirits high for the first time since her imprisonment, Oola performed the best dance of her life—unfortunately, she failed to amuse Jabba with her performance.

In the end, Oola suffered the failure's punishment faced by several girls of Jabba's harem. As she hauled back on her chain and pleaded with Jabba, he became angry and tugged harder, bringing her over the trapdoor in front of his throne. She was eaten alive by Jabba's rancor after Jabba dropped her into the rancor's pit[2]. Her legend, however, would live on in the form of impersonator Dame Needa, who put on a nightly Oola tribute show at the Gardulla Oola hotel and casino in Mos Eisley.

Behind the scenes

Oola was portrayed in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (in both the original release and in additional scenes filmed later for the Special Edition) by actress Femi Taylor. Remarkably, she looked almost unchanged after 14 years, allowing for a close up of her looking in terror at the rancor.

Oola, along with Bib Fortuna, is rumored to be among the established characters set to appear in the as yet unnamed Star Wars live-action TV series.[3][4]


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Non-canon appearances

  • Star Wars: Obi-Wan


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Oola is the icon for the Entertainer career.

Star Wars Lore

From OS Databank.


Oola, the beautiful green-skinned dancer, was enslaved to the disgusting crime lord, Jabba the Hutt. While she was one of several dancers, including Yarna D'al Gargan, Rystáll, Lyn Me and Greeata, only Oola was given the "privilege" of being chained to Jabba's throne.

Jabba delighted in watching the young Oola dance to the music of the Max Rebo Band. When Jabba wanted more than dance, however, Oola refused. Angered with his rebellious slave, Jabba opened the trap-door beneath the dance floor, and fed Oola to his deadly rancor creature.

Expanded Universe

The tale of the Twi'lek slave girl Oola is a sad one of a short life. Her captivity began on Ryloth, the Twi'lek homeworld. Fortuna, Bib, Jabba the Hutt's major-domo, longed to find the perfect "gift" for his master, the perfect slave girl to meet the crime lord's depraved interests. Fortuna found Oola living in the "place of twilight," a perpetual dusk-land on the tide-locked world.

Oola, the daughter of a clan chief, fit Fortuna's needs. Fortuna kidnapped the innocent girl, along with a younger Twi'lek girl named Sienn. Fortuna took them to his smuggling complex, and had other Twi'lek dancers teach Oola and Sienn the ways of exotic and captivating dance sure to get the Hutt's attention. Fortuna deluded the girls with tales of the opulent lifestyle of Jabba the Hutt, and the promised glory of being a palace servant. Four months later, Fortuna felt his prizes were ready. He had his assistant Jerris Rudd take them to Tatooine.

In the port city of Mos Eisley, Rudd placed Oola and Sienn in hiding. A man clad in black stumbled upon the girls' hiding place. This man was named Luke Skywalker. He promised the two escape from their slavery. Sienn fled with Luke, but Oola, tantalized by visions of palace life, stayed behind. Soon thereafter, Fortuna presented Jabba with Oola, and the Hutt crime lord was instantly smitten. Oola faced the cold reality of the Hutt's palace, a dank place of corruption filled with the dregs of the galaxy. Her life was not one of decadence, but one of servitude. She was beaten by Gamorrean guards when she did not please her masters, and was often threatened by Fortuna.

Hope eventually returned to the young girl. Two days later, when speaking in conspiratorial whispers to the Hutt's new translator droid, C-3PO, Oola learned that Luke Skywalker would arrive at the palace. With newfound hope, Oola danced that day, the best dance she had ever performed. It was also her last.

Oola was survived by her half-sister, Nolaa Tarkona, who rose to prominence two decades into the New Republic's rule. She was the leader of the Diversity Alliance, a radical anti-human alien movement that challenged the Republic's authority.

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