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Star Trek Online
Series: post-The Next Generation
Production information
Publisher: Cryptic Studios
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Platform(s): PC
Published: February 2 2010
Date: 2409

Star Trek Online will be a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) video game released for PC which is being developed by Cryptic Studios. The game will be set in the 2409, nearly thirty years after the film Star Trek Nemesis.

The game was initially developed by Perpetual Entertainment from 2003 till January 2008, after which Cryptic Studios took control of the project.[1]



The game, at first release, will be set in 2409, three decades after Star Trek Nemesis. Players will become either a Federation Starfleet or Klingon commander, in command of their own starship which they can use to explore the galaxy. Game play will take two forms, that of ship based manoeuvres in space, and as part of away teams to starships, planets and facilities.


As part of the build up to the game Cryptic Studios's Star Trek Online website has two sections detailing in-universe information as background tot he game. The Path to 2409 provides year by year chronological updates running from 2379 up to the start of the game in 2409. Ships of the Line gives history and specifications on starships featured in the game.

Defunct game

Since Cryptic Studios took over development of the game they have significantly redeveloped it. Details of how the game would have been as developed by Perpetual Entertainment are as follows.


The following was released as the planned setting for the events of Star Trek Online [2]:

Stardate 77021.1: In the twenty years since the infamous Shinzon Affair, the United Federation of Planets' vision of intergalactic harmony has edged tantalizingly close to becoming a reality.
Negotiations with the Romulan Star Empire, at an impasse for more than a generation, have recently accelerated due to a series of unexpected concessions on the part of the Romulans. Though many within the Federation suspect their old foes are up to something, most see the breakthrough as the result of the galaxy-renowned diplomatic skills of a certain 94-year-old Terran Ambassador.
The Klingon Empire, once the Federation's greatest foe, is now one of their staunchest allies. Though some (notably the recently-restored House of Duras) rail against the reduced role of the Empire in the affairs of the galaxy, most Klingons believe the Federation to be an honorable (if somewhat thin-blooded) partner. Nowhere is this attitude more prevalent than in the acolytes of Miral Paris, the alleged Klingon kuvah'magh, who have chosen to join Starfleet in the young prophet's footsteps.
The Borg, who once spread across the galaxy like an unstoppable disease, have scarcely been seen since the destruction of their massive transwarp hub two decades ago. While some fear that they are marshalling their resources for a fresh invasion of the Alpha Quadrant, most believe that the Borg have collectively decided that assimilation of the Federation simply isn't worth the effort. In any event, defenses introduced into Starfleet vessels by Admiral Janeway and Seven of Nine have made the Borg a much more manageable threat.
And so it goes throughout the quadrant, as old enemies are transformed into new friends, old fears become less scary, and old conflicts seemingly fade away.
Now, at the cusp of the 25th century, the United Federation of Planets finds itself in much the same position as its human founders some 300 years ago. The great wars appear to be over, the great threats have been tamed, and a universe of possibilities awaits.
Appearing at this historically critical juncture in the UFP's history is a charismatic president with a bold vision for the future. Urging citizens and scientists alike to look towards "the next frontier," the president has ordered a dramatic drawdown of Starfleet, transferring resources from the machines of war to the technologies that will fuel the exploration efforts of the future. Foremost amongst these peacetime initiatives is the construction of a network of enormous transwarp conduits, capable of flinging ships from one end of the quadrant to the other in mere instants. Reverse engineered from captured Borg technology, these portals hold the promise of finally making good on the seemingly limitless potential of transwarp technology.
At least, they would if they weren't so expensive...and didn't break down so often. But the president claims he has a plan to fix that, too.
Although most are happy to have lived long enough to see Starfleet's swords beaten into plowshares, others have their doubts. Some elements of Starfleet, used to seeing enemies everywhere, are convinced that the Federation is being lulled into a trap, and are secretly preparing for the inevitable wars that will follow once the trap is sprung. Others, echoing a complaint often voiced three hundred years ago, worry that humanity may not be ready to master the advanced and largely untested technologies at the heart of the Federation's new initiatives. And still others, like a certain 94-year-old Terran Ambassador, have never forgotten that the universe is more surprising and more dangerous than anyone can imagine...

Races and cultures

From pre-production material and previews, some of the races and cultured likely to have been featured included Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites and Klingons in Starfleet. Non-Federation aliens such as the Gorn, Mugato and Devidians have all been seen in concept art. [3]

Starships and vehicles

From pre-production material and previews, some starships which may have appeared in the game include:

  • USS Iowa (NX-76051) - similar to and approximate size of Steamrunner-class.
  • USS Sacagawea (NCC-17064) - approximate size of Runabout.
  • Shuttlecraft Edison (NCC-17064) - smaller version of Delta Flyer.
  • USS Tahoe (NCC-227) - similar to and approximate size of Intrepid-class.
  • USS Archer (NCC-227) - similar to and approximate size of Intrepid-class.
  • unknown name (NX-91001)-similar look and size to the Sovereign-class.

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