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Onion Knight
Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)/Dissidia
Kana オニオン ナイト
Romaji Onion Naito
Japanese Name Onion Knight
Original Game Final Fantasy III
Story Difficulty ****
EX Mode Job Change
EX Burst Spellbook, Ninjutsu
Japanese Voice Actor Fukuyama Jun
English Voice Actor Aaron Spann
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"Being small has its advantages."
—Onion Knight, upon entering a battle

The Onion Knight is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. He makes up for his size with speed and is a master of sword arts and magic. As the youngest warrior, the Onion Knight's lack of battle experience causes him to put on a brave and confident front when in reality he is rather scared and unsure of his abilities. The villains he encounters, including the Cloud of Darkness, serve to test his courage and power.


Crystal and Attire

The Onion Knight's outfit is taken from aspects of all incarnations of the hero of Final Fantasy III. In particular, the color scheme in his default appearance is based on his original NES appearance. The helmet is based on the DS version, as is the ability to cast magic. The body armor is closer to Amano's artwork of the hero.

His alternate outfit is based on Luneth from the Nintendo DS remake, changing the Onion Knight's hair color to white, his eyes violet, and his clothing blue, the same color as Luneth's clothing while an Onion Knight. His Sage's red colorings become blue, and the Ninja costume is almost entirely black, roughly reflecting the appearances of the two jobs in the DS release.

The Manikin version of the Onion Knight, Counterfeit Youth, is green.

The Onion Knight's crystal is a direct reference to the elemental Crystals from Final Fantasy III. It is green and is the same shape as the ones seen in the game.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Destiny Odyssey

The Onion Knight and Terra journey together.

The Onion Knight and his companion, Terra, travel together to find the Crystals. During their adventures, Terra starts to sense a strong aura and the Knight convinces her to check out what it is despite her warnings. They then encounter Exdeath and the Knight talks his way out of fighting him because of his fears of losing against a powerful enemy. Exdeath calls him a coward and then leaves. When the Knight and Terra get closer to the aura, Terra starts to lose control and attacks the Knight, forcing him to defend himself. Terra was then taken by the Cloud of Darkness, who tells the young warrior that he was responsible for Terra's fall.

The Knight was then visited by Cosmos, who tells him that the only way to obtain a Crystal was to defeat the Cloud of Darkness. The young warrior laments that he does not have a heart to do so but Cosmos questions him of his state of courage and vanishes. Then Golbez appears and tells the Knight of Terra's possession under the Cloud of Darkness and to think about if he could continue to make judgments in his own head.

The Onion Knight eventually finds Terra, who fainted while fighting against the possession the Cloud of Darkness has instilled in her. At first, the Knight offered to be her servant in order to prevent Terra from getting attacked any further but then decides against this when the Cloud of Darkness tries to possess him. That is when the Knight realizes his inner courage and uses it to protect Terra from her, even if it means fighting a powerful monster. The Onion Knight and the Cloud of Darkness fought, and she is defeated. Golbez appears once again and gives him a Crystal, praising him of his determination and bravery. After Golbez leaves, the Knight decides to rest with Terra to look after her.

Onion Knight and Terra holding their Crystals.

The Onion Knight continues to protect Terra, who has lost some of her memory while passed out during the Knight's fight with the Cloud of Darkness. They are ambushed by Kefka, who tries to sway Terra into joining him. The Knight interferes, however, and he teleports Kefka and himself away. The Knight later shows up when Terra and Cloud Strife are surrounded by Kefka and the Cloud of Darkness. Both the Knight and Cloud Strife distract the Cloud of Darkness while Terra has her final showdown with Kefka, whom she defeats. She then obtains her Crystal, just like the Knight thought she would.

Shade Impulse

The Onion Knight holds his Crystal as he returns to his world.

As the Onion Knight reunites with the group of heroes, Chaos arrives and finishes Cosmos. The heroes start to fade away, however, Cosmos used the last bit of her energy to give them a fighting chance. Like the other heroes who faced off with their worst enemies, the Onion Knight was confronted by his enemy, the Cloud of Darkness. After her defeat, the Cloud of Darkness returns to sleep, while the Onion Knight joins the other heroes to face off against Chaos. With Chaos beaten, the worlds were restored, and the heroes were then transported to an open field near Cornelia Castle, where one by one, they disappear back to their home worlds, including the Onion Knight, who returns to the Floating Continent.


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The Onion Knight is described as a "Mystic Fencer," as he uses both magic spells and sword attacks to strike opponents with swift blows. What distinguishes him from the other characters is the unique ability to chain each Brave Attack into another Brave Attack or an HP Attack, which adds in strength and versatility. He is also the fastest character in the game in normal circumstances, surpassing even Tidus and Zidane. However, his attacks don't do much damage, and he has only four basic Brave attacks, making him fairly predictable in terms of fighting style. Together with Shantotto, he is the most evasive character in the game, making him the hardest opponent to punish when he misses an attack; Sephiroth may be his toughest opponent, as he also has swift attacks, although he is not as fast as the Onion Knight, nor does he have the short lag time that the Onion Knight has.

It should be noted that Onion Knight does not learn his Brave to HP attacks like other characters. Other characters learn a Brave to HP attack when mastering the corresponding Brave Attack. Instead, Onion Knight learns the Brave to Brave attack, and once he masters the new attack, he learns the Brave to HP attack. For example, when he masters Blizzard, he learns Blizzaga, and then once Blizzaga is mastered he learns Quake.


Main article: Onion Knight (Boss)

Onion Knight is fought in the Distant Glory and Inward Chaos storylines.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Multi-Hit Ground 30 (15) 90 Initial Charges at the opponent and attacks multiple times.
Blizzard Ground 20 (10) 60 Initial Sends a strand of ice at the opponent.
Thunder Aerial 20 (10) 60 Initial Sends three balls of thunder at the opponent. In EX mode, sends five balls of thunder out.
Turbo-Hit Aerial 30 (15) 60 Initial Turns upside down and attacks the opponent multiple times with his sword.

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Blade Torrent Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Leaps at the opponent and surrounds them in sword strikes
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Firaga Ground 40 (20) 180 Level 13 Launches a fireball in an arc that explodes on first contact, knocking Onion Knight back as he uses it. In EX mode, launches three fireballs simultaneously.
Comet Aerial 40 (20) 180 Initial Spins in the air while firing many tiny meteors
Wind Shear Aerial 40 (20) 180 Level 28 Spins around rapidly while doing damage
Additional Effects: Wall Rush, Absorb

Brave to Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Chains from Description Image
Extra Slice Ground 30 (15) 90 Multi-Hit Leaps up and strikes many times, knocking the opponent down afterward
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blizzaga Ground 30 (15) 120 Blizzard Large chunks of ice crash down on the opponent
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Thundaga Aerial 30 (15) 180 Thunder Bolts of lightning damage the opponent
Additional Effect: Chase
Extra Lunge Aerial 30 (15) 120 Turbo-Hit Strikes many times and knocks the opponent upwards
Additional Effect: Chase

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Chains from Description Image
Swordshower Ground 40 (20) 300 Multi-Hit Summons swords to rain down on the opponent, then moves up close and slashes
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Quake Ground 40 (20) 300 Blizzard Sticks his sword in the ground and spins on top of it, causing a quake under the opponent
Flare Aerial 40 (20) 300 Thunder Summons three beams of heat that converge on the opponent, then leaves an explosion where they converge
Guiding Swipe Aerial 40 (20) 300 Turbo-Hit Summons swords to fly through the opponent, then moves up close and slashes
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode


While in EX Mode, Onion Knight changes into either the Sage or Ninja job class. While using magic he will become a Sage, which increases the damage done by magical attacks and causes them to fire more projectiles. While using physical attacks he will become a Ninja and gain the Dual Wield ability, causing more damage with his physical attacks. The damage increase for both classes is done by increasing the amount of hits each attack does. Both of these classes were considered the best at magic and attacking respectively in the original NES release of Final Fantasy III. He also gains the Regen effect.

Onion Knight is the only character who has two EX Bursts, depending on which type of HP attack he uses to begin the Burst. If activated from a magic attack, his Sage form will use Spellbook, while his Ninja form will use Ninjutsu if it was activated after a physical attack. In both, a command menu will appear and the player must select the appropriate command within a time limit. For Spellbook, Holy must be selected under the Magic command, while for Ninjutsu, Shuriken has to be chosen from under the Throw command. If you choose the right options, Onion Knight will perform the selected ability, and then follow them up with Meteor or Back Attack respectively. Failing to choose the correct option will have Onion Knight immediately use Meteor or Back Attack without using Holy or Shuriken.


Onion Knight can equip the following: Swords, Daggers, Rods, Staves, Throwing Weapons, Parrying Weapons, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Hairpins, Clothing, and Light Armor.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
50 ATK +36 Battle Start: BRV +20%.
BRV base value recovery +10%.
Damage +5%
Royal Sword
92 ATK +63 Battle Start: BRV +30%.
BRV base value recovery +20%.
Damage +10%
Onion Sword
100 ATK +68 Battle Start: BRV +40%.
BRV base value recovery +30%.
Damage +15%.
Major Gambler's Spirit Effect.



  • While Onion Knight returns to his home world, he looks up at the sky, watching a flock of birds flying above him. This is a reference to Final Fantasy III, where such a thing happens in the ending sequence of the original NES version and the opening FMV of the DS version. It could also allude to his home being a floating continent.
  • One of the Onion Knight's weapons, fittingly called Onion Sword, is a reference to the Onion Equipment from Final Fantasy III.
  • While in EX Mode as a Ninja, the Onion Knight wields two swords as seen in the hands of the unnamed warrior on the logo for Final Fantasy III. When executing Back Attack! in his EX Burst, he also assumes a pose similar to the warrior.
  • The Tyrfing and King's Sword are a reference to two similar swords. The Tyrfing equippable by the Red Mage class, while the King's Sword equippable by the Fighter and Knight job class in the Famicom release of Final Fantasy III.
  • Onion Knight's EX Burst is a homage to the traditional battles of the first Final Fantasies. The enemy will appear on the left side of the screen, while the Onion Knight appears on the right side. He takes a step forward as a command menu appears, at which point the player must input a command. While he is engaged on the right and poised like the NES sprite, his opponent will adopt their stance as viewed in the Museum from a different angle.
  • Although they are not relevant to the EX Burst, the player can open up the Magic, Throw, and Item menus during Onion Knight's EX Burst. Doing so will display various spells, weapons, and items from Final Fantasy III.
  • While his EX Burst is designed after the NES version's graphics, the commands available are only possible in the DS remake (such as Throw being separate from Attack).
  • At the end of Destiny Odyssey III Onion Knight falls asleep next to Terra on the right side facing her, this may be a reference to in Final Fantasy III when you rest at an Inn with an extra party member the character always sleeps in the same position, on the right side facing the guest.
  • One of his defeat quotes has him saying, "I lost..." and then making a crying sound. The crying may be a reference to the Famicom Final Fantasy III, in which the Onion Kid sprite looks like it is crying when low on HP.
  • The abilities that Onion Knight has appears to be based on the Onion Knight from the DS version of Final Fantasy III. In that version only, the Onion Knight class can cast all forms of Black and White magic, which explains his use of such high level spells as Firaga and Flare.
  • Throughout Destiny Odyssey VI, Onion Knight acts like two characters from Final Fantasy VI; specifically, Locke Cole and Celes Chere. At the start of Destiny Odyssey VI, he swears to Terra that he will protect her, as he resolved to do at the end of Destiny Odyssey III. The way he makes his promise is remarkably similar to the way Locke promised Terra the same thing at the start of Final Fantasy VI; he suddenly makes the promise while the two are talking, without any readily apparent reason, and Terra is beginning to suffer from amnesia. A later cutscene sees him acting like Celes. While Kefka is congratulating Terra on having attacked her friends, and Terra begins to doubt herself because of that, Onion Knight tackles Kefka, and the two of them vanish. This is remarkably similar to a scene in the Magitek Research Facility, where Kefka congratulates Celes on her work as a spy, and she makes Kefka and herself disappear as Locke begins to doubt her; both scenes have Kefka congratulating a hero for their work for the other side, real or not, Celes and Onion Knight both attack Kefka, causing them both to disappear, and the area where the scene takes place in Dissidia, Kefka's Tower, resembles the Magitek Research Facility. The only real difference is that in Dissidia, Kefka is not talking to the hero that attacks him.


  • Within the game's timeline, Onion Knight is the first to retrieve his Crystal according to Destiny Odyssey 26.
  • The Onion Knight is only called once by his title, by the Cloud of Darkness.
  • The Onion Knight is both the youngest and the shortest in height of the warriors of Cosmos, not including Shantotto.
  • Onion Knight is the only character with two different EX Modes and EX Bursts, one for the Ninja and one for the Sage, depending on which form he is in when he begins the attack.
  • Onion Knight's Destiny Odyssey is also unique, due that majority of tiles are enigma tiles (they have a question mark sign, noting that something is hidden— a board enemy, an item chest, a potion, or ether). It is also used in some stages in Shade Impulse. Also, there is only one enigma tile that hides a chaos piece, and it could only be seen in Shade Impulse. It is none other than Cloud of Darkness's chaos piece.
  • Onion Knight, Terra, Squall, and Cloud are the only four heroes who fight another hero (instead of or as well as another villain) as a midboss. Onion Knight fights Terra in his story arc.
  • Tetsuya Nomura has noted that, similar to Garland, he had only in-game sprites to draw from when designing Onion Knight, which made doing so difficult. His initial designs were "too cartoony" compared to the other heroes, and redesigned it to match the cover image of Final Fantasy III. Shortly after, the promotional images Yoshitaka Amano had been designing were finished, and Nomura reverted back to a more "cartoony" design to match Amano's work.
  • Strangely in the opening FMV, Onion Knight is slower than Bartz even though he is the fastest Warrior of Cosmos; this may be because he was slightly clumsy in battle, almost tripping over himself. In addition, if he attempts to use his Blade Torrent attack and misses, he will tumble over. He also falls over when using Firaga, even if he hits.
  • In the Battle Tips menu, Penelo claims that Onion Knight is adorable and reminds her of Kytes.
  • Onion Knight's Dissidia costume can be used in the Kingdom Hearts Mobile game along with other characters.
  • Onion Knight appears to find Squall's and Gabranth's weapons interesting, showing the more playful, childlike aspect of himself.

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