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The Onion Knight (オニオンナイト Onion Naito) is one of the basic Job classes in the Final Fantasy series. Like the Freelancer class, this Job has no real abilities, and does not even get good equipment. However, their real abilities come from the fact that after reaching level 90, their stat growth shoots up. By level 99, an army of Onion Knights are invincible. They can either only equip the weakest and strongest armor in the game, or have the ability to equip virtually everything. They are also the only ones that can equip the indestructible Onion Equipment.

There are no notable Onion Knights beyond the four nameless main characters of the original Nintendo Entertainment System version of Final Fantasy III. However, Lulu's Celestial Weapon in Final Fantasy X is an Onion Knight doll.




Final Fantasy III

Main article: Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)

In the original version of Final Fantasy III, the Onion Knight was the default Job at the beginning of the game. While it has no special abilities and limited equipment, its stats shoot up once the player using it reaches level 99. In the DS remake of the Job, the Onion Knight is a secret Job obtained only through Mognet (with the Freelancer replacing it as the default class). In this version, the Onion Knight can use nearly any piece of equipment and its stats rocket up once the characters' levels reach the 90s.

Final Fantasy VI

The Onion Knight is an enemy found in the Magitek Factory. It was dubbed the Pipsqueak in the Super Nintendo version.

A 2D sprite of the Onion Knight occasionally appears in the loading section of the Final Fantasy Anthology port of Final Fantasy VI.


Final Fantasy X

The Onion Knight appears as a doll and is Lulu's Celestial Weapon. The original Onion Kid sprite is visible on the doll's shield.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Main article: Onion Knight (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The Onion Knight is a Job, whose level increases by mastering other Jobs. When every other Job is mastered, this class becomes the strongest Job class in the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Main article: Onion Knight (Final Fantasy III)/Dissidia

The Onion Knight is the character in Dissidia representing Final Fantasy III. As the character never had an official name in the original game, his title was simply his Job class.

Non-Final Fantasy appearances

Duelle from Legend of Mana.

Kingdom Hearts Mobile

A costume of Onion Knight in his Dissidia Final Fantasy attire appears in Kingdom Hearts Mobile.

The Onion Knight costume.

Popular Culture

  • In 8-Bit Theater, an Onion Kid named Sarda appears, having suffered many times through Black Mage's actions. Turns out he grows up to become The Wizard Who Did It, the author's parody of the common cop out, "a wizard did it" as an explanation for inconsistency and plot errors. The connection between the sage and the Onion Kid was only revealed recently.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, a man named Davos Seaworth is called "The Onion Knight."


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