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The Verdict of History is an anthology of short stories based within the Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity. Originally written and released as seven short stories on the 1st of July, 2009 it was put together as a single volume with an addition framing story that was split into two parts for the start and end of the anthology.




The Decisions We Make...

On a distant Federation colony a group of campers gather around a fire to hear tales from an old man about people faced with important decisions and having to deal with the consequences of their actions.

What Little Girls are Made Of

Terri Renu has tried for years to find out about her Bajoran heritage with no success. With the official channels useless she gains help from an unexpected source.

The Horseman of the Apocalypse

Lieutenant Jonathan Masters is given the task to retrieve a Federation scientist studying a pre-warp civilisation who has broken the Prime Directive.

To Seek and to be Found

On Eorath, a planet beyond the edge of Dominion territory, the Vorta Jasis gathers knowledge of the world before bringing it into the fold but a chance encounter with a unknown starship's crew will change the fate of Jasis and the Dominion.

Olympia Descending

Jase Collins is one of three survivors of the crash of the USS Olympia. Trapped on a hostile world and with no way to contact help they struggle for survival.

Chariots of Korvat

The Klingons break the fragile peace and attack the Federation. Maxine Benton is part of the force scrambled to the Korvat system to secure and hold the system.

A Magnificent View

An injured Commander Hadris reflects on the events that led up to her current situation.

One is the Loneliest Number

A man ponders his isolation from emotions and existence. His only connection to life is through his dreams where life is nothing like it appears when he is awake.

...and the Consequences We Reap

The campers finish listening to the old man's tales and the lessons within and retire. However, one person still has questions and the old man has one last tale to tell.

Background information

  • These shorts were not produced/released in any particular order, though once they were combined they were ordered by when they occurred in-universe from earliest to latest. The only exceptions are "The Decisions We Make..." and "...and the Consequences We Reap", which is a framing story that takes place at some point after all the events.
  • Originally the the stories would have been based on the main character but it was changed to include several minor characters as it was unlikely some of them would be more then a background mention or their chances of reappearing were negligible.

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Individual parts of the collection can be found through the story links above.

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