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One Year Later was a DCU event involving the changes in all DC Titles after the Lost Year. It was directly preceded by Infinite Crisis, and published at the same time as 52. All storylines involved carried the "One Year Later" logo.

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One Year Later

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One Year Later



Directly after Infinite Crisis, a year was lost in DC Continuity. All Titles advanced exactly one year into the future from then, eclipsing the time Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman spent away from the public eye. While this story was going on, the events of the Lost Year were being described in the pages of 52.

All DC Titles

* Superman: Up, Up and Away! (Trade Paperback)
  • Batman: Face the Face (Trade Paperback)
  • Who is Wonder Woman? (Trade Paperback)
  • Blue Beetle: Shellshocked (Trade Paperback)
  • Green Arrow: Road to Jericho (Trade Paperback)
  • Robin: Wanted (Trade Paperback)
  • Supergirl: Candor (Trade Paperback)
  • Teen Titans: Titans Around the World (Trade Paperback)
  • The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive: Lightning in a Bottle (Trade Paperback)
  • Outsiders: The Good Fight (Trade Paperback)
  • Justice League of America: The Tornado's Path (Trade Paperback)
  • Justice Society of America: The Next Age (Trade Paperback)

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The Trinity

The year-long absence of the three most prominent superheroes of the DC Comics universe - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman - and their return to active duty was a significant part of both the "One Year Later" series and "52" series.

  • Clark Kent, after having no powers for a year, uses his skills as a journalist to try to protect Metropolis from organized crime and Lex Luthor. Gradually, during the Up, Up and Away! story arc, he regains his powers as Superman in enough time to stop Luthor, the Toy Man, and the Kryptonite Man.
  • Batman returns to Gotham City after a year long hiatus traveling the world with Robin and Nightwing. He deals with what has happened to Gotham in his time away in the Face the Face storyline.
  • Wonder Woman, who also spent time traveling during the Lost Year, has taken up the secret identity of Diana Prince again at Batman's urging, and has taken a job as an agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs working with Sarge Steel and Nemesis. Donna Troy, who has assumed the Wonder Woman mantle, is taken hostage by a group of Diana's old villains demanding the real Wonder Woman, and Sarge Steel assigns Diana and Nemesis to rescue her during the Who is Wonder Woman? arc.

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