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Official quest description: If you're fresh to Shilo Village after solving the mystery (or even if you did it some time ago), you may like to check out Yanni Salika's antiques shop.

He's a busy chap, revamping antique items, checking out new stock from potential adventurers and maybe he'll have a small(1) favour to ask of you. It is probably nothing particularly large - Yanni isn't a demanding(2)person, after all - and it should hardly take you any time(3) at all really. Just something to do when you have a spare moment.

That's assuming there aren't any complications.

1: - Perception of the word "small" may be open to interpretation.

2: - In a recent vote, Yanni Salika was only voted the second most demanding person in Shilo Village.

3: - As everyone knows, time is relative.

Release date: 28 February 2005 (Update)
Start: Talk to Yanni in the antique shop in Shilo Village.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long/very long (without teleports).
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill:
The "small" path you have to make during the quest.




  • Travel to Shilo Village and talk to Yanni Salika in the antiques shop north of the river. He will ask a small favour - get some red mahogany logs from a Jungle Forester just south of the village.
  • Go outside the village to the south and talk to a Jungle Forester there. He/She will want a small favour for the mahogany logs. He/She will ask you to take his/her blunt axe to Captain Shanks to get it sharpened. (There's a drummer about half-way there, to rest)
  • Go due west (to the ocean) and up the ladder to talk to Captain Shanks. He will tell you to go to Port Sarim and get the axe sharpened yourself. Buy a ticket from him (22-44 Coins) or teleport to Port Sarim any way you can (cabbage-port is recommended).

Asgarnia and Misthalin


  • Travel to Catherby and speak to Arhein who runs the shop just south of the bank (general store on the dock). He will ask a small favour - a weather report! Another favour!
  • Go to Seers' Village and speak to Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight who's in the house with the water drop symbol South-west of the bank. He is looking for a missing person and cannot do the weather forecast until she is found.
  • Travel towards the Fishing Guild, just South-east of it is the Goblin Cave, go into it and head north, until you come to a cave to the east where Petra is trapped in rock. The rock is part of the wall, between two rock piles. Right-click and select the search option on the sculpture, and you find a message telling you to speak to Wizard Cromperty.
  • Go to Ardougne and speak to Wizard Cromperty who's just north east of the square; his house has a blue-checked floor, on the mini-map. He needs some iron oxide from a man in Port Khazard. (There's a musician about half-way there, to rest)

Whilst you're in Ardougne, go west and pick up 5 pigeon cages which are just south of the north-western bank. Remember that Horvik requested them earlier.

  • Go to Port Khazard and talk to Tindel Merchant (he's on the pier south of the Fishing Trawler). He will want his stodgy mattress stuffed for the iron oxide.
  • Go to the Feldip Hills (Quick access available by using fairy ring code "AKS," then heading east to quest start icon.) and talk to Rantz the ogre. He is on the east side of the hills. He can't do it because there's a disturbance caused by a small man, which is scaring the chompy birds away.
  • Go west until you see a gnome glider with a gnome called Gnormadium Avlafrim. Talk to him and he will tell you he needs to repair the landing strip. Search each landing lights for a gem, cut it, and put it back in the landing lights. The gnome can sell you a chisel at 10gp each and spare gems at 500gp each (so you might want to bring some jade, opal and red topaz with you but not recommended) if you happen to crush them.
  • Hurrah!!!!! He doesn't want any favours!

Completing the favours


One Small Favour Reward


  • If a player has started Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Skrach Uglogwee, then they are only able to do the quest up to the point where they receive the mattress, and cannot complete the quest at all. This is due to Rantz not saying anything about stuffing the mattress. This has still not been fixed, and players have been frustrated since. If players have started that subquest, they must complete it before continuing this quest.
  • This is one of the quests that uses a word that is filtered when a player says it, besides The Fremennik Isles and Underground Pass. (This has been fixed)
  • The girl you rescue from the rock is named Petra Fiyed, a play on the word petrified, and she's only level 1, despite her being somewhat well-armed compared to lower-levelled humans.
  • This quest is considered by some as one of the most annoying quests because players are required to walk all around RuneScape.
  • When the player tells Hammerspike Stoutbeard that he is just a bully that can't fight his own battles, it can be a reference to the Tourist Trap where the player says it's funny to see a captain who can't fight his own battles.
  • Petra Fiyed's situation is very similar to Han Solo's in Star Wars Episode VI, when he was trapped in carbonite.
  • The weather report for Arhein says much but reveals nothing, amounting to nothing more than stating the obvious; it reads: Generally quite changeable weather, perhaps starting quite sunny with some chances of rain, snow or hail, and a large possibility of a thunderstorm or clear skies.
  • It doesn't matter which forester you talk to in the beginning and end. Even if the original one you talked to was female you can get the red mahogany by giving a male forester the axe.
  • When you talk to the gnome on top of White Wolf Mountain, he'll ask you to get some T.R.A.S.H. In the coversation, this is merely a lightweight, but very strong rope. However, it is obvious that this is a pun. This makes much more sense when you listen to the dialogue, which can be very humorous.
  • Another obvious joke is in the anagram T.R.A.S.H. Triple Redundant Aero Super Hawsers.

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