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One-handed A one-handed weapon, also called a onehander is a weapon that can be used in conjunction with a shield. (While a two-handed weapon can not be used with a shield.) It can be placed in either of the two hand slots and the shield is placed in the other. Most one-handed weapons are lighter then there two-handed counterparts, but this comes at a cost of a lower Def or Atk, some times both. (This is not a hard and fast rule but it the general rule.) You cannot have 2 one-handed weapons in your hands at the same time.

The One-handed Axe Weapons are: Sickle, Hand Axe, Axe, Golden Sickle, Hatchet, Orcish Axe, Barbarian Axe, Dwarven Axe, Knight Axe, Beastslayer Axe, Fire Axe, Noble Axe, Dreaded Cleaver, Vile Axe, Heroic Axe, Butcher's Axe, Royal Axe and Stonecutter Axe

The One-handed Club Weapons are: Crowbar, Club, Studded Club, Bone Club, Mace, Iron Hammer, Daramanian Mace, Battle Hammer, Giant Smithhammer, Morning Star, Banana Staff, Clerical Mace, Mammoth Whopper, Furry Club, Dragon Hammer, Diamond Sceptre, Dragonbone Staff, Skull Staff, Sapphire Hammer, Crystal Mace, Shadow Sceptre, Lich Staff, Silver Mace, Queen's Sceptre, Cranial Basher, Golden Mace, Blessed Sceptre, Demonbone and Thunder Hammer.

The One-handed Distance Weapons are: Snowball, Small Stone, Spear, Hunting Spear, Royal Spear, Enchanted Spear, Throwing Knife, Throwing Star, Viper Star and Assassin Star.

The One-handed Sword Weapons are: Knife, Combat Knife, Dagger, Silver Dagger, Rapier, Short Sword, Machete, Sabre, Ron the Ripper's Sabre, Bone Sword, Sword, Carlin Sword, Heavy Machete, Katana, Longsword, Poison Dagger, Scimitar, Templar Scytheblade, Spike Sword, Serpent Sword, Crimson Sword, Wyvern Fang, Fire Sword, Bright Sword, Epee, Djinn Blade, Assassin Dagger, Pharaoh Sword, Relic Sword, Bloody Edge, Mystic Blade, The Justice Seeker, Magic Sword, and Ice Rapier.

All Wands and Rods are One-handed weapons.


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