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A player, in the talk screen, wearing the omni-tiara.

The Omni-tiara is an Omni-talisman tiara that can be used to access all Runecrafting altars around RuneScape. This tiara was released in conjunction with the introduction of the Runecrafting Guild, on 12 August 2008.

To obtain the Omni-tiara, players have to bring an Omni-talisman and a regular tiara to Wizard Korvak found within the Runecrafting Guild.

Players can obtain more than one, by talking to Wizard Elriss about getting another Omni-talisman, then talking to Wizard Korvak about combining them into tiaras.

Despite being infused with the properties of all talismans, the tiara cannot be used to make combination runes alone.


Comparisons between Omni-tiara and Omni-talisman staff

  • Wielding an omni-talisman staff excludes wielding a pickaxe or hatchet for chopping tendrils or mining through rock during abyssal runecrafting.
  • The tiara is cheaper than the staff, as it requires at most 20 coins to buy a regular tiara, compared to 10,000 Runecrafting guild tokens for the Runecrafting staff (required to make the Omni-talisman staff).
  • For members, pure essence can bought for 1 token and sold for 126 coins, making the staff worth 1,260,000 coins.
  • The Omni-talisman staff is considered a weapon because of its magic attack bonus so cannot be taken to Entrana, while the Omni-tiara can.
  • Runecrafting staves, including the Omni-talisman staff, have a weight of 2kg. Tiaras have a weight of 1kg, so the lighter tiara may better enable you to weigh 0kg or less for maximum run energy. Since all weight-reducing items reduce 2.5 kg or more and negative kg has the same effect as 0, the weight is not commonly compared.
  • The Omni-talisman staff enhances the wielder's ability to "distract the eyes" in the abyss, which may give a runecrafter a very slight advantage in speed crafting through the abyss.


  • Although the omni-tiara is a members only item, the omni-tiara grants entry to the air, water, mind, fire and earth altars in free-play worlds.
A player wearing an Omni Tiara

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