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A detailed image of an Omni-talisman
The Omni-talisman is a members-only Runecrafting item that grants access to all Runecrafting altars which require a talisman for entry. It can be obtained in the Runecrafting Guild. The guild requires 50 Runecrafting as well as the completion of the Rune Mysteries quest to enter.

To obtain the talisman, players have to talk to Wizard Elriss and show her one of every regular talisman or tiara available on RuneScape, excluding the elemental talisman. Doing this, players gain 13,605 Runecrafting experience -- at level 50 this can give an experience boost all the way to level 51. In addition to that, players retain the original talismans as Elriss does not take them. Tiaras can be used in place of regular talismans. Assuming that you purchase all talismans from the Grand Exchange, the omni-talisman will cost you approximately 116,000 coins.

The omni-talisman can be combined with a tiara or a Runecrafting staff by talking to Wizard Korvak in the Guild with the necessary items in the inventory. If the Omni-talisman is lost for any reason (including combining it with a tiara or staff), a new one may be obtained by speaking to Elriss. The talismans need not be shown to her again to get a replacement.

(NOTE: You can only receive xp once, so there is no point trying to drop the Omni-talisman and showing her all the talismans again. Doing so Wizard Elriss will say she has already seen this talisman.)

Combining the Omni-talisman

File:Omni talisman.gif
+ File:Tiara.png
File:Omni talisman.gif
+ File:Talismanstaff.png
Runecrafting staff
Omni-talisman staff

Rune altar map

The omni-talisman used on the Study table at the Runecrafting Guild.

The locations of all the Runecrafting altars will be shown if the Omni-talisman is used on the Rune Altar Map, which is located in the middle of the Runecrafting Guild.


  • "Omni" refers to the Latin word Omnis, which means "all". This makes sense, because the Omni-talisman allows access to all the available altars.
  • It is possible to "drop" an omni-talisman in a free world, although you will still get the destroy screen.
  • The omni-talisman is the only member's item that can have the name told to the player without being a member or remembering it.

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