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Real Name
Current Alias





Loren Jupiter (biological father), Jarrod Jupiter (half-brother), Mr. and Mrs. William Clay (adoptive parents)


Base Of Operations
Lilith traveled extensively, but lived mainly in Los Angeles.


5' 6"




Marital Status

Dancer at the Canary Cottage Disco (former), member of the Peace Corps (former), Personal Assistant to Loren Jupiter (former)

Lilith's powers were both metahuman and mystical in origin, but their true source is unknown.

Place of Birth

First appearance
Appearance of Death

Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day #2
(July, 2003)



Originally living in peace at home, Lilith started to manifest strange mental powers at the age of 13. She read her parents' minds to find she was adopted, then left home to try to find her birth parents. After some trouble, she ended up working as a dancer at the Canary Cottage disco. During this time, she encountered Loren Jupiter, and began to aid him in his cause.

Soon, Lilith approached the Teen Titans and asked to join. She saw premonitions involving a political figure, who inevitably died, proving her power. She then became a member of the Teen Titans.

Eventually, she left the team and resettled on the West Coast, where she started a new branch of the Titans (known as Titans West). She briefly dated one of her team members, Don Hall (Dove), before the team disbanded.

During the Terror of Trigon storyline, Lilith played a key role in tracking down the former Titan Raven, who was at that time possessed by her evil demonic father. Eventually, Lilith made some type of psychic connection with Raven's mentor, the goddess Azar, and hosted the souls of her followers in a successful attempt to cleanse Raven of evil.

Lilith stayed on with the Titans briefly, during which time she accompanied the team on a trip to Donna "Wonder Girl" Troy's home island of Themyscira. During this mission into the realms of Greek myth, Lilith finally learned her true parentage: her father was a normal human who had been seduced by Thia, the mythological Greek Titaness of the sun. The power-hungry Thia attempted to take over Olympus, but the young mortal Teen Titans helped defeat the Titans of Myth and returned home safely--all except Lilith, who elected to remain on Olympus, claiming her birthright as a demi-goddess.



After the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lilith was not heard from for a time; however, the mythological Titans (including Thia) showed up in New Titans # 50-54 as a benevolent pantheon and adoptive parents of Donna Troy. This storyline effectively negated Lilith's origin. Her only significant appearance at this time was a brief cameo in the War of the Gods storyline, in which she received a premonition that her friend Donna was once again in trouble; this showed readers that she was indeed alive and well, and living on Earth as opposed to Olympus.

Years later, Lilith once again found her birth parents. Her mother's identity was never revealed to the readers, but it is known that she helped Lilith unlock untapped abilities. Her birth father turned out to be none other than the Teen Titans' old benefactor, Loren Jupiter.

She took the name Omen, and became part of the Teen Titans team lead by a teenaged Atom and founded by Loren Jupiter; initially, the team did not realize that Omen was Lilith. She was captured by her half-brother Haze (Jarrod Jupiter), who used her powers to augment his own. Haze was defeated by the Teen Titans with the aid of four of the original Titans: Nightwing, Tempest, Flash III and Arsenal. Her Teen Titans team eventually disbanded.

She aided the Titans in protecting former team-mate Cyborg's soul from the Justice League. Shortly after that, Lilith was abducted by Vandal Savage, who wanted her to divine a perfect team to take down the Titans. Savage forced Lilith to submit, but she purposely chose members who wouldn't work well as a team. She was rescued by the reformed Titans.

Lilith stood with her old friends when a mysterious corporation called Optitron approached the Titans and Young Justice with an offer to fund the two groups. Before they could discuss the offer, the teams were attacked by an android from the future called Indigo. The malfunctioning robot accidentally activated a Superman android believed to be long destroyed. The rampaging Superman Android managed to both snap Lilith's neck and pierce Donna Troy's heart, killing both beloved Titans. This tragedy led team leader Nightwing to disband the two groups (though they would be reformed shortly thereafter as the Outsiders and the latest incarnation of the Teen Titans).

Lilith was resurrected by the newest Brother Blood as the latest in his doomed line of mother-figures. Despite the request of Speedy, Kid Eternity did not allow her to stay among the living.

A statue of Lilith is in the Memorial of the Titans Tower in San Francisco.

Powers and Abilities


Lilith was a high-order telepath and precognitive. She also possesed a low level of telekinesis, could teleport herself and/or others, and had access to an unknown amount of mystical power from an unexplained source.

  • Precognition: At the start of her career, Lilith was a mildly powerful precog, able to predict future events with limited degrees of accuracy.
  • Telepathy: Lilith's telepathic abilities developed later in life and evolved from her inherent precognitive powers.
  • Teleportation: Lilith had the ability to instantly teleport from one location to another through force of will. Visually, this ability produced a bizarre swirling affect around her physical person. Teleportation was not part of Lilith’s original abilities, and the means by which she acquired this power is unknown.

Former Powers

Thermokinesis: Lilith developed the ability to project intense waves of heat. It is believed that this ability may have had some connection to Lilith's ties with the space angel Azrael. [1]


Lilith held psychic "templates" of the members of the Titans within her mind, granting her continuous access to their memories and psyches.

Strength level

Average Human


Power Instability: Whenever Lilith used her telepathy on another person, she absorbed a portion of that individual's psyche. An imprint of those she encountered was left within her, slowly turning her into a psychic reflection of the individual. When others looked upon Lilith's face, they often saw one of these psychic reflections rather than her real face. This is what caused Lilith to begin obscuring her features when she took on the guise of Omen. [2]



Lilith once safeguarded the Rings of Azar for Raven.


Though Lilith died having been a long-range teleporter, before that particular ability was unlocked, she drove a 1968 Volkswagon Mini-Bus



  • Although this character was originally introduced during DC's Earth-One era of publication, their existence following the events of the 1985-86 limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths remains intact. However, some elements of the character's Pre-Crisis history may have been altered or removed for Post-Crisis New Earth continuity, and should be considered apocryphal.
  • Lilith's history is long, confusing, and the 'Titans Tower' website does a very good job of explaining it all. For example:
  • Just before the Crisis, Lilith's birth mother was revealed as Thia, the Titaness of the Sun. She spent a brief amount of time on Mount Olympus as a Goddess, before the Crisis negated her newfound origin... and gave it to Donna Troy.
  • Post-Crisis, Lilith actually found her birth mother – she's the one who 'unlocked' the rest of Lilith's powers. This woman told Lilith that her father was Loren Jupiter, and then made Lilith promise not to tell a soul who she was. This information was never revealed, even after Lilith's death.
  • Lilith was a member of or affiliated with each incarnation of the Titans, if only temporarily in some cases.
  • It is suspected, but not confirmed, that Lilith remembered the world as it was Pre-Crisis and Pre-Zero Hour.


On the rare occasions Lilith was forced into a physical altercation, she used basic Judo moves and nerve-strikes taught to her by Dick Grayson.

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Omen (David Raymond Millar)
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Omen (David Raymond Millar)]]
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Omen
The Omen
The Dark Omen
Height 6’10” (182cm)
Weight 300lbs (136kg)
Date of birth 31st October, 1972
Place of birth Lansing, Michigan
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Detroit, Michigan
Billed from The Dark Alleys of Detroit, Michigan
Trainer {{{trainer}}}
Handled by {{{handler}}}
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut {{{debut}}}
Retired {{{retired}}}


Early Life



Omen first joined I.W.F in early 2000. Joining their training academy he was initially trained by Excaliber and Gabrial. After seeing his potential as another recruit to his own group Phenom started to take an interest and began developing the nastier side of Omen's in-ring skills.

Omen first made his in ring debut in late 2000, gaining instant success, which led to numerous feuds that would culminate in two runs as Hardcore Champion, and two runs as European Champion including notible feuds with IWF's resident super hero Bluefire, the British lumberjack Axeman and IWF's most dangerous man Danyon Mayhem.

However during this period of success in his career events were taking place that would shape his future in I.W.F.

Omen's former mentor Phenom was in the middle of a fight to remain in control of I.W.F with his "Son" Gabrial and hired thug The Big Man at his side as his former his right hand man Excaliber began to realise just what effect Phenom's meglomania was having on I.W.F, it's fans and it's roster.

The first fight to control IWF saw Phenom and his former friend Excaliber have a mojor falling out with lead to the latter retiring from wrestling after a heinous in-ring attack left him inured. Having seen what had happened at first hand and realising the error of his ways Gabrial tried in vain to make amends for his actions. The promotion split in two with Omen and his now tag-team partner "Xtreme" Jake Lansing siding with Gabrial against the tyrannical Phenom.

Jake Lansing's head was turned by the offer of power and turned his back on Omen. Gabrial was fighting a losing battle and after Omen won the tag-team titles with "Hardcore" Chris Bergin during this time it was only a matter of time before Phenom conspired against his champions, injuring Bergin backstage at a show, forcing omen to defend the titles alone, something he did for 1 week.

By now Gabrial was also forced out of IWF and the promotion was being driven down by Phenom. The roster galvanised to try making him see what he was doing but with hired muscle in his Corporate Enforcer The Big Man Omen became his next target. Before the promotion finally closed in early 2001 Omen managed to get a disqualification and a count-out victory over Phenom but it wasn't enough, the promotion closed. Phenom returned to T.F.W.F and Omen began the job of looking for a new job.


For most of 2001 Omen went from promotion to promotion,something which has not changed through out his career.

Amongst some of the smaller promotions he wrestled in was a new Australian company called $oldout Wrestling who for the time had the major facilities andbacking that most promotions were unable to call upon. Unfortunately they lacked one thing which was the staff and it became common for the roster to be sat outside the locked SW Arena unable to gain access and the promotion was eventually wound up within weeks.

It was at this time that a small promotion, CWA opened it's door's, and Omen was scouted as a potential roster member. However not only was he to wrestle for the company (based near his home in Detroit) but his wife (now ex-wife) Amanda Millar,and his brother Samuel Millar, both of whom were wrestlers, were also hired as the company looked to build ot's roster up with a mix of established stars, and up and coming talent.

This however did not help to gain CWA the fan base it needed, and it's weekly shows would usually end up with half full arena's, at their first pay per view Omen won the CWA World Title defeating hated rival Nate Harper with the Death Valley Driver finisher he had began using towards the end of his IWF career.

Nate Harper used his rematch clause a week later but the match never got started as Omen was attacked backstage, although no one could prove he was responsible it was thought it was a attempt to weaken Omen. The promotion went into terminal decline as the roster failed to expand beyond the small crew it had and finally closed permanently in October 2001 just two and a half months after opening and just five weeks after their first and only pay per view.

Return To IWF

With no idea where to go from here Omen did the only thing he could, having heard the I.W.F had re-opened it's doors he arrived at the ring unanounced during Bloodbath and immediately lay down a challenge to Phenom, this was unanswered and he was beaten down by the Triumvirate members Chris Crush, Jake Lansing.

In a strange turn of events Phenom handed Omen the Intercontinental Title, at the end of the next week's Bloodbath, announcing that if he wanted to be the champion (the title had been vacated when Jake Lansing became I.W.F's World Champion) then he must fight all comers. Although he never actually won the title, and it is unsure if he was ever officially recognised as the Intercontinental Champion Omen does add to his resume.

In a double jeopardy match at the annual Showdown pay per view Omen would take on Chris Crush, if Omen lost the title he would also be fired, if Chris Crush lost he would be fired (the double jeopardy title was actually misleading as it was Omen that it applied to).

In a hard fought match Crush won with the Crush-Buster and Omen was forced to leave IWF for what was thought to be the final time.


Omen had revenge in mind but the I.W.F closed not long after his dismissal, and he spent the next few months tracking Phenom around promotions with most unwilling or unable to give him any information and He temporarily retired in early 2002.

By a stroke of luck a conversation with a old friend would lead to Omen finally discovered where his former mentor was, and now able to persue the revenge he has been seeking for since being fired by I.W.F Omen signed with one of the major players around, Totally Fictional Wrestling Federation (T.F.W.F) promotion, one of the top companies at the time, and still. To this day.

T.F.W.F is one of the longest surviving promotions around, and it was here in a relatively short period of time with the company he made a name for himself as a member of DWIWF Council. When Phenom, head of I.W.F (Omen's first employer) returned to T.F.W.F after a hiatus, the months of waiting made the old hatred's resurface and the feud between them continued from November to early December. Omen again claimed a victory over Phenom, however before temporarily leaving Phenom defeated Omen, in a match that left Omen badly beaten ahead of the month's pay per view

At T.F.W.F's "Ice Storm" 2003 Omen (.with assistance) defeated his former stablemate Hardcore Legend for T.F.W.F's Hardcore Title. This would however be a short reign, which would see Omen lose the title the following month at Monday Mayhem against T.F.W.F Legend and multiple Hardcore Champion The Ultimate Scally.

Ater being defeated by Ultimate Scally, Omen was to wrestle one more match at the following week's Monday Mayhem show. Unhappy with a title reign of a little over two weeks after Omen let his feelings be known despite the fact that he was up to that point being given a major push by the company and had received major support from within T.F.W.F.

Omen was eventually fired by T.F.W.F Owner Ian Monks after he ran out of patience with Omen after giving him numerable second chances to be a team player. Recently Omen has gone on record as saying he was stupid to ever ruin the opportunity he has with T.F.W.F and has owned up to being the one soley responsible for what occurred and his subsequent dismissal.

At the time however after this event there was a war of words between both parties, T.F.W.F remained professional through out the whole affair which damaged Omen's reputation further.


After being fired by T.F.W.F Omen sought work again and went back to the one promotion where he had always been happy,the IWF. Opening with the permission of Phenom and ran by former IWF stalwarts Gabrial, Razor and Omen the promotion hired a selection of former employers from the company's heyday as well as some former members from Omen's previous employer the UWA.

Unfortunately with the continuing feud with his former employers, Omen was negecting his duties as booker with UWA and with a hesitancy in going forward instead of looking to the past amongst other complications the company was suffereing with name ownership the promotion was wound up.

Interestingly before this the company had re-opened as UWA due to the significant amount of talent shared between the two companies, and once IWF an abortive attempt was made to restart the UWA which lasted less than two months and did not bear any recorded or live events.

For most of 2004 Omen was involved in some way either with UWA or IWF, with significant gaps between shows, and the bulk of the year being spent on the promotions administrative problems outside the ring.


On Monday 9th March 2009 Omen wrestled in a try-out match with the Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) at their training facilities. After a meeting on the Friday (13th March) of the same week it was confirmed that Omen had signed a contract with UWF.

Omen made his in-ring debut at UWF's weekly Adrenaline show on Tuesday 24th March 2009 with a victory over fellow debutant Chad Edwards. Unfortunately this debut was marred with a post match attack on him by fellow debutant Ole Auli Sofanua (OAS), after which it was announced by UWF Owner Glenn Legend that both men and a unnamed participant would be competing in a match to decide which one of the three would go on to participate in the Money In The Bank ladder match at a future pay per view.

The next week Omen would however get a small measure of revenge on Ole Auli Sofanua in a tag team encounter that would see Omen team up with the man many consider to be UWF's Tag-Team specialist Cell Block to defeat Ole Auli Sofanua and Red Dragon, which subsequently led to a singles match at UWF's Unbreakable pay-per-view between Ole Auli Sofanua and Omen, which Omen won to give him a place in the Fan's Poll with Duke and Mike Harrison. The winner of the Fans Poll will claim the final position at the Money in the bank ladder match at Shockwave IV against Cell Block, The Red Dragon, Austin St. John, Zoey Swann and the Sports Nutz.

Championships & Accomplishments



  • International Tag-Team Champion (w/ Disturbed)


  • Hardcore Champion


  • World Tag-Team Champion (w/ Beyond)


  • World Heavyweight Champion


  • Continental Champion
  • Tag-Team Champion (w/ Jake Lansing)
  • Tag-Team Champion (w/ Chris Crush)


  • Intercontinental Championship
  • Tag-Team Championship (w/ Chris "Hardcore" Bergin)
  • European Championship (x2)
  • Hardcore Championship (x2)

In Wrestling

Fighting Style

  • Hardcore/Brawler

Omen is primarily a brawler, using his height and strength advantage where able to inflict damage on his opponent, and wherever possible using short cuts and cheating to get any advantage he can. He likes to inflict a lot of pain and damage and will utilize any weapon he can, his speciality is the hardcore or extreme match where anything goes, in this environment Omen truly feels at home.

Finishing Moves

  • Bad Omen

Death Valley Driver

  • Lights Out

Omen whips his opponent into the corner back first, with his opponent winded he lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle moving the opponent forward, he hooks the arms behind their back, steps back and hits the opponent down back first onto the top rope, swinging around to deliver a sitting powerbomb, the opponents released arms now hooked under his legs to complete the pin.

  • Cemetery Headstone

The opponent is in front of Omen, he picks up the opponent hoisting him onto his shoulders and runs to the corner dropping the opponent onto the turnbuckle, the opponents head hits the top turnbuckle and as he staggers out of the corner Omen boots him in the face with his right boot.

Signature Moves

  • Nightmare 666


  • Dead Drop

Omen whips his opponent into the corner back first, with his opponent winded he lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle moving the opponent forward, he hooks the arms behind their back, steps back and hits the opponent down back first onto the top rope, swinging around to deliver a sitting powerbomb, the opponents released arms now hooked under his legs to complete the pin.

Front Moves:

  • Back Body Drop
  • Cradle Piledriver
  • D.D.T
  • Double Underhook Suplex
  • European Uppercut
  • Eye Rake / Low Blow
  • Short Arm Lariat Clothesline
  • Small Package
  • Swinging Neck Breaker
  • Yakuza Kick

Back Moves:

  • Back Slide Pin
  • Back Suplex
  • Belly-To-Back Suplex
  • Bulldog
  • Grab And Thow Shoulder First Into Turnbuckle
  • Punch To Back Of Head
  • Atomic Drop / Back Rake
  • Reverse Neckbreaker
  • Russian Legsweep
  • Sleeper

Submission Moves:

  • Bow And Arrow
  • Cobra Clutch
  • Figure Four Leg Lock
  • Full Nelson
  • Katahajimi (Tazzmission)

Ground Moves:

  • Eye Rake With Boot
  • Kick To Groin
  • Knee Drop
  • Leg Drop
  • Series Of Stomps Around Opponent

Standing Top Rope Moves:

  • Elbow Drop
  • Flying Clothesline
  • Tornado DDT

Grounded Top Rope Moves:

  • Elbow Drop
  • Leg Drop
  • Splash

Notible Feuds

Phenom (I.W.F)
Blackhawk (I.W.F)
Phenom (T.F.W.F)
Chris Crush (I.W.F)
Vic Slater (AW)
Disturbed (UIWF)
Rigomortis X (UIWF)

Theme Songs

  • "Psychotherapy" by Ramones
  • "Raining Blood" by Slayer
  • "Sic" by Slipknot
  • "Bleed" by Soulfly
  • "Don't Start Too Late/Symptom Of The Universe" by Black Sabbath

Personnel Life

Omen is divorced his wife Amanda (formerly his valet "Hellcat" Amanda Pain), with whom he has two children; a daughter aged 15 and a son aged 17. In addition to his wife Omen's estranged younger brother (Samuel Franklin Millar) has wrestled with and against his brother as Heathen.

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[[File:|200px|center|Charles Blackwater (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Charles Blackwater
Current Alias






First appearance

The Legion of Night #1
(October, 1991)



History of character is unknown.



sword that can banish demons


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  • Character Gallery: Charles Blackwater (Earth-616)
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Discover and Discuss

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the starship. You may be looking for the second Fate of the Jedi novel.

The Omen, later known as the Ship of Destiny, was a Sith warship in use by the Sith Empire around 5,000 BBY, during the Great Hyperspace War. It was commanded by captain Yaru Korsin. During a mission to deliver Lignan crystals to Sith Lord Naga Sadow, the Omen and another ship, the Harbinger, were ambushed by a Jedi starfighter. Despite deploying their own starfighters the Harbinger was hit by the enemy fighter's lasers, and it crashed into the Omen right as the Omen jumped to hyperspace to escape the battle. The collision knocked it off course, causing it to crash-land on the remote Wild Space planet of Kesh. A duel took place near the Omen between Yaru Korsin and his half-brother, Devore Korsin, when Devore tried to claim command of the Sith over Yaru. Yaru defeated Devore, and retained control over the surviving Sith. With help from the planet's native sentient species, the Keshiri—who believed the newcomers to be their gods, the Skyborn—they built a new temple near the ship's remains in the Takara Mountains. The Sith then began to mine the world in search of materials with which to rebuild the Omen, however, such materials were never found, and the Sith remained stranded on the planet for over 5,000 years.

In 41 ABY, the Sith Meditation Sphere known as Ship arrived on Kesh and made contact with the Tribe. It took several of the Sith on missions to attack starships passing nearby, to raid them for parts to rebuild the Omen. Once it was repaired, the Omen became one of the first ships in the Tribe's new Sith armada.


  • Lost Tribe of the Sith: Precipice (First appearance)
  • Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn
  • Crosscurrent
  • Omen (First identified as Ship of Destiny)
  • Abyss (Mentioned only)

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