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Omega Weiss (オメガヴァイス, Omega Vaisu) is the Final Boss of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, fought in the climactic scene of Chapter 12. This enemy formed when Weiss the Immaculate joined with Omega Weapon following his duel with Vincent Valentine in the Deepground headquarters below Midgar.

Professor Hojo, the head of Shinra's Science Division during Final Fantasy VII, was fought and killed in the midst of that game. Before he died, however, he was able to upload his mind and personality onto the Worldwide Network. The network was soon after fragmented during Meteorfall, causing his data to be locked away until the system was reestablished three years later by the WRO. At this time, the digital Hojo scoured the world searching for a host body strong enough to properly fuse with Omega. Hojo's digital copy eventually chose Weiss, the leader of Deepground, as his host. Hojo planned to use Deepground and its military resources to procure the materials necessary to summon Omega Weapon and join with it to gain ultimate power.

Hojo successfully summoned Omega but, in the final stage of his plan, was defeated by Vincent Valentine. Nero the Sable was able to rouse his brother, Weiss, after Hojo's defeat and permeated him with impure energy. This rendered Weiss unfit to fuse with Omega and destroyed Hojo's neurodata. Nero and Weiss then became the core of the Weapon, a being the game dubbed "Omega Weiss."


This battle can easily be won simply by constantly assaulting Omega Weiss with the Death Penalty, a gun usable only when playing as Chaos. Each hit from this weapon will generally deal either 1,000 or 1,500 points of damage to the boss. Hitting Weiss, who sits towards the top of the enemy will deal a full 2,000 damage to the boss.

This boss has many projectile attacks, but most of these can be shot down before they reach the player. If the player hides in an alcove on the battlefield they can dodge most of the attacks and still keep up attacking the boss. At a certain point, crystal shields will form in front of Omega Weiss. Weiss will then break off from Omega to directly use sword combos against the player. Once the aforementioned shields are destroyed, Weiss will return. They can even be destroyed before he can attack. However, if they are not destroyed quickly enough, they will fire at the player. Omega Weiss also has the most powerful attack in the entire game, Omega Meteor (commonly known as simply "Meteor", though unrelated to the ultimate offensive spell of Final Fantasy VII), which can do well over 2,000 damage, but can be avoided by standing on a crystal platform at the edge of the arena. The battle may come to an end well before Omega can use that end-all attack, though a Phoenix Down should be used just in case.


Attack Damage Type Description
Homing Projectile 90 Normal Launches a homing attack at the target. Can be shot down.
Claw Swipe Combo 200, 400 Hard A combo of two strong attacks with its claw at a close-range target.
Hard Slam 400 Hard Slam its fist down at a close-range target.
Weiss Sword Slash 400 Hard Weiss breaks off from Omega to directly strike a strong attack on the target.
Weiss Combo Attack 400, 100, 200 Hard Weiss breaks off from Omega to lay down a powerful combo on the target.
Crystal Cubes 100 Hard Forms a shield, then launches its pieces at the target. Can be shot down.
Omega Meteor
(aka. Meteor)
2000 Hard Rises out of range of attacks, then drops down a Meteor upon the target, can be dodged by jumping on certain platforms in the corners of the level.

It should be noted that the attack names are merely how they are described in the Brady Games strategy guide, and therefore are not necessarily the official names.

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