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Final Fantasy VIII Superboss
Omega Weapon
HP (Level 1) HP (Level 100)
111,105 1,161,000
Elemental affinities
Absorb Absorb Absorb Absorb
Absorb Absorb Absorb Absorb
Japanese オメガウェポン
Romaji Omega Wepon
Location Ultimecia Castle (Chapel)
Scan Stronger than Ultima Weapon, Omega Weapon is the strongest monster. It is bad luck to run into this monster.
HP Formula 5(Lv)2 + 10100(Lv) + 101000
Mug None
Common Drop Three Stars
Rare Drop Three Stars
Draw Flare, Holy, Meteor, Ultima
Card None
Taste None
Abilities Gravija, Lv5 Death, Light Pillar, Megido Flame, Meteor, Terra Break, Ultima
Status Immunity N/A
Other Information In the PlayStation localisation, Omega Weapon is fixed at level 100.

Omega Weapon is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VIII. Generally regarded as the toughest boss in the game, it is hidden within Ultimecia Castle. It is a re-texture of the Ultima Weapon though he carries no sword.

To fight Omega, one team must ring a large bell which activates a short timer, and the other team must locate Omega Weapon before the timer runs out. After Omega Weapon is encountered, the timer is lifted and the player has as much time as they need to defeat the monster.


Its attacks include Lv5 Death, which is an instant death attack to characters with a level divisible by 5. Megido Flame is an attack on all targets that causes 9,998 HP damage. Light Pillar instead causes 9,999 HP but only to one target. Terra Break causes multiple physical hits for 5000+ damage each. They can be nullified with the Defend command.

At level 100, Omega Weapon has more than 1 million HP. It is always at level 100 in the PlayStation version of the game, but can be any level in the PC version. After defeating it, the player receives a Proof of Omega that is accessible in the help/tutorial section of the game menu. The Proof of Omega congratulates the player for defeating Final Fantasy VIII's toughest boss and is a sign showing complete mastery of Final Fantasy VIII's battle system.

As Omega Weapon is the strongest enemy in the game, now is the time to go all out. Using Holy Wars to nullify his attacks is a good idea. But before using the item, cast Aura on the party to allow them to use their Limit Breaks. Summon Eden and boost it as high as possible. Use Squall's Renzokuken to inflict great damage, and make sure he is equipped with the Lion Heart so he can use the finishing blow of the same name. With the entire player party at Level 100, Squall's Strength stat capped at 255, and the Meltdown status inflicted causing Omega's Defense stat to be lowered to 0, Squall's Renzokuken swings will approach the 9,999 damage cap; during an 8-count Renzokuken round followed by Lion Heart finisher, this will incur 26 swings. Irvine's Quick Shot will, under the same circumstances, inflict 2,400-4,000 points of damage per shot using his Exeter, which during the longest Shot rounds can allow over 50 shots to be fired. Rinoa using Meteor under the effect of her Angel Wing limit status with capped Magic stat at 255 will inflict about 6,600-7,500 damage per meteorite strike (there are 10 total in 1 cast of the spell); however, manipulating her spell list in this manner prevents her from junctioning 100 Death spells to her Status Defense (making Omega's Lv5 Death miss even if one's level is a multiple of 5), because otherwise Death becomes a casting option alongside Meteor. Zell's "Armageddon Fist" tactic can chip away at Omega handily, perhaps able to inflict more damage here than Squall. Quistis should use Shockwave Pulsar to break the damage limit. Selphie can end the fight immediately using her limit spell The End.

In general, any attack that can hit multiple times can do massive accumulative damage. It is simply a matter of wearing down Omega Weapon's considerable HP now. Once the Holy War's invincibility wears off, use another. If the player has Gilgamesh's Triple Triad card, it can be refined into 10 Holy Wars, more than enough to last the entire battle with Omega Weapon. Another item which can be useful is the Megalixir, and as many as 8 of them can be mugged from Rinoa during the Adel battle (make sure that the person who mugs Rinoa has nothing junctioned to their strength). Otherwise, you can refine them from Hi-Potions -> Hi-Potion+ -> X-Potions -> Mega-Potions -> Elixirs -> Megalixirs, but this requires a lot of money.

Omega has one weakness which is not shared by other superbosses; his attack pattern is fixed. He will always begin a battle with Lv 5 Death, which can be nullified by junctioning 100 Deaths to your Stat-Def-Junc. It will then attack using Meteor, Megido Flame, Gravija, Terra Break, Ultima, Light Pillar and then it will repeat the sequence from Meteor. Keep in mind that in between these attacks, Omega will still attack the party physically, which can be worrying if Megido Flame is the next attack he will use.

Proof of Omega

The Proof of Omega is a Key Item in Final Fantasy VIII. It is awarded to the party after they defeat the Omega Weapon in Ultimecia Castle. Like the Omega Badge in Final Fantasy V before, the Strategy Guide in Final Fantasy IX, and the Mark of Conquest in Final Fantasy X after, it has no real purpose except to prove that this particular player has defeated the toughest enemy in the game.

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