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Final Fantasy VI Advance Enemy
Omega Weapon
Level HP MP
97 65,500 65,000
Battle Power Magic Power
111 30
Defense M. Defense MBlock
222 222 55
Speed Hit Rate Evade
88 ??? 55
0 0
Japanese オメガウェポン
Romaji Omega Wepon
Location Dragons' Den
Common Steal None
Rare Steal Megalixir
Item Dropped Murakumo
Morph Antidote, Green Cherry, Eye Drops, Gold Needle
Morph Miss Rate 100%
Abilities Omega Drive (1.5 normal attack)
Rage None
Sketch Battle, Grand Delta
Control Battle
Weak Against None
Resistant to None
Immune to None
Absorbs None
Status Immunity Blind, Zombie, Poison, Vanish, Imp, Petrify, Instant Death, Doom, Critical, Blink, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop
Other Information Dies if it runs out of MP; Auto-Float; Can't Meteor Strike; Can't Control; The party cannot escape.

The Omega Weapon is a bonus boss in Final Fantasy VI Advance, found in the Dragons' Den. Once the Kaiser Dragon has been defeated, revisiting the area where you fought him will reveal the Omega Weapon. The Omega Weapon is a much stronger version of the Ultima Buster. While its HP may seem to be only slightly higher than the Buster's, in reality it has much more. This is because whenever you deplete it of all its HP, it will regenerate itself to full HP.


The best strategy is to go in with a team capable of using magic. The Omega Weapon has high Defense and Evasion, while its magical stats are a little lower. Use your new Diabolos Esper to train up your HP quickly before this battle, since the Omega Weapon easily does over 2,000 damage per attack. An ideal range would be 5,000 - 7,000 HP.

Have one character devoted to casting Ultima on the Weapon, while two of your other characters should constantly heal. Your fourth should keep up buffs to lessen damage taken. By this stage in the game, you should be able to keep this up without any trouble.

When near death, the Omega Weapon should use Kefka's ultimate attack, Forsaken (Goner in the original translation of Final Fantasy VI). While it might seem intimidating, if your Magic Defense is high enough it should only do 2,000 damage to your entire party. Easily survivable, compared to Kaiser Dragon's Ultima.

One can also do it the easy way- use any character with two Ultima Weapons, a Genji Glove and a Master's Scroll and cast Quick on that character. Attack Omega twice for a whopping total of 159,984 damage - more than two-thirds of its total HP (196,500 HP). For even more effect, make sure that this character has a very high level of Speed to finish him in less than a minute.

Battle script

Omega Weapon begins by casting Lv? Holy. From then on, as long as its HP is above 32,000, every turn it has a one in three chance of using one of three spells. The first turn, the spells are Meteor, Lv3 Confuse, and Flare Star. The second turn, the spells are Quake, Lv5 Death, and Tornado, and the third turn, the spells are Aero, Lv4 Flare, and Tsunami. This three-turn cycle repeats until Omega Weapon has less than 32,000 HP. At this time, the first spell listed will be cast two out of three times, and the Lv. attacks will be omitted. Every twenty seconds, it will focus energy, give itself Shell, Protect, and Haste, then cast Grand Delta. It counters all attacks with Dischord or Freezing Dust, and when killed casts Vengeance which removes all buffs from the party.

For its "second life", Omega Weapon still has the pattern of a three-turn cycle with a 1/3 chance of casting a particular spells. The spells are Atomic Ray, Absolute Zero, and Delta Attack for the first turn, Wave Cannon, Gravity Bomb, and Magnitude 8 for the second, and Metal Cutter, Blaster, and Launcher for the second. The likelihood of which attack it will use does not change. It still focuses energy every twenty seconds, but casts Mind Blast instead of Grand Delta. When attacked it may counter with a physical, Missile, or Blaster, and when killed casts Heartless Angel, taking the party's HP to one.

In its final form, Omega Weapon still has a cycle of one of three attacks each turn in a three turn loop. This time however, the attacks and the likelihood of their casting are the same as its first two forms. This time, the "charged" attack is Forsaken, and it will counter attacks with Blaster or Freezing Dust, or its special Omega Drive, a powerful physical.

Note: there is a second option, if Omega doesn't use Lvl? Holy, he will use Meteor, a devastating attack that inflicts 7000-8000 damage, so have a good level, or take care.

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