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Omega artwork.

Omega is one of the Weapons in the Final Fantasy VII universe, which only appears in Dirge of Cerberus.


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Unlike the other Weapons, who were created to protect the planet from a great threat, Omega serves a much more final function.

When the Planet greatly suffers from a cataclysmic event that threatens all life, Omega will be born.

Chaos, another being born with Omega, will scour the world of all life, sending them to the Lifestream. During this, Omega will take the residing and incoming Lifestream into his being and when finished, will fly into space, and from there, the cycle of life can begin anew.

The old planet, however, without the power of the Lifestream will become a barren rock devoid of all life.

To prolong and delay its inevitable fate, The Planet created a special materia known as the Protomateria for its inhabitants to use to control these great beings.

The Lifestream gathers in one spot, forcing Omega to appear.

In Dirge of Cerberus, a group of Elite Soldiers called the Tsviets are trying to awaken Omega, led by a man called Hojo (who was masquerading as Weiss). By gathering as many "pure" people as possible and slaughtering them, they wish to trick the planet into thinking that there is an emergency, in order to summon Omega.
When Vincent confronts the Tsviets leader, Weiss, he is in for a horrible surprise. He finds out that the powerful super soldier is being controlled by the now-dead Hojo. After uploading his mind to a worldwide network, Hojo searched for a host strong and pure enough to fuse with the weapon, and found Weiss. However, Weiss' brother Nero spoils his plans by tainting Weiss' body with G-Substance, meaning that he cannot properly fuse with the weapon.

Even with the efforts of all the old Final Fantasy VII characters, no one can stop Hojo from summoning the weapon though, and it is up to Vincent, with the power of Chaos, to stop it. Once defeated, both Omega and Chaos return to the Planet.


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