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Olney Powerworks

other exits: Old Olney S. Wilson Building
quests: Shock Value

Olney Powerworks is a location added to Fallout 3 in the Broken Steel add-on.

It is an old power plant in the sewers of Old Olney, owned before the Great War by PPE, which might have been a branch of Poseidon Energy. It is guarded by Sentry Bots where you have to go in order to find a Tesla Coil during the Shock Value quest.


Notable loot

  • 3x12 Alien Power Cells can be found on the stove and table with the glowing electric globe in the room at the bottom of the pit where the Tesla Coil is found.
  • 2x9 Alien Power Cells can be found in the room past the Tesla Coil (upstairs). The hallway can be noted by the many servers along the walls and the two Mark V Turrets at the end. At the very end of this hall, on both the left and right of the turrets, there are tiny alien spaceship playground models with arrows on the side of their stands pointing upward. Look above each of these to find two ammo boxes on shelves, they contain the Alien Power Cells (there is considerably more alien power cells (around 45) with the Scrounger Perk and is recommended to reap the largest amount of this rare ammo).


  • The door that requires a key and has a nearby locked terminal (requires 100 Science) is merely part of a shortcut through the building. It does not contain any loot.
  • There are 36 Metro Tickets stacked in a pyramid with an eight ball on top located in the lower right portion of the map.
  • In the bottom center of the map, past a corridor that appears almost to lead nowhere with 2 barrels inside, there is a small room that contains a Teddy Bear and a Garden Gnome playing checkers with milk bottles and beers as checker pieces. The Gnome has a Cigarette in its mouth, and a micro-sized "smoke" graphic is placed at the end.
  • A second smoking gnome can be found in the room with the fail-safe computer.
  • A series of Hard-difficulty consoles can be used to disable the Sentry Bots found throughout the building and also to clear radiation from a contaminated corridor.
  • In the room with two auto-turrets, small pillars with arrows pointing up too micro-sized playground toys can be found next to them.


Olney Powerworks appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


Broken Steel (add-on)
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