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Old Town

Overview of the Old Town
inside: The Hub
map marker: Old Town
merchants: Jake (weapons)
Vance (drugs)
factions: Thieves' Guild
quests: Steal necklace from the Merchants
Rescue Initiate from the Hub

Old Town or Oldtown is the easternmost district of the Hub, where the poor and down-trodden live. Oldtown is most recognizable for having the Thieves' Guild and several characters that will be helpful for the plot and survival. Harold and his epic story are introduced, unraveling a major portion of the pre-fallout plot. Slappy is a fairly odd character who can't seem to make a sensible statement: "Why is the moon?"



Jake is the weapons dealer, with a wide selection of rocket launchers, sniper rifles, super sledgehammers, assault rifles, combat shotguns, combat armor, and near endless ammunition. Even though you encounter Jake early in the game, his stock is outlandishly expensive. Two members of the Hub Police guard his establishment from the inside. In the room near Jake lies a crate with bottle caps and ammo, and he doesn't seem to mind if you take it all and barter it away.


Vance is the drug dealer, and can supply you with rad resistant medicine such as Rad-X and Rad Away (which can cause addiction), or health amplifiers such as stimpaks, super stimpaks, and first aid kits. Certain drugs unfortunately cause an Addiction, such as Mentats addiction, Buffout addiction, and Psycho addiction. He is in a large aluminum warehouse with several guards and a group of junkies crashed out on mattresses in the other room. Fortunately you can exterminate all of them and the Hub Police don't seem to mind, but Vance's stock will disappear from his person.

Thieves' Guild

Known for causing minuscule trouble throughout the Hub, the Guild is headed by Loxley and is fairly easy to join. The main hideout is in the basement of a junkie's home. There are two traps and two locked doors in a hallway leading to Loxley and his gang. Jasmine is Loxley's assistant, and will give you details about the Steal necklace from the Merchants quest that will enroll you with the Guild. Cleo will answer any questions you have and Smitty will just stand there till the action starts. You can massacre this whole group and no one will care...except for your conscience.

Beside the building with the Guild's hideout, is a home with an ambush inside. Four members of the Thieves' Guild attack anyone who enters, and have kidnapped a drifting member of the Brotherhood of Steel. Talus, of the BoS, triggers this quest to Rescue Initiate from the Hub. If you are able to kill the members of the Guild, the initiate will thank you for saving him and leave on his own.


Locations in Fallout
The Hub

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