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The Composite Ogre Bow was released with the quest Zogre Flesh Eaters and is made by using a knife on an achey tree log with wolf bones in a player's inventory to create an unstrung comp bow, which can then be strung with a bowstring to create the finished bow.

It uses brutal arrows, which are fashioned from achey tree log arrowshafts and different types of nails, effective in killing zogres. It can also be used to fire Ogre arrows, effective in killing Chompy birds and Jubblies. This makes it more useful than the regular ogre bow, which cannot use brutal arrows.

A Ranged level of 30 is required to wield this bow. The ranged attack bonus is greater than those of the Maple Bows, which also require a Ranged level of 30. The Composite Ogre Bow is slightly faster than the Maple Longbow and slightly slower than the Maple Shortbow.

Note: This is the only composite bow that can be made through the fletching skill (level 30).

In order to equip this bow, you must first speak with Grish after reaching a certain point in the Zogre Flesh Eaters (Members) (before the final battle).

Right click on Ogre bow or Comp ogre bow to check how many Chompy birds you have killed in the Big Chompy Bird Hunting minigame and if you qualify for a Chompy hat.

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A player wielding a composite ogre bow
A player wielding a composite ogre bow
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 0 0 0 +38
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
0 0 0 0 0 0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
0 0 0 0
Speed: File:speed5.gif

Combat styles

Name Combat style Experience
Accurate Accurate Ranged
Rapid Rapid Ranged
Longrange Longrange Ranged & Defence

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