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Final Fantasy II Ogre artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Ogre is a recurring enemy in the Final Fantasy. They tend to be hard-hitting bulky enemies, with high defenses. Their attacks are usually comprised of just physical attacks, and they sometimes bear counter attacks.




Final Fantasy

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy)

The Ogre appears in Final Fantasy in its first incarnation, and the Ogres of the game are renowned for their EXP and GP. This pink enemy is usually encountered with Gigas Worms and only has physical attacks in its arsenal. The green Ogre Chief is very similar to the Ogre, but is stronger and bears more EXP and GP they possess. The blue Ogre Mage is a unique member of the genus as it is a skilled spellcaster, and better in most ways than its predecessors, with a huge more benefits after dispatching one. They usually appear alongside other Ogres.

The Ogre appears around Elfheim, and both the Ogre and the Ogre Chief appear around Melmond and in the Giant's Cave. The Cavern of Earth is where the player can fight all three at the same time.

In the new dungeons available in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of the game, two more Ogres are present. The yellow Yellow Ogre is fought in the Whisperwind Cove, Lifespring Grotto, and the Hellfire Chasm, and is of similar strength to the Ogres fought earlier in the game. The gray Mad Ogre is the strongest Ogre of the game with 1,000 HP, and high Attack and Defense stats, in addition to its EXP and GP return.

Final Fantasy II

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy II)

The basic Rank 2 Ogre is the weakest in its family. For the points they are first fought in the game, they have a plentiful HP count and Attack stat. They usually appear in groups, potentially being a threat to the player. The Rank 3 Ogre Mage has higher HP, MP, Magic Defense, and Evasion stats, but is mainly set apart from the first Ogre due to the spells at its disposal, Blind IV, Blizzard V, and Sleep IV. Better yet, the Ogre Chief has a far greater HP, Attack, and Defense, and a much higher Gil return for the player. Though they can only use physical attacks, they are a tough enemy the first time the player encounters them.

The Ogre and Ogre Mage are fought in Kashuan Keep, the Dreadnought area, and Deist. The two and the Ogre Chief all are fought in Deist Cavern, and only the Ogre Mage and the Ogre Chief are fought in the dungeons of Fynn Castle.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy III)

The Ogre is an opponent fought in Doga's Grotto. Earlier in the game, the Boss Troll and Fachan are fought together in the Saronia Catacombs.

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Final Fantasy IV

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy IV)

The green Ogre is a strong enemy fought in the Lodestone Cavern. Its abnormally high Strength and HP, and the fact it usually attacks in groups of three make them a formidable opponent. An even tougher opponent, the blue Mad Ogre fought in the Tower of Babil are stronger than the normal Ogre in every single way, and also appear in threes.

Kiyoshi Yoshii is one of the enemies fought in the Developer's Room in limited versions of the game. He uses the Ogre template, albeit using more human-like colors. He has a great amount of health, and if the player does not defeat him after the series of battle messages ends, he will cast Sleep on himself.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Main article: Ogre (The After Years)

The previous installments main two Ogres return as tough enemies for the sequel, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The ordinary Ogre is fought in Baron and Mist Cave during Ceodore's chapter, Mount Ordeals and around Kaipo in Kain's chapter, Agart Mine and Sealed Cave in Rydia's chapter, the Tower of Babil in Edge's chapter, and the Challenge Dungeon in the chapters of Rydia, Yang, Porom, Edward, and Palom.

The Mad Ogre solely appears in the Challenge Dungeons of the game up until the Lunarians chapter where it appears in the Lunar Overworld.

Final Fantasy IX

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy IX)

After a drought in Ogre enemies over the previous installments of the series, the Ogre appeared again in Final Fantasy IX albeit with a great difference in appearance. It attacks with the Knives it wields, the Knife and the Trouble Knife. It also has the fire-elemental ability, Flame. It is fought in Oeilvert and in the Triquai Plains.

Final Fantasy X

Main article: Ogre (Final Fantasy X)

The Ogre is an enemy and fiend genus in Final Fantasy X. Ogres are over-muscular creatures with four arms. Their strength can be great enough at times to kill one of a player's characters with one or maybe two punches. When they raise their fists, approximately after losing half their health in most cases, they can counter whenever a character makes a normal attack. Some of them are extra tolerant to fire-elemental spells.

The brown-colored Ogre is the weakest of the genus and is encountered in the Calm Lands. After losing half its health, it will move into its counter status. It is one of two Ogres weak to fire, the other is the stronger Bashura. Bashura is a purple variation of the Ogre, and one of the toughest normal enemies in the game, fought in Mt. Gagazet and in the Zanarkand Ruins.

The blue Wendigo is a boss in the game. A Wendigo, accompanied by a couple of Guado Guardians at Lake Macalania. As with the previously mentioned Ogres, it will also start to counter after half its health is lost.

Unlike the other Ogres, Kottos the Area Creation, fought at the Monster Arena and available after capturing every fiend from the Mi'ihen Highroad, can use counter at any time throughout the battle.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Ogres are physical hard-hitters in Final Fantasy X-2, but once they Oversoul, they can also use magic attacks. Hrimthurs, the weakest Ogre, is fought in chapters 1, 2, and 5 and is fought in Bikanel. The stronger Gigas appears in chapters 3, 4, and 5, and is a slightly strong brown variation of Hrimthurs, also fought in Bikanel, as well as the Ruin Depths and the Thunder Plains. The strongest Ogre, Gug, only appears in chapter 5 and can be fought at the Farplane.

In the Via Infinito, Hrimthurs is fought in cloister 10 to 12, Gigas is fought in 30 to 32, and Gug in 70 to 74.

Sphere Break
Ogre Coin
Coin No. 17 Coin Value 4
Trait Coin
Location Found in the Western or Southern Expanses of the Bikanel Desert.

Vagrant Story

Main article: Ogre (Vagrant Story)

The Ogre is an enemy and a boss in Vagrant Story. The Ogre Lord is an enemy and boss too. The Ogre Zombie is fought in the Shin-Vice area in Iron Maiden B2.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Main article: Ogre (Crystal Chronicles)

The Ogre is a strong enemy with high HP. They are found in few areas, but most notably the Mine of Cathuriges where they appears quite frequently.

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