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Vaan at the Sandsea.
Artwork by Akihiko Yoshida.

The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a desert to the far west, where the sand flows like water.



The Ogir-Yensa Sandsea is located to the west of the Dalmasca Westersand, in the Jagd Yensa region. Continue west to reach the Nam-Yensa Sandsea.


Vaan at the oil rigs.

Local Race

The Urutan-Yensa are the only humaniods who live in the Sandsea. A peculiar race, not much is known about them due to their hatred of outsiders. However, they have a hard exo-skeleton, and walk very quickly. They also have a Queen, indicating an insect-like society.

Oil Rigs

Built by the Rozarrian Empire, these giant rigs were built to drill oil from the sea. However, because of interference by the Urutan-Yensa, Rozarria abandoned them, and travelers now just use them as walkways to cross the desert.




Note: Dyce appears near the Gate Crystal. Later on in the game, he will no longer be here.


You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Items for more information on individual items.

Item Cost
Potion 70 gil
Antidote 50 gil
Eye Drops 50 gil
Phoenix Down 250 gil
Echo Herbs 50 gil
Gold Needle 100 gil
Alarm Clock 50 gil
Handkerchief 50 gil


You may wish to consult the List of Final Fantasy XII Accessories for more information on individual accessories.

Accessory Cost
Leather Gorget 1,500 gil
Rose Corsage 800 gil
Amber Armlet 6,600 gil
Sash 500 gil


You may wish to consult the Magick article for more information on individual spells.

Spell Cost
Raise 1,900 gil
Cura 1,500 gil
Vox 300 gil
Stona 800 gil
Water 800 gil
Immobilize 600 gil
Disable 600 gil
Break 900 gil
Reflect 800 gil
Spell Cost
Blind 200 gil
Protect 200 gil
Poison 500 gil
Shell 300 gil
Sleep 700 gil
Oil 600 gil
Silence 400 gil
Dark 500 gil

Sage Knowledge

For the Sage Knowledge on the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, you may also see Sage Knowledge piece 49.

"A desert region in the west of the Jagd Yensa, most of it covered in fine-grain sand that ebbs and flows like water, compared from antiquity to a sea. Abandoned drilling rigs can be found here and there, dotted about the ever-shifting terrain. In the past, the Rozzarian Empire sought to draw rich oils from the ground here, but relentless attacks from the Urutan-Yensa, who consider the sandsea to be solely theirs, drove them away. Men are now a rare sight inside the desert borders."


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