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A transcript is a retrospective written record of dialogue, and like a script (a prospective record) may include other scene information such as props or actions. In the case of a transcript of a film or television episode, ideally it is a verbatim record. Because closed-captioning is usually written separately, its text may have errors and does not necessarily reflect the true Canonical transcript.

Transcripts for Lost episodes up to and including "Enter 77" are based on the transcriptions by Lost-TV member Spooky with aid of DVR, and at times, closed captions for clarification. She and Lost-TV have generously granted us permission to share/host these transcripts at Lostpedia. Later transcripts were created by the Lostpedia community, unless stated otherwise below.

Disclaimer: This transcript is intended for educational and promotional purposes only, and may not be reproduced commercially without permission from ABC. The description contained herein represents viewers' secondhand experience of ABC's Lost.

Kris White: Hello everyone, and welcome back to the official Lost audio podcast hosted by

[Lost Title Card Theme]

Kris: Well hopefully by now you've seen "The Shape of Things to Come" and are looking forward to "Something Nice Back Home" because yes, that is the name of the next episode, which airs this coming Thursday May 1st at 10 pm on abc and is available the next day at So, without further ado we have with us today executive produces Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to rehash our latest episode and ask the question, "How many types of salt are there?" For more tantalizing info on that subject and a few actually related to the show - stay tuned. Also, be sure to check out our video podcast feed this week, we have a little something special for everyone from London. And, set decorator Carol Kelley joins us for a tour of the freighter. You can find that along with other spiffy podcasts at Here now are Damon and Carlton.


Carlton Cuse: Well how do, Damon Damon Lindelof: I'm good Carlton. Well how are you.


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