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An officer is a person in a service organization, such as police or a military force, who is charged with responsibility over the actions of subordinates. In the strictest command structures, the only persons allowed to legally give orders are those who have been granted officer status, referred to as their commission. More often in police forces

See also: enlisted; noncommissioned officer; cadet; warrant officer; field officer; staff officer; command officer; flag officer; provisional officer.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Officer may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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The Guild Roster is the roster containing all guild members and guests. It includes the following information:

The Guild Menu screen
  • Player names
  • Player ranks (Leader, Officer, Member, or Guest)
  • Last time each player was on logged in




A Leader is the leader and, by default, founder of a guild, and has the most administrative powers. A guild can only have one leader at a time. A leader can do anything an officer can, in addition to the following:

  • Demote and kick guild officers
  • Change the guild's cape design
  • Disband the guild (must be the only person in the guild)
  • Promote someone else to leader (which demotes themselves to officer)
  • Buy or change a Guild Hall
  • Join/leave alliances


  • If the leader chooses to leave their guild, then they must first promote somebody to leader before they can leave.
  • If the leader has not logged on for two months, he or she will be replaced with the officer who is online the most often. If there are no officers in the guild, then the leader will be replaced by the member who is online the most often.


An Officer is a position of authority in a guild roster, able to make more responsible decisions than regular guild members, but not impose major changes on the guild structure. Officers can do anything a guild member can, in addition to the following:

  • Make announcements
  • Kick members (not officers) out of the guild
  • Promote other members to officer
  • Invite players to the guild
  • Give guest status to visitors
  • Add NPCs to the Guild Hall
  • Authorize a rated GvG match by their presence.


A Member is the lowest-ranking permanent member of a guild, who can enjoy the privileges that a guild provides, but not make any changes that affect the guild or other members. The only things a member can do are:


For 100 gold, a guild Leader or Officer can invite a guest to their guild. Guests can access that guild's Guild Hall and fight in GvG battles with that guild. However they won't see the guild chat of the guild they're a guest of. Guest invitations last between 8 and 16 hours and a guest will remain a member of their old guild (if they have one) while the invitation is active.

  • Guests cannot view GvG battles for the guild they are guesting in observer mode, even if they participated in the battle.
  • Guests from the opposing faction can enter Alliance Battles on the side of the guild they are guesting.
  • Even during their guest period, guests do not enjoy any benefits provided by being a guild member (such as use of Kurzick/Luxon faction) other than those described above.
  • Members of a guild which is part of an alliance have privileges in the other guilds of their alliance similar to those that guests would have in their own guild (with the exception that these privileges are permanent)

Using the Roster

Adding & Removing Members

If you are the leader or an officer, to invite a member, first open your guild window, by pressing G on your keyboard or by using the menu. The guild window shows the roster of officers and members, as well as their online/offline status and an approximate time showing when they were last online.

From there, simply type in the name of the person you wish to invite. If they are offline, it will send the invitation as soon as they log in. If they accept, they will show up in the guild roster as a member. Inviting members to a guild costs 100 Gold.

If you should want to kick someone out of the guild for any reason, click on the icon to the left of their name in the guild window, and select "Kick [player name] out of guild." This process is not directly reversible; if you change your mind, you'll have to reinvite the member in question, which will cost you another 100 Gold. You must be the leader to kick out officers.

It is generally considered bad form to ask your new recruit to pay the membership fee.

If your guild owns a Guild Hall, you can issue a "guest" invitation to a player for the same 100 Gold fee. A guest invitation allows the player to compete on the side of your guild in Guild vs. Guild combat for up to 8 hours, after which the invitation expires. While someone is a guest of a guild, they still retain their membership to their true guild.

There is a guild cap of 100 members and officers, although guests can still be invited when at the cap.

Promoting & Demoting

To promote or demote a guild member, the guild leader use the menu found by clicking the icon next to their name on the roster. Officers can promote members to officers, but not demote other officers.

Quitting or Disbanding a Guild

You can leave your guild by clicking the icon next to your name on the guild roster and choosing "Leave Guild."

If you are the guild leader, you must first promote an officer or member to the position of guild leader before you're allowed to quit.

If, as guild leader, you wish to disband your guild entirely, you must first kick out every member individually. Once all members are removed, you can then click the icon next to your name, and select "Disband Guild".

Note: Disbanding a guild will permanently erase all the guild's achievements, including guild rating, faction, and Guild Hall (together with any purchased NPCs)

Other Info

  • If a player was admitted into the guild under a different character name than the name he/she is currently logged-in as, an "also known as" tooltip will be displayed when the mouse cursor is hovered on his/her name. Additional information displayed will be the last time the player has logged in, who they were invited by, and their promotion/demotion history.
  • For GvG battles, at least one officer or leader is required to start the match. For the Guild Rating change for a GvG battle to apply to a certain guild, the majority of the players on one of the teams must be in that guild.
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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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A commissioned officer is a member of the UNSC Navy or Marine Corps who derives their authority directly from the UNSC government, and as such holds a commission from the United Nations Space Command.

A commissioned officer differs from a non-commissioned officer in that NCO's are given their authority by a commissioned officer.


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ST Expanded

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

An officer was a military class used in many organizations.

Behind the scenes

Officer is one of the professions players of Star Wars Galaxies may choose to play. It was added with the New Game Enhancements and is an evolution of the previous squad leader profession. Officers provide stimpaks and increase the combat performance of their party.


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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

Officer Skill Progression
Lieutenant I II III IV V VI
Commander I II III IV V VI
Captain I II III IV V Master

Table of contents


Do you think you have what it takes to be an Officer? Can you handle the responsibility of other people's lives? Are you calm in a crisis?

Every army needs good leaders to organize the troops and help them perform at their peak! Whether Imperial or Alliance , if you want to be an officer, you will learn how to lead a squad and how to fight. You will keep your squad alive, no matter how hostile the terrain.

General Skills:

  • Ranged Combat
  • Group Buffs
  • Indirect Fire
  • Resupply

Officer Base Statistics:

  • +20 Luck
  • +70 Precision
  • +50 Strength
  • +80 Constitution
  • +80 Stamina
  • +60 Agility

Aurilian Village Rewards

Terrain Negotiation

With Publish 27, innate Terrain Negotiation was introduced for Officer. With certain levels, the Officer gains greater ability to negotiate terrain. These are the levels and the amount of Terrain Negotiation granted to the Officer:

Innate Officer Specials

These skills and abilities are granted to all Officers despite Expertise selections.

Description Special Level
High powered attack that deals extra damage. Sure Shot (Mark 1) 1
Sure Shot (Mark 2) 10
Sure Shot (Mark 3) 22
Sure Shot (Mark 4) 42
Sure Shot (Mark 5) 54
Sure Shot (Mark 6) 66
Sure Shot (Mark 7) 78
Sure Shot (Mark 8) 90
A command directing your group's fire at a single target, lowering the target's defense. Paint Target (Mark 1) 4
Paint Target (Mark 2) 14
Paint Target (Mark 3) 30
Decisive battlefield commands that provide your group with bonus defenses Tactics (Mark 1) 7
Tactics (Mark 2) 18
Tactics (Mark 3) 26
Calls in a supply transport to drop off a crate of supplies Supply Drop 18
The officer draws on their combat training to heal some wounds. Heal (Mark 1) 7
Heal (Mark 2) 34
Heal (Mark 3) 58
Heal (Mark 4) 82
Rally Point(Offensive) A rally point to increase your groups Offensive power. Rally Point(Offensive) 90
Rally Point(Defensive) A rally point to increase your groups Defenses. Rally Point(Defensive) 90
A high explosive charge that causes burning damage. Core Bomb (Mark 1) 38
Core Bomb (Mark 2) 62
Core Bomb (Mark 3) 74
A high explosive AoE charge that causes poison damage. Dioxis Grenade 50
A command calling in an indirect artillery barrage on your target. Artillery Strike (Mark 1) 46
Artillery Strike (Mark 2) 70
Artillery Strike (Mark 3) 86
A high explosive charge that snares your target. Shock Grenade (Mark 1) 46
Shock Grenade (Mark 2) 70
Shock Grenade (Mark 3) 86


Introduced with Publish 31/Chapter 3, Officers are now allowed the ability to choose their abilities/skills. Each Officer is allocated "points" as they level. 5 points will be initially granted at CL 10, then 1 point every 2 CLs up to a total of 45 points at CL 90.

Most skills require a prerequisite, be it a minimum CL, or a prior skill.

Officer Specialization
Close Combat Marksmanship Toughness Endurance
Swordsmanship Side Arm Efficiency Energy Defense Kinetic Defense
Grim Blows Side Arm Accuracy _ _
Decapitate Pistol Overcharge Synaptic Stimulator Environmental Purge (expertise)
Crippling Vortex Pistol Burn Bacta Flush Automated Diagnosis
Squad Command
Leadership _ _ Rapid Deployment Explosives Expert Sure Shot Efficiency
Advanced Tactics Focus Fire _ _ Surgical Demolitions Lethal Aim
Pistol Drillmaster _ Misdirected Anger Medical Supply Drop High Explosives _
Inspiration Scatter! _ Tactical Supply Drop Superior Firepower Identify Weakness
Charge Last Words Anger Management Reinforcements Primacy Advanced Paint Target

Tips and Tricks of the trade

Officer forum guide FAQ

Expertise builds

Expertise Builder

Star Wars Galaxies Official Expertise Builder

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