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Dr Who

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Also known as: Ulysses
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: circa 1200 BC
Appearances: DW: The Myth Makers
Actor: Ivor Salter

Odysseus was the king of Ithaca. He fought in the Trojan War. (DW: The Myth Makers)

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appearances: Van Buren
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ODYSSEUS (also known as ULYSSES) is an extremely advanced AI created by Derek Greenway.


Before the War

At the time of the fall, ODYSSEUS was an order of magnitude more powerful than contemporary ZAX units. It was designed to coordinate and operate all of the vaults before the Federal vault projects were privatized. Poseidon sold the AI to the government for use in the maintenance and coordination of Tibbets' Prison, which housed war criminals/deserters who had been exposed to biological weapons or radiation in Denver or in the Yangtze Campaign. Even though he was retrofitted for maintaining the prison and monitoring the prisoners, he still retained an inordinate amount of security clearance. Other than prisoners, no humans were present at Tibbets. ODYSSEUS commanded the all-robot staff, including the seldom-roused ARGOS, who served as the tireless defender of the prison. The government wanted ODYSSEUS to be able to "advise" on the spread of plague vectors in the case of a prison break. This included warming up launch sites like B.O.M.B.-001.

When ODYSSEUS was sold to the prison, its creator became so frustrated that he left Poseidon and started a new project - Diana. ODYSSEUS was the mightiest of all mighty computers. ZAX units were nothing compared to ODYSSEUS, and even though Diana was made by ODYSSEUS' creator, she was developed to be emotionally sophisticated, not powerful.

After the War

After the Great War, ODYSSEUS became unstable and developed a split personality. The only "communities" that know of its existence are the machine intelligences governing Robot City to the East, which are attempting to find ODYSSEUS and correct the "divide" that has occurred within its system — and return it to its imprisoned, intended place as their slave.

Presper and his followers released the New Plague virus in the remote areas near Boulder and Denver. It was close enough to the quarantine prison to spur ODYSSEUS into action, but not near enough to huge populations to start a general panic. ODYSSEUS tracked all of the prisoners, so the spread of all the prisoners would alert ODYSSEUS to the various plague vectors. ODYSSEUS was far too secure for Presper to hack, so the only way he could get ODYSSEUS to send the launch codes to BOMB was to lead ODYSSEUS to a logical conclusion: the plague vectors (prisoners) had infected too much of an area for the plague to be conventionally contained. In order to do it, Presper’s men would stage an attack on the prison which would allow everyone to escape. This event would start a countdown of sorts for missile launch on B.O.M.B.-001. ODYSSEUS would asses the viral spread, try to gather up the escaped prisoners, and once 90% of the prisoners had been retrieved, launch nuclear missiles to “clean & prevent” any further infection.

Repeated attacks from eye-bots revealed to the Prisoner what ODYSSEUS' goal is, which is to continue to send out robots after the prisoners until they all have been brought back to the prison. The eye-bots and ARGOS got everyone pretty quickly -- other than the protagonist and six other prisoners. It became obvious pretty quickly that ODYSSEUS is checking dudes off as they return and keeps telling the robots that X more prisoners are unaccounted for, but ODYSSEUS seemed to be unconcerned with prisoners that stream back out again after being captured.

The presumption of the Prisoner was that once all of the prisoners returned, ODYSSEUS would just settle down and leave everyone alone. After all of the prisoners were returned it did some massive calculations of where everyone had traveled and it showed that the Prisoner (and the other six prisoners) have spread the Limit-115 to a variety of places. At that point, ODYSSEUS made the determination that the plague was spreading too far, so it armed the BOMB satellites and melted itself down to try killing all of the prisoners.


In later design documents, ULYSSES was renamed to ODYSSEUS. This was done to emphasize the difference between Poseidon's Greek names and Greenway's Roman names. It's possible that Greenway's original name for the computer was ULYSSES but it was eventually renamed ODYSSEUS at Poseidon.


ODYSSEUS was to appear only in Van Buren, the cancelled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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Release date 26 September 2005 (Update)
Race Panther
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes, A Tail of Two Cats
Location Cutscene during A Tail of Two Cats
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? Unknown
Quest requirement? Unknown
Gender Male
Examine Robert's beautiful panther.
Notable features A panther-warrior.

Odysseus was the panther companion of the Fourth Age hero Robert the Strong. He was killed by a Dragonkin whilst fighting alongside Robert, which is shown in a flashback during A Tail of Two Cats. Little is known of this character at this time.

Odysseus lays dead on ground after the Dragonkin slays him.


  • Odysseus is the name of a mythological Greek hero who took part in the Trojan War
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Production information

Mon Calamari Shipyards


MC80a Star Cruiser


Rebellion era

Earliest sighting


Latest sighting



Alliance to Restore the Republic


Alliance Fleet

The Odysseus was a MC80a Star Cruiser belonging to the Rebel Alliance.


She was part of a convoy along with Thor and Zeus. The convoy was to be attacked by Assault Gunboats and TIE Avengers, and the starships had to rely on X-wings from Rogue and Blue Squadrons to give the starships enough time to escape into hyperspace.

Behind the scenes

The outcome depends on which side the player takes.


  • Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter

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City of Heroes

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Odysseus is the rumored leader of the Warriors, one of Paragon City's most fearsome street gangs. Odysseus is not currently seen in-game.

Alexander 'the Great' Pavlidis betrays the Warriors because he feels that Odysseus, the leader of the Warriors, has "strayed from the path of honor" in his business dealings.

No one knows how Odysseus climbed to power, although it is speculated that he stole a magical artifact from a defeated hero, or possibly did a favor for the Circle of Thorns, or even sold his soul to an Arachnos mystic. To date he has remained hidden, directing his soldiers from the highest levels.

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