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Final Fantasy IV Enemy
Japanese オーディン
Romaji Ōdin
J2e Name Odin
SNES Name Odin
PS Name Odin
GBA Name Odin
DS Name Odin

Odin is a summon in Final Fantasy IV. He must be fought in order to obtain him.


Use Cecil's and Kain's basic attacks, Edge's Blitz, and Rydia's Thundaga. Rosa Joanna Farrell has to use Haste to entire team and Berserk to Kain and Cecil.

In order to gain victory, the battle must be fought quickly, when Odin raises his sword it means he will soon use Zantetsuken. If Kain has jumped and is out of the battle when Odin uses Zantetsuken, he will not be affected. Rydia is needed most in this battle.

In the DS version, Edge can steal the Darkness augment and you can guard against Zantetsuken in case Odin uses it.

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