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Flash-sideways Timeline
(Oceanic Flight 815 lands at LAX)
Oceanic Airlines Flight 815

Flight 815 lands at Los Angeles International Airport

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Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 was a scheduled flight from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California, United States, that in the flash-sideways timeline successfully made its journey, unlike the flight


Crew and passengers

The flight

Flash-sideways timeline

After the detonation of the hydrogen bomb, an alternate timeline was opened up where an Oceanic Flight (the flight number was not identified as 815) carrying many of the passengers from the original Flight 815 lands safely at LAX. Many of the original conditions of the Flight 815 flight still occurred, including the turbulence that originally led to the plane crashing. However, in this timeline, the island was underwater for unspecified reasons, thus making it impossible for Desmond to fail to push the button, saving the flight from crashing. The plane was still flying on the correct bearings to pass over the island, however, as the island was revealed beneath the plane, deeply submerged.

Some of the original conditions of the flight and its passengers were altered in this timeline including:

  • Jack received one bottle of alcohol from Cindy instead of two.
  • Jack, Rose & Bernard sit in row 24 instead of row 23.
  • Jack was nervous from the turbulence instead of Rose.
  • Jack's hair is much longer than on the original flight. On the original flight, his hair was closely shaved.
  • Bernard returns from the bathroom and takes his seat beside Rose.
  • Shannon was not on the flight, and did not return to Los Angeles with Boone.
  • Desmond was on the flight, instead of on the Island.
  • Hurley was blessed with good luck instead of bad.
  • Charlie was found unconscious, choking on his heroin, instead of tossing it in the toilet bowl. He also bears a different appeance with much shorter hair.
  • Jack's father and his coffin were never put on this flight, and were instead lost "in transit".
  • Jin & Sun are not married. (Sun is called Ms. Paik instead of Mrs. Kwon, and neither Jin or Sun are wearing their wedding rings.)


  • The outside appearance of the Flight 815 plane is noticeably different to the one that crashed on the island in the original timeline.
    • The original Flight 815 plane is white with three blue stripes running along the side and has a dark blue belly; however the plane in the alternative timeline is just white with the blue stripes.
    • The logo on the side of the plane is also slightly different. In Pilot, Part 1 the Oceanic logo on the front section of the plane cuts into the three blue stripes on the side of the plane more than it does in LA X.

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Unanswered questions
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For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Oceanic Flight 815 (flash-sideways timeline)/Theories

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