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The Oceanic in GTA Vice City (Rear quarter view).

The Oceanic is a four-door sedan featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



Designed after 1950s-'60s car designs, the front and roof of the Oceanic resemble a 1961 Dodge Dart or Dodge Polara, the sides are reminiscent of a 1955 Oldsmobile 88, and the back resembles that of a 1955 Chevrolet (note that the Glendale also combines 1961 Dodge and 1955 GM vehicles, including the Polara, possibly suggesting that they share a manufacturer or are somehow related).

In GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, the Oceanic is always seen with a two-tone paint job, white with another color along the side and rear, a style typical of mid-'50s cars; in GTA Vice City Stories, the car is also seen with a single body color.


The Oceanic only has a moderate top speed, but it has great handling and torque. It is widely available in GTA Vice City and GTA Vice City Stories, but in GTA San Andreas it is less common. In GTA San Andreas, the Oceanic can be seen driven by members of the Los Santos Vagos, and as such, the Oceanic becomes extremely rare after the player has taken over all of their gang territory.

Car modification (GTA San Andreas)

  • Color (two areas)
  • Wheels (ten types)
  • Nitro (three types)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics


The Oceanic's design serves as the basis of one of two Bloodring Bangers in GTA Vice City, featuring tweaked handling and performance and a modified body design. Unlike its counterpart, the Glendale-based Bloodring Banger, the Oceanic-based variant is not carried over to GTA San Andreas.


  • In GTA San Andreas, the Oceanic plays Bounce FM by default when entered.


GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Vice City Stories

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Image of Oceanic
Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 5'5"
Weight 126lbs
Date of birth {{{birth_date}}}
Place of birth Kauai, Hawaii
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Oceanic is a profesional e-fed wrestler. She currently wrestles for the Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation and DOUG FIR. She is known for prefering to compete in the Men's division to prove her equality.


Back Story

Oceanic began training in Muay Thai at an early age as a form of self defense and confidence builder. When she was a teenager she went with her brothers to a local wrestling show and she was hooked. Shortly after graduating high school she began her wrestling training and debuted only three months later. She quickly became a local favorite in various Pacific Island promotions by using Muay Thai along with some lucha influenced moves. Before long she moved to Japan where she furthered her training, including learning a vast aray of submission holds to further expand her move set. She won several titles in the Women's ranks and soon moved on to the Men's division where she not only held her own but defeated several men twice her size and winning more titles. After three years she moved back to Hawaii and formed a very popular tag team The Ben-Gals with her training partner Kalani 5-0. Unfortunatly the team was forced to break up when Kalani suffered a career ending arm injury and Oceanic was forced to go back to singles action where she had a historic feud with Kim Kong for the HCW Women's title, where they traded it back and forth several times. After Kong defeated Oceanic in their final meeting, she decided to go to the mainland and try her luck there.

Extreme Wrestlecrap Threaderation

Oceanic made her debut in 2005 by defeating Lita in a squash. She made it clear from the outset that she was a legitimate athlete, not another diva who will strip her clothes at the drop of a hat. Her first move was to challenge Hillary Clitton for the Girl Next Door title, which was not being taken seriously at the time. Although she came up short in her first attempt, she did not give up and continued to prove herself to many at the EWT including Mike Ragnal, who she considered a friend at the time. During this time she had several fine matches versus other great GND competitors such as Linda Ragnal, Mystery, Rosa, and Mistress Mia. After several months of coming up short she finally won the GND title by defeating champion Carla O. Woe at "Magic; The Gathering" in Disneyland. She defended her title against all comers, including Woe and Holly Vaughn in a three way title match. After several months of successful defenses she lost the title to Chrysta The Ice Queen in a TLC match that also featured Rosa, D'Zee, Tanya Flaire, and Jackie Geisha. Soon after she disappeared from EWT without a trace.

She resurfaced in late 2006 when she approached Mike Ragnal after a successful (and one sided)title defense against Arringhe Rosse. Mike was hesitant at first but he soon learned this was not the same Oceanic from a year earlier. Before she was friendly and outgoing, now she was bitter and angry. Oceanic got under Mike's skin with a series of mind games until he finally relented and they had a match for the Tri State Title under Pure rules. After a very grueling match Oceanic captured the title in what some consider to be an upset of sorts. Soon after winning the belt she was called out by Virus, who called her integrity into question when she cut a promo at "Dead Man Walking" claiming all the men in EWT were cowards. Oceanic attempted to beat Virus down but she soon found herself stripped of her dress and humilatied beyond anything she ever felt before. Oceanic then formed a partnership with Maelstrom, the only man she feels gives her any respect, and challenged Virus to a match with the Tri State title on the line at Crapamania. Unfortunatley, due to an accident, Virus could not attend the event and the match was canceled, which sent Oceanic into a rage. For weeks she called him out and claimed he was too frightened to face her. But her rage subsided when she entered a battle royal at Toomi's House Party III, which she won and took control over the EWT for a month.

During her tenure as GM of the EWT she made it clear to the entire locker room that she would treat everyone fairly. If they did what was asked they would be rewarded. If not, they would be shoved down to the bottom of the card. She also flew the entire roster to Brazil to put on a show there. She even created her own PPV entitled At The Soundless Dawn, which finally gave her a chance to meet Virus in the ring. After a long, brutal match Oceanic came out on top and after the match she showed Virus respect by shaking his hand.

Upon Toomi's arrival back on the scene at the EWT he was outraged at how she handled things during his departure. How he will react has yet to be seen.


Oceanic made a name for herself early on when she defeated Heidi Flynne in her debut. She then feuded briefly with Lola Coconuts and Tiffany Sparks before getting her first shot at the Women's Title, which she lost. She won the title the first time a month later in a rematch vs the champion Maple Leaf Melissa but lost it back to her two weeks later. Oceanic's second title reign came three months later when she defeated Maple Leaf Melissa in a cage match and held on to the title a record 391 days before losing it to Jellyn Dobbson at "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs". After several attempts to win it back she finally won it a third time in a fatal fourway with Dobbson, Melissa, and Trouble. She defended the title only twice before losing the title once again to Melissa in a best of 2/3 falls match.

At the PPV event "Slowly Going The Way Of The Dodo" (similar to the Survivor Series) Ultimo Chocula was the team captain but he had failed to get anyone to join him up until the day of the event. He asked Oceanic, along with 1 Cool Cat and Dr. Jones, to be on the team only five minutes before the match started and she agreed. To everyone's surprise the team gelled extremely well and came out on top of the more coherant and experienced team The Texas Desperados. Shortly thereafter the four became a full fledged stable called 76 (because they were outside when they had to decide on the name and a gas station was the first thing Ultimo saw) and they began a very long and heated feud with The French Connection stable consisting of Louis VIII, Bruticus, Massive Attack, and Lucky Pierre. After 8 months of intense feuding between the two evenly matched factions Oceanic and Ultimo recieved a Tag Title match vs the then champions Attack and Pierre at the PPV "The Head, The Tail, The Whole Damn Thing". After 45 minutes of nonstop action Oceanic pinned Pierre after a Rocket Launcher and she became tag champions with Ultimo, but the titles were stripped a week later when Louis revealed that time expired just after the referee counted two on the deciding fall. They were unsuccessful in a rematch two weeks later. After more intense feuding both factions squared off in a blow off 8 man tag at the Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants event. 76 got the win in a very intense back and forth match up. Soon after the stable broke up and each member went their seperate ways, although they still consider each other allies.

Oceanic used her experience in the group to then try her hand at the men's division, something she tends to do fairly often. After getting a few victories over the lower divison members of the men's roster she faced 9 Ball at "GONK!" and wrestled him to a 30 minute draw. The tag team of The Humble Gods, two obnoxiously loud pretty boys, claimed she had no right to face men and she should be stripping instead. Needless to say this didn't go over very well and she beat down both men in the middle of the ring during one of their post match interviews. The the Gods now irritated they challenged her to find a partner and face them at the next PPV entitled "The Official Verdict Is In: Nobody Gives A Shit". Everyone thought she would select one of her former 76 stable mates but instead she made a very baffling choice in the controversial luchadore Hamburgers Jackpot. At first the choice was confusing but when they faced the Gods they jelled very well, Jackpot putting on the best match of his come back. Although they did quite well the Gods got the victory when they used the ropes to pin Jackpot. The following night the Gods cut a promo claiming that they proved that women belong only in two places, the kitchen and in the bedroom. Oceanic confronted the two mysogonists again, this time challenging the two to a handicap match. They will face at the next PPV, name pending.

Hyperactive Mega Candy!!!

Oceanic joined the upstart promotion HMC!!!, a very odd and super dorky federation located in Japan. Complying to the "stable" rule (the promotion only allows wrestlers that are in stables consisting of three people) she is teaming with her frequent tag partner Ultimo Chocula and his former EWT tag partner The Daryl Dragon, forming the team Ultimo Dragon +1. During the grand opening weekend the team won the Trios Title tournament defeating the very dangerous Poison stable and becoming the first ever Trios Tag Champions. The team was especially delighted when presented the championship when they discovered that the belt plates are small flat screens displaying a continual loop of a Pac Man game, which Ultimo called "pretty fucking rad".

Next month the team of U&O will try for the tag titles while The Daryl Dragon will compete for the World title.

Title History

  • HCW Women's Champion (3)
  • SPAP Women's Cruiserweight Champion
  • JPS Women's Champion
  • RSW Women's Champion (2)
  • EWT Girl Next Door Champion
  • EWT Tri-State Champion
  • DOUG FIR Women's Champion (3)
  • DOUG FIR Tag Team Champion (with Ultimo Chocula)
  • HMC!!! Trios Tag Champion (with UC and The Daryl Dragon)
  • GWC: Pacific Coast Women's Champion

Various Information

  • Signature Moves
  • These Arms Are Snakes(Anaconda Vice)
  • Superfly Splash
  • Riding The Grape Dragon (Razor's Edge into a sitdown Dominator)
  • Thai elbow and knee strikes
  • Knee Bazooka
  • Hawaiian Muscle Buster
  • Lionsault followed by a double leg drop across the stomach
  • Spinning Heel Kick
  • Gorilla Clutch Hold
  • Rear Naked Choke
  • Blue Mist sprayed into the eyes
  • Theme songs
  • "Maritime" by ISIS
  • "From Sinking" by ISIS
  • "Eau D'Bedroom Dancing" by Le Tigre
  • "Lifeboat" by Lovage
  • "I Was Made For Loving You" by KISS
  • Allies
  • Enemies
  • Kim Kong
  • Hillary Clitton
  • Linda Ragnal
  • Mike Ragnal
  • Mistress Mia
  • Chrysta
  • Virus
  • Ratings
  • Chance Confidence
  • The French Connection (Louis VIII, Bruticus, Massive Attack, Lucky Pierre)
  • The Humble Gods (Big Willy, Jake)
  • Poison (Fugu, Vampire Battujimmi, Naja Kosafuji
  • Appearance
  • She is in good shape, slender but with definite muscle tone. Her hair is black about medium/long in length, going slightly past her shoulders. She wears short trunks and abdominal exposing tank top, orange tiger striped in EWT and a various array of Polonesian floral print in other federations. Her wrists and ankles are heavily taped up and she always wrestles bare foot. She sometimes comes to the ring wearing traditional Hawaiian style robes, sarongs, and leis.

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From Lostpedia

Oceanic Airlines
First Introduced
Owned and operated Flight 815

Oceanic Airlines is the fictional airline that operated Flight 815 which crashed on the Island.

According to Oceanic Airlines' website, the company was founded in 1979 and served other destinations such as Costa Rica, London, and Seoul. After the events of Flight 815, it ceased operations due financial difficulties. However, in "Through the Looking Glass", we learn that the airline is still running, and possibly to remedy this contradiction ABC Medianet announce in December 2007 in a press release that the company was returning to the airways. It was established that Oceanic Airlines had cancelled all flights whilst conducting an investigation into Flight 815's disappearance. After failing to find anything, the company was pushed to close the case so that they could resume flights and recover from loss of business. This decision to conclude all passengers dead with no solid proof resulted in opposition from individuals such as Sam Thomas, the main protagonist in the second Lost alternate reality game that focused specifically on Oceanic Airlines, Find 815.

A video advertisement aired at Comic-Con 2009 ostensibly stated that Oceanic Airlines had been running since 1979 with a 30 year perfect safety record. The canonical status of this video, and how it contradicts all previously established fact, is presently unclear.

Locke's ticket seen at Lost: The Auction


On 'Lost'

The logo on the tail section of Flight 815.
Oceanic airliner in episode "Lockdown".
An Oceanic aircraft over Miami in "Not in Portland".

Naturally, Oceanic Airlines is mentioned on the Island numerous times, and items with Oceanic insignia can be seen in many episodes. However, Oceanic Airlines connections can also be seen in several character flashbacks. It is unknown if these connections points to a real tangible clue about an Oceanic conspiracy, or if these appearances are just meant as fun Easter eggs to reward the observant viewer.

Oceanic in the expanded Lost universe

"Accidental" discovery of the wreck
The Bali crash site of Flight 815

First website

Main article: was one of the first official alternate reality Lost websites, offering a number of tidbits and easter eggs through navigation of the site. It also provided some backstory for Oceanic Airlines, including that it had been founded in 1979 (as gleamed from comments about "25 years of service" prior to Flight 815 in 2004).

Find 815 and second website

Main articles: Find 815 and

In the alternate reality game, Find 815, Oceanic Airlines call off their lengthy search for the wreckage of Flight 815 and prepare to announce all passengers onboard as deceased. Sam Thomas, a former Oceanic employee and relative of a stewardess who disappeared on the flight, refuses to accept official reports and is determined to find out the truth. In the course of his adventure, he finds a wreckage of Find 815 at the bottom of the Sunda Trench, tying into the staged wreckage mentioned on the main show that Charles Widmore planted. The fact that Sam is strangely given clues to help him find the wreckage by mysterious individuals at the Maxwell Group, a subsidiary of Widmore Industries, provides an interesting comparison to this truth.

Throughout the course of Find 815, promotions for Oceanic Airlines were shown about its reconstitution online at and in other media forms. For example, an Oceanic Airlines TV ad was shown following the January 31, 2008 U.S. broadcast of "The Beginning of the End". It announced a chance to get a golden pass, an offer which allows people to fly anywhere in the world, anytime they want, and as many times as they want. Viewers were also directed to to find out more. The commercial was intermittently interrupted by Sam Thomas saying, "We can't trust these people", "Oceanic Flight 815", and "We found it". A quick shot of the underwater wreckage that Sam discovered was also shown. (Find 815 clues/January 31)'

Other references

Back of Issue 14, "Captured!"
  • In the meta-fiction Lost tie-in novel Bad Twin, Paul Artisan and Pru travel on an Oceanic Airlines flight. The book is also written by Gary Troup and references how he disappeared on Flight 815. (Bad Twin)
  • On the back of "Captured!", Issue 14 of Lost: The Official Magazine, there was an advertisement for Oceanic Airlines. The Oceanic logo in the ad is changed; the new logo has a white center, instead of red. The stewardess is wearing a poppy, such as is worn on Remembrance Day in some English-speaking countries. It is speculated that this is in remembrance of the casualties of Flight 815. The skyline in the background is of Hong Kong, although Oceanic Airlines does not travel there.
  • In a cross-promotion between ABC and Xbox, it was announced on February 1, 2008 that Oceanic is teaming up with Xbox to give away Xbox 360 consoles and other prizes. [1] Those who wish to participate are directed to Xbox LIVE Marketplace to download a free Oceanic Airlines theme pack. The prize details are listed on as follows:

On or about February 24, nine lucky winners will be chosen from all entries to receive the following prizes:

Six (6) First Prizes: Six winners will score a prize package consisting of the following items:

  • Xbox 360 Pro console
  • 12-month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription
  • 1600 Microsoft Points
  • A special surprise package from ABC and Oceanic Airlines

Three (3) Second Prizes: Three second place prize winners will also receive a special surprise package from ABC and Oceanic Airlines.

Xbox Live began offering standard and high definition downloads of Lost episodes at the start of Season 4.

  • A promotional video of unknown canon status was shown at Comic-Con 2009. In it, Oceanic Airlines were ostensibly reporting that their airline had flown for 30 years with a perfect safety record, after having begun in 1979. This contradicts the entire disappearance of Flight 815.
  • In the background of the Pilot episode of ABC's FlashForward, a billboard with Oceanic advertising a perfect safety record can be seen in one of the first scenes.



PR employees


Flight Attendants

Ticket Agents

Gate Agents

IT Technicians

Employee Relations


Outside Lost

Oceanic airliner featured in After The Sunset's trailer and Executive Decision.
Oceanic Air ticket featured in Fringe

According to Damon Lindelof in an interview [2], although the creators of Lost intended the name "Oceanic Airlines" to be original, they later discovered that this fictional airline had already been used in previous works.

  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 762 a Boeing 747-200 from Sydney to LAX carried a Bomb programmed to Blow Out 1 Hour before Landing in "Nowhere to Land"
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 816 a Boeing 747SP appeared in the 2003 thriller Code 11-14, which featured a terrorist and serial killer onboard, almost causing a crash of the plane by reprogramming the autopilot.
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 343, a Boeing 747-200, appeared in another thriller from 1996: Executive Decision
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 760, a Boeing 747-47 features in the drama series "Category 6 - Day of Destruction". The plane is struck by lightning and forced to take emergency procedures.
  • In the episode "A Clean Conscience" of Alias, J.J. Abrams' other ABC show, when Nadia and Sydney are waiting for Sophia's plane to land in Los Angeles, a boarding call can be heard for Oceanic Airlines non-stop flight to Sydney at Gate 17. (The episode aired April 27, 2005.)
  • In the episode "The Dreamscape" of J.J. Abram's Fringe, Agent Dunham finds a ticket to Omaha on Oceanic Airlines while searching the apartment of the victim.
  • Oceanic Airlines also appeared in an episode of JAG.
  • In the episode "Inferno" from the cartoon series Transformers: Cybertron, the Decepticon Thundercracker is shown scanning a fighter jet which subsequently calls ground control for help, identifying itself as "Oceanic Flight 815".
  • In the episode "Chuck Versus the Helicopter" of the NBC Series Chuck, the title character includes a reference to Oceanic Flight 815 after his memories (which are entwined with government secrets) are triggered. In his rambling, he says "Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by surface to air..."
  • Oceanic Airlines Flight 456 from LAX to Zürich had to deal with a murdered co-pilot and a poisoned crew in an episode of 'Diagnosis Murder', entitled, "Murder In The Air".
  • The "White Star Line", famous for its ship the RMS Titanic, was also called the Oceanic Steam Navigation Company
  • The logo for Oceanic Bank in San Francisco has a striking resemblance to the Hanso Foundation's logo when rotated. Coincidence?
    Comparison between the Oceanic Bank
  • In episode 9 of Fringe from 11/25/08, a man who recently died under mysterious circumstances had purchased a ticket on Oceanic Air. J.J. Abrams is a co-creator and writer on both series.
  • In issue #90 of Ultimate X-Men, an advertisement for Oceanic Airlines can be seen in the background of the last page. Also on that page is a man wearing a Drive Shaft shirt and a partially-obscured advertisement for Lost.
  • In an online game, Soccer Superstar Smash Up, you can crash your car into a tail of a plane which has the Oceanic airlines logo on it.
  • On the first episode of FlashForward, an advertisement can be seen in the background when Benford and Noh are sitting in their car ([3]). Though not officially tied to Lost, both shows air on ABC and Dominic Monaghan, Sonya Walger, and Kim Dickens play roles on both.

"Oceanic Feeling"

In Chapter I of his book, Civilization and Its Discontents, Sigmund Freud discusses a letter he received from his friend, the French novelist and mystic Romain Rolland. In this letter, Rolland describes what he calls the "Oceanic" feeling - that is, a feeling of eternity, a deep and innate connection with all things, a "oneness" with the world. Rolland, a "man of faith," sees this "Oceanic" feeling as being the primal source of all religion, but itself independent of any particular religion. Freud, an atheist and avowed "man of science" disagrees. While he admits that many people may experience this "Oceanic" feeling, he locates its source not in some mystical feeling of connection, but in an infantile helplessness experienced when confronted with a hostile world and the subsequent longing for the protection and guidance of the father. For Freud, this "Oceanic" feeling is "sustained by fear of the superior power of Fate."

A billboard in Portland, OR


  • The Oceanic Airlines logo has 18 dots spread around concentric circles, creating a total of 4 circles. Also, when the letters of the name are counted they add up to 15 and when the logo is used as an "O" in the Oceanic Airlines heading, it has 16 dots spread around it. The logo incorporates a motif that is reminiscent of Australian Aboriginal glyphs.
  • Other fictional airlines appearing in Lost are Pan Pacific Airlines, Herarat Aviation, and Ajira Airways.

See also

External links

A snapshot from
  • Lost-related mock-"official" site - run by ABC; incorporates a few Easter eggs.
  • Oceanic Airlines mock site; same site as above with a different URL.
  • Another 'unofficial official' Oceanic site
  • Oceanic Flight 815 - Official LOST Website
  • the second Lost-related mock-"official" site - run by ABC
  • everythingLOST Merchandise Store - Unofficial Oceanic Airlines and Ajira Airways Replica Models

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