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The Obsidian armor, also known as FoW armor, is a set of prestige armor art available to all 10 professions, and is accessible from any campaign via a corresponding access city (see the Fissure of Woe article for details). As with other prestige armor arts, it's only available as level 20 armor. Considering all crafting materials, Obsidian Armor is, by far, the most expensive armor in Guild Wars — although trader prices can fluctuate, the cost of materials alone is typically over 1,000 Platinum. (1 Million Gold)

The common theme between most Obsidian armor sets is, as the name implies, the visible use of Obsidian in the armor. It will be seen as shiny black elements in the armor design (gems, spikes or decorations). All caster armor sets do not have a head piece, except Ritualist, and all non-caster armor sets have a head piece, except Rangers.

All Obsidian armor is crafted with an empty Insignia slot.


Obsidian armor is crafted by the Eternal Forgemaster within The Fissure of Woe. To be able to get the Forgemaster to craft any armor, players must finish the following quests:

Materials common to any Obsidian Armor:

Location Crafter Armor Gold Head Chest Leggings Gloves Boots   Total
The Fissure of Woe Eternal Forgemaster Max for
each Class
15 Platinum 15 Ectoplasm
15 Shards
45 Ectoplasm
45 Shards
30 Ectoplasm
30 Shards
15 Ectoplasm
15 Shards
15 Ectoplasm
15 Shards
120 Ectoplasm
120 Shards
75 Platinum

Obsidian Armor also always requires additional crafting materials based on profession. Some professions do not have Obsidian Headgear.

Acquisition, detailed view, and customization by Profession

Warrior Ranger Monk
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Necromancer Mesmer Elementalist
Female Male Female Male Female Male
Assassin Ritualist Dervish Paragon
Female Male Female Male Female Male Female Male
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