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Obrast Nor, also known as Farside Station, is a Nor-class space station on the Cardassian border furthest away from the United Federation of Planets.

Prior to the Fist of Revenge coup in 2369, Glinn Tayben Berat was posted to Obrast Nor as the station's chief engineer, or "systems control officer." It was due to this posting, which was as far away from the Bajoran system as possible, that Glinn Berat was not summarily executed by the perpetrators of the coup, who had accused Berat's uncle of "selling out" the wormhole (then undiscovered) to the Bajorans and Federation.

Obrast Nor is termed "Farside Station" in the novel Betrayal, by Lois Tilton, describing Berat's pre-coup posting. In Star Trek: Sigils and Unions, however, the station is always referred to as Obrast Nor.

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