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Headquarters:Manchester, UK

Website Link(s): www.oasisinet.com





Band Members

  • Liam Gallagher
  • Noel Gallagher
  • Andy Bell
  • Gem Archer
  • Paul Arthurs
  • Tony McCarroll
  • Paul McGuigan
  • Alan White
  • Zak Starkey

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Band Biography

In the early 90s, a young Manchester lad named Liam Gallagher pulled some friends together and started a band called Rain. The general consensus was that the name sucked. Fortunately, his brother Noel came along with some brilliant songs, and some pretty decent guitars, and it was all downhill from there. By 1996, they had two classic albums under their belts (Definitely Maybe, and (What's The Story) Morning Glory?), and the world at their feet. Seemingly under the impression that bigger is better, they proceeded to make their sonically huge album Be Here Now. Unfortunately for Manchester's Golden Boys, this didn't go over quite as well with the critics. And thus, the rot set in. The next two albums (Standing On The Shoulders of Giants and Heathen Chemistry) were, according to many of the critics, the worst albums that they forced upon the record-buying public. Fortunately, last year, they came back with perhaps their strongest record in a decade (Don't Believe The Truth). Re-winning the hearts of critics, and winning the 2005 Q Award for Best Album AND People's Choice, the odds seem very good that they will rule the world again very soon.



  • Definitely Maybe
  • (What's The Story) Morning Glory?
  • Be Here Now
  • Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants
  • Heathen Chemistry
  • Don't Believe The Truth



Appears On



Mix CDs

Radio Shows

  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 11
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 10: This week, Peter Baynham flies Germaine Greer to Dartmouth
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 21: Including international tannoy contributions from Awilbi Faywed, Aheffbin Fayed and Babayev Rijboerdie - and more unsuspecting interviewees
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 17
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 15: Another hour of dangerously anarchic comedy
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 14: Tonight, with a later slot in the schedule, he can be even more outrageous than usual
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 13: God Bless Peter Baynham
  • Chris Morris Music Show Episode 12

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Series: Enterprise
Story by: Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Stephen Beck
Teleplay by: Stephen Beck
Directed by: Jim Charleston
Production information
Episode no.: 1x20
Production no.: 020
First aired: 3 April 2002
Date: 2151



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What Price Honor?

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Fallout 3 locations project
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For the quest with the same name, see Oasis (quest).

map marker: Oasis
leaders: Tree Father Birch
doctors: None
merchants: None
quests: Oasis (quest)
cell name: OasisCave01 (Sunken Chambers)
OasisCave03 (Caverns)
ref id: 00017E18 (Sunken Chambers)
00017E19 (Damp cave)
0002A58A (Caverns)

The Oasis is a location Northwest of Clifftop Shacks in the Capital Wasteland, that is unusually full of trees and other green plants.



Harold, a special mutational product of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, who possessed a tree growing on his head which he called Bob (sometimes he calls it Herbert because, "Bob hates it"), eventually found himself overwhelmed by it and became rooted to the ground during his travels in the Capital Wasteland region. Here he was discovered by several people who began to worship him as a god, and a small and exclusive cult known as the Treeminders began to form in secrecy. Bob began to blossom (which Harold apparently finds embarrassing) and many plants grew in this area, which became green with life, a stark contrast to the outer wasteland.

When the Lone Wanderer arrived he/she was urged to talk to Harold. Harold revealed his true identity and begged for mercy; after being stuck in the same position for decades he was eager for death. The other dwellers of Oasis had ignored Harold's wishes thus far, and asked the Lone Wanderer to instead either suppress or expand Harold/Bob's fertility.


Oasis is situated almost at the top center of the map. It is surrounded by steep cliffs, and can only be entered through a small gorge by traveling west to east. If you have the map marker, just approach from the west. If not, follow the directions below.

How to find the gorge: Near the center of the north edge of the map, there is a road running parallel to a railway line. Follow the railway/road until you find two abandoned railway cars. At the northern most railroad car, stand on the eastern side of the car and face west. The letters "CMR" are visible on the side of the car. Behind the player will be a pile of highway debris. Turn around and proceed east over the pile of debris. There will be a bridge over a gorge. Crossing the bridge and following the path in a generally easterly direction will lead directly to Oasis. When looking at the local map, the gorge is located top left on the edge of the rocks.

It is possible to get the coordinates of the Oasis by killing the Drifter at Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel. There are also a pair (or more) of wandering Wastelanders found in a random encounter who will disclose the location, before attempting to kill the player, as well as a dying Wasteland Merchant.


Notable Loot

Sunken Chambers

In the chamber immediately to the left of the door there is:

At the bottom of the northern pond there is:

Continuing on in the east area of the chamber is:

Damp Cave

On land, continuing around right side of cave there is:

Related quests

Oasis (quest)


  • Three Dog will make a mention of a tree-filled place in the Capital Wasteland as one of his news items, although he admits he "may have been experimenting with jet" at the time. This is most likely the place to which he is referring.
  • The Drifter hiding in Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel will have coordinates to Oasis on him.
  • It is also possible to find the location to Oasis from a randomly encountered Merchant Trader, who is under the effects of the Purification Sap.
  • You may come across a group of Wastelanders fleeing from a wounded Deathclaw. If you kill the Deathclaw and save them, they will repay you by giving you the location of Oasis.


The Oasis appears only in Fallout 3. However, Harold makes an appearance in all other games in the Fallout series, with the exception of Fallout Tactics.


Major locations in Fallout 3

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Oasis may refer to:

  • Music, which lists the incidence of the band Oasis' music in Lost
  • Drive Shaft, which lists the connection with the band Oasis

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The Oasis was discovered by Architect (Ryu Kobolt) and Memphis (Earth-928).


They've used it as a sanctuary for mutants, cyborgs and mutates. It was destroyed during the fight between X-Men (Earth-928) (Cerebra (Shakti Haddad), La Lunatica, Skullfire & Bloodhawk) and Architect (Ryu Kobolt).


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This article is about the moon called Oasis. You may be looking for a city on Tatooine.

Outer Rim Territories


Albarrio Sector (possibly)

Native species



Alliance to Restore the Republic

Oasis was a moon hidden within the Maelstrom. It was home to the Riders of the Maelstrom and to a Rebel base.


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