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Oak planks are the second lowest level of plank used in the Construction skill. They are mainly for the second grade of furniture, out of four grades.





Most oak planks come into the game from the Sawmill. Oak logs taken to the Sawmill Operator are made into oak planks at a fee of 250 coins per plank. Oak logs cost 67 coins each and Oak planks sell for 514 coins each, so a profit of 197 coins is made per plank.

The fastest way to make planks using the Sawmill involves the Balloon transport system. Start at Castle Wars and use the balloon to travel to the location northeast of Varrock, which is close to the Sawmill. One willow log is required to make this journey. The balloon has a weight restriction, so some players may only be able to carry 18 oak logs per round; however, wearing Weight-reducing equipment can allow the maximum of 26 oak logs to be brought (one spot is coins and one is the willow log). After making the planks, use a worn ring of duelling to teleport back to Castle Wars. It is possible to make over 1500 planks per hour using this method.

The second fastest way to make planks using the Sawmill involves the Gnome Glider system. Use a Ring of duelling to teleport to Al Kharid and take the glider to the location near the Digsite. Run north to the Sawmill and make the planks. Then use a Ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars to bank.

The third fastest way to make planks using the Sawmill - and the fastest way that has no requirements - involves teleporting to Varrock. Run from Varrock to the Sawmill and make planks, then teleport to Varrock using the spell or a tablet, and run to east Varrock bank to bank. It is possible to make 1000 planks per hour using this method.

Familiars are not allowed on the Balloon method or the Gnome Glider method, but can be used on the Varrock teleport method.

A variation on these methods that would add woodcutting experience and increase profit per plank at the expense of time would involve cutting oak logs from the Oak Trees west of the Balloon.


Butlers can take oak logs to the Sawmill to create oak planks. They take the Sawmill fee with them. One way to use this is to carry noted oak logs, then ask the Butler to unnote them, then ask for the unnoted logs to be taken to the Sawmill. The planks received can then be used to train construction immediately, or can be sent to the bank using the Butler for profit.

Another variation is to go outside your house, cut oak logs, go inside your house, have the oaks sent to the sawmill, and use them to train construction.

Plank Make

Oak planks can be made using the Lunar Magics spell Plank Make. However, this is more expensive than using Plank Make on Mahogany planks, so this is rarely done.


80 noted Oak planks are an uncommon drop of the Tormented Wraith.

Using to Train Construction

Oak planks give 60 experience each, or 120 if using a sacred clay hammer from stealing creation. Oak planks are most commonly used to build and remove oak larders, which require 8 oak planks each, or oak doors in the dungeon, which require 10 oak planks each.

With the current Grand Exchange price, each experience point received by building oak items would cost 8.57 coins. This does not include butler fees.

It is possible to obtain over 200k Construction experience per hour with oak planks, or 400k with sacred clay hammers, by having a Butler or Demon Butler bring planks.



  • Oak planks were traded for over 1000 coins each on the day Construction was released due to the extremely high demand.
  • Real-world traders sometimes made oak planks for cash, and many probably used bots. The lowest price reached by oak planks was about 375 coins each in the summer of 2007, most likely due to this.


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