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Oak logs

Oak logs are logs obtained from cutting oak trees and give 37.5 experience points each. Players can burn these logs using the Firemaking skill for 60 experience each. Members can also fletch these logs. Members training Construction can bring oak logs to the Sawmill operator north-east of Varrock to make oak planks at a cost of 250 each. Alternatively the Lunar Spell Plank Make can allow players to convert them to oak planks at a lower cost, but with the use of runes.

Oak logs are used to travel to the Crafting Guild on the Balloon Transport System.



With the release of the Construction skill, the demand for oak logs has increased, causing their price to rise. This has occurred because many players think using oak planks (made directly from oak logs) is a cheap way of levelling Construction.

Oak trees can be found almost anywhere in Gielinor, usually with other normal trees.

A popular spot to chop oak logs would be at the east entrance to Varrock where there are several oak trees. Also due to the close proximity to banks and the fact that oak logs sell for higher prices than Willow logs, this area has become a strategic Woodcutting spot. Often it is crowded since many find it favourable. It is also recommended to go to Lumbridge since there are a few Oak trees behind the castle.


Probably the best place for woodcutting/firemaking oak, is to the east of Varrock, south of the pub there. Just south of the wall of the pub is a north-east/south-west diagonal line of 4 oak trees. Once cut, the player can then take advantage of the straight line directly above these for firemaking. This area is self-servicing for these two skills and meets the needs of an oak woodcutter/firemaker.

Another popular location to chop oak logs is just east of the Draynor bank. The trees are right outside of the bank allowing for relatively quick deposits. Low-levelled players should be careful of the Jail guards as they roam around the oak trees.

Oak trees can also be found near the Grand Exchange; useful for a quick sale following the woodcutting. It is usually overcrowded with players, so it is more advisable to choose either Draynor Village or the Lumbridge castle.


  • Prior to the release of the Construction skill, the price of oak logs were around 20 coins each. After the skill was released, the prices of all logs (including oak logs) rose, and oak logs cost 200 coins to 300 coins each. The price later stabilized to be 68 coins now.


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