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"O'aka the Twenty-third, merchant extraordinaire at your service!"
— O'aka

O'aka XXIII is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. He is a traveling merchant, who frequently appears around the world and sells items to the team members. He is a devout supporter of Yuna, even when she is branded a heretic. He is the brother of Wantz. When Yuna is branded a traitor of Yevon, O'aka is arrested for helping her, and Wantz takes his place as a merchant. He is released soon after and during the Eternal Calm has more dealings with Yuna.


Final Fantasy X

O'aka first appears in Besaid village, though you don't officially make his acquaintance until you sail on either the SS Lika or SS Winno depending on if you go below decks on your way to Kilika or not. When you do first encounter him he comments on Tidus' clothes and mocks him by saying he looks like he has not got much money. After this, he introduces himself as a merchant and you can give him money to start up his business. The more you give him the less expensive his items/equipment will be. O'aka appears in a multitude of locations after this, including Luca and Mushroom Rock during Operation Mi'ihen were he seems to have been able to sneak past many guards.

Surviving the battle, he finds his way to the Moonflow, and later to Macalania. He is also seen using a sphere before running away from guards after the player kills Seymour Guado and his accomplice guards. His brother, Wantz reveals somewhat later in the game that he has been captured by Yevon for conspiracy - namely for supplying goods to Yuna and her party with full knowledge of Maester Seymour's recent death. He later escapes the clutches of Yevon, and returns to Luca, where he spends the remainder of his days after pledging to leave the merchant life.

Amongst several of his conversations, he also mentions his sister had tragically died during her duties as summoner.


Final Fantasy X-2

O'aka returns in Final Fantasy X-2 and since the beginning of the Eternal Calm has bought the Macalania Travel Agency from Rin. However, when Macalania Temple sank to the bottom of the Lake, O'aka found himself with very few customers to sell to, and no money to pay the Al Bhed for the agency. The Gullwings can offer to help O'aka by stowing him away on the Celsius and buying all his merchandise so he can pay his debts. Once the debt has been paid, O'aka returns to the Agency and offers some very nice accessories for an affordable price. On the other hand, if O'aka is turned in to the Al Bhed, he will later be found working his debt off in the Bikanel Desert. You can talk to O'aka numerous times on the CommSphere and can help him in the mission to save the travel agency.

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